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Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

Posted by on April 8, 2021

Tourism Advisories: Current Uganda Travel Advisories

The latest Uganda Travel Advisories – Including COVID-19 Status for Tourists and Visitors

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

The Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors: Here, you find what you need to know right now about visiting Uganda. Here are safety, security, health No-Spin updates for tourists. Updates are not written in Washington DC, London, Melbourne, or Berlin, but directly from Uganda.

We address the concerns you might have about travel to Uganda. We cut across hyped news-reports, anecdotal blogs, and Travel Forum Posts to give you what is happening presently in Uganda and how it affects Tourists.

This page will be updated as the situation in Uganda changes regarding the Latest Uganda Tourism Travel Advisories.

Often what you might read in Europe, North America, or other parts of the world about Uganda will differ from what you find upon arrival to Uganda.

The Pearl of Africa is one of the Friendliest and Welcoming countries on the African Continent.

Latest Travel, Security-Health Advice Visiting Uganda. We know Uganda. We live and work here. Tourism, Safaris are our Business. Your security and well-being are foremost in our minds. We plan our Hakuna Matata-No Worry Safaris are taking in the current situation in Uganda.

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and VisitorsApril 8, 2021, US State Department Level-4 Travel Advisory

The US Statement just put Kenya on a Level-4 Travel Advisory. That means that it is a no-go zone for Americans. The same applies to Tanzania, Burundi, and many African countries beyond East Africa. such as Ethiopia and South Africa. In East Africa, only Uganda and Rwanda were not on the State Department’s and CDC’s list. Rwanda was put on the UK’s red list meaning that you can no longer fly to London from Kigali, Rwanda. Kenya, Tanzania,

At the moment, Uganda is the safer Safari destination in East Africa. For some reason, Uganda has not seen the harsh winds of the cOVID2- pandemic sweep through the land. There is still a curfew and bars remain closed. Life has returned to normal and some tourists are trickling in.

Things could change, but that is how things are at present in Uganda. We do hope for the best for our neighboring countries. We also continue to hope that 2021will be a turnaround in safari travel.

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors2021-COVID-19 Tourism Protocols

People around the world are suffering from Cabin Fever. The first vacation they take once lockdowns are over, some semblance of travel confidence, they have been vaccinated, and lastly have a bit of cash or can use their credit card they will head for adventurous places such as Uganda.

Uganda is open for tourism with COCID-19 protocols or Standard Operating Procedures in place. They are there to protect you, protect those involved in tourism and the primates such as the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

From the moment you arrive at Entebbe International Airport to your departure, measures are in place to protect you from the virus. The good news is that no one is quarantined if they have a negative COVID-19 Certificate.

The Uganda Ministry of Health, with assistance from the World Health Organization, has done an excellent job in protecting tourists visiting Uganda.

Please Note:  The US has put Uganda on a level-3 Health Advisory. The pandemic is on the decline in Uganda. Uganda has one of the lowest death rates from the pandemic, while 20 States are increasing in the US. As an American, maybe the US should put a level-3 Health advisory in place for its own country instead of one on Uganda, a country that has survived unscathed. 

March 23, 2021, Post-Election Violence reported by International News Agencies:Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

Uganda is getting settled down after the election. Ugandans may not agree politically but will agree that life must go on. The western press and, in particular, such as BBC, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, CNN keep pushing the narrative that Uganda is on the edge of the abyss, which it is not.

The Election is over. President Museveni won his sixth five-year term in office. His main rival, Bobi Wine – whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi won the election in Uganda’s central region, including the capital, Kampala, and other cities such as Entebbe, Jinja, and Masaka. However, President Museveni won in the rest of the country, which was called into question by Bobi Wine and his National Unity Party.

Bobi Wine called for peaceful protests, and some Embassies such as the American one predicted post-election violence and issued a security alert for its citizens.  The international Press, clearly on the side of the opposition party, predicted the same.

Ugandans do have concerns regarding alleged kidnappings of members of the opposition, primarily those involved in the National Unity Party. President Museveni has publicly addressed those concerns and promised follow-ups on the abductions.

In the meantime, all is quiet in Uganda. The traffic jams going to town were frustrating as usual. Major Supermarkets were doing brisk business. Ugandans were going on with their lives.

If you are coming to Uganda for a Safari, the safest place is on a Safari. As an American in Uganda, I feel safe. The key has been to live a quiet life and keep my opinions as a westerner to myself.

March 10, 2021-Uganda Airlines announces Direct Flights to and from London.Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

Uganda Airlines will begin direct flights to Heathrow International Airport sometime in May 2020. Tourists from the UK will find this most convenient. There have been no direct flights to London since British Airlines curtailed some of its African routes in 2019.

Uganda will use one of its new Airbus A330-Neons that recently joined its fleet. The plane used for the flight is a modern, comfortable, and reliable long-haul Airbus that will provide all the latest comforts to passengers.

Uganda Airlines will be offering night departures on the outbound leg, while the return flights will depart Heathrow mid-morning. The carrier will soon launch services to Lusaka and Johannesburg, bringing the regional network to 11 destinations. The long-haul fleet is also expected to be soon flying to and safer.

March 6- 2020 -Last Ebola Patient discharged in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the last Ebola patient being treated in the Democratic Republic of Congo went home from a treatment center on Tuesday, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a significant step in the countdown to declaring an end to the world’s second-deadliest outbreak of the disease.

The woman was released from the center in Beni Town, one of the hotspots of the recent outbreak, which began August 2018, the agency said in a statement.

On Tuesday, the WHO Africa region tweeted a video of healthcare workers singing and dancing with the patient. Many gathered at the center to celebrate her release from the hospital.

It added that 46 people who had come in contact with the patient are still being monitored for Ebola symptoms.

The Uganda-Border Situation and Tourists:Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

The Ugandan Border is closed for Rwandans for incoming commercial goods from Uganda. However, there will be a two-week reprieve in June of 2019 as Rwanda will allow Trucks to once again cross the border freely from Uganda.

Note- Tourism Traffic has not been hindered for Ugandan Tour Operators such as ourselves that pick their Clients up in Kigali or Kigali International Airport and take them on Safari in Uganda. No Ugandan Tourist vehicle has been blocked crossing the Ugandan-Rwandan Border in either Direction.

Rwanda blocking its border with Rwanda has resulted in Travel Advisories issued by some countries such as France, Canada, and Australia against Rwanda. We think that the Travel Advisories were erroneously and hastily released. For More Detailed information, read.

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and VisitorsUganda Tourist Visa on Arrival:

Often there is confusing, outdated, and conflicting information when it comes to the Ugandan Tourist Visa.  Uganda would prefer it to be all online. It, however, has not worked out as planned by the Ugandan Immigration Department.

Foreign Embassies, at times, do not have the correct information in regards to the Visa.  At times we receive emails telling us we are wrong about Visa on arrival in Uganda.  We would not mislead our clients coming on a safari.

The test that will show you that you can get a visa on arrival is quite simple.  Check with the Airline that you are using to fly to Uganda.  You have the choice of online or on arrival. Most choose the latter.

Does obtaining an online Ugandan Visa speed up the process upon landing.  The answer is no.  You still have to stand in immigration lines, get the actual visa stamped into your passport.  The choice is yours.

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and VisitorsFraudulent Visa Services:

If you want a Visa ahead of Arrival, you can obtain both a Ugandan Tourist Visa or the East African Visa directly from Uganda Immigration Services.

You can also obtain your Visa on Arrival.  Do not use Uganda Authorization Services.  That is a fraudulent and questionable third-party provider.

Most often, you pay a lot of money and receive nothing in return. They have an official-looking website. However, they are not based in Uganda but in Spain.

Other companies have cropped up recently, do not use them. If you do so, you do so at your own risk.

In 2019, you can obtain a visa online or on arrival either at Entebbe International Airport or at the border entering Uganda.  The process of getting a visa on arrival is hassle-free.

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

Current Uganda Travel Advisories for Tourists and Visitors

You can bookmark this page and check back for the latest updates and changes to do with a safe, healthy visit to Uganda. 

We are quite passionate about the Pearl of Africa – Uganda wanting visitors to have a safe safari as do all that is part of Tourism in Uganda.

Tourism is Uganda’s Number One Income Earner. It provides some of the best jobs in the country.  The Ugandan government is always on the lookout for investors.  They often overlook the Tourist, who is Uganda’s Number One Investor.

Every ten new arriving tourists provide additional jobs and careers for Ugandans, provides the much-needed foreign exchange, and do so without polluting lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

The Tourist has V.I.P. Status in Uganda and is treated in that manner.  The Safety, Security, and Well-being of  Tourists are on everyone’s mind…Enjoy the Pearl of Africa…I was an American have since 1992…jon