Fun and Serious Facts about Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

Posted by on May 10, 2018

Fun and Serious Facts about Uganda – Things to know before you Visit

The Fun and not so Fun Facts about Uganda – Things you did not know about Uganda

Know Before you Go – Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

Fun and Serious Facts about Uganda. If you’re traveling to Uganda and want to have the most enjoyable time – get to know about Uganda before you arrive. Become familiar with the Pearl of Africa – If you have questions about the country– please write to us and if you like us to help you to plan your visit to the Pearl of Africa– we would be delighted to do so.

Enjoy our ever-growing list of Fun and not so Fun Facts about Uganda – we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Here are the Fun and Serious Facts about Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

  • Official Name – Republic of Uganda
  • Uganda’s Official Motto – “For God and my County.”
  • President of Uganda – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni since 1982
  • Capital – Kampala – Capital as a British Protectorate was Entebbe
  • Uganda gained Independence from Britain in 1962 (it was not a British Colony like Kenya but a Protectorate)
  • The Gray-crowned Crested Crane is Uganda’s official Bird.
  • The Official Nickname – the Pearl of Africa
  •  A population is about 37.5 Million (estimated)
  • Area – 241,038 Square Kilometers – 93,072 Square Miles
  • Major Languages – English (Official), Swahili (Official), Luganda and various Bantu and Nilotic Languages
  • Major Religions – Christianity and Islam, Animist
  • Life Expectancy – 54 years for Men – 55 years for women
  • Monetary Unit – Ugandan Shilling Official – Unofficial – US Dollar
  • Gross National Income per person – 510 USD
  • Main Exports – Tourism, Coffee, Fish and related fish products, tea, tobacco, cotton, corn, beans, Sesame.
  • Uganda is one of the Youngest Nation in World – over half of the population are children.
  • The small country of Uganda is Africa’s Banana Republic – it grows more Bananas than any other nation – except India and China – over 50 varieties Matooke-a plantain banana is the chief staple in the much of the country.
  • Uganda has the best pineapple you have ever eaten. Yet little of it is consumed in the West.
  • Uganda is the Tropical Fruit Basket of Africa.
  • Uganda’s favorite Fast-Food is Rolex– not the watch but a chapati filled with scrambled eggs and anything else from vegetables to sausage.
  • Ugandans like their Nsenene Grasshoppers – one of their favorite snacks
  • Lake Bunyonyi is home to the Louisiana Crayfish that was imported and thrives here – creating new menus at Tourist Restaurants.
  • Uganda is one of Africa’s friendliest Countries according to the African Economist
  • Ugandans are the party animals of Africa consuming more alcohol per Person than all other African Nations except Nigeria. Moonshine called Waragi is the big contributor.  Also Banana Beer.
  • The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria and Uganda lays claim to much of it.
  • The Ssese Islands is a hidden Tropical Island Chain in Lake Victoria
  • Uganda –  Home of the  Lake Victoria Source of Nile one of the 7 natural wonders of Africa
  • Uganda – Home of the tallest Mountain Range in Africa – The Rwenzori Mountains also referred to as the Mountains of the Moon.
  • Uganda is Africa condensed into a small Country
  • Uganda has pleasant year- around Weather due to its elevation and location.
  • Uganda is 26% lakes and rivers
  • Uganda is for the birds – it has 11% of the birds found in the world – over 1060 recorded species of birds – making it the number one country in Africa for Birders.
  • Uganda is home to over half of all Mountain Gorillas in the world 480 of them out of 880 – 15 habituated gorilla groups to be visited.
  • Uganda has more Chimpanzees than any other East African County (5000)
  • Uganda has more Butterflies of every color than other East African Country
  • Uganda is the most bio-diverse Country in East Africa
  • Uganda is where the West African Jungle meets East Africa.
  • Uganda is the size of the State of Oregon but has a population that is almost 10 times larger than Oregon.
  • Peanuts in Uganda are referred to Ground Nuts – G-Nuts – similar to the German name for peanuts which is Erdnuesse – meaning earth nuts.
  • Uglish – a form of Ugandan English is commonly used in Uganda and can be confusing to Visitors such as “I am going to make a short call.”  (not a phone call)
  • Ugandans are British Premier League Fanatics
  • Boda – Boda Motorcycles are the fastest and most dangerous form of people Transport in Uganda.
  • Uganda is one of the safest, secure and most stable countries to visit in Africa.

Mobile Money is the way most Ugandans send money to family, pay bills.

Uganda – 600 USD Gorilla Permits – 1500 USD in Rwanda – save in Uganda.

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Fun and Serious Facts about Uganda. We will be adding more Fun and not so Fun Facts about Uganda – the Pearl, so check back from time to time – we love to see you again visiting our Kabiza Wilderness Safaris site where we like to tell you about the Pearl of Africa.

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