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The Best Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris – Uganda

Posted by on August 1, 2017

One of a kind Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris –  Africa as it was 50 years ago

Experiential Kidepo Valley Safaris – unrivaled scenery – wildlife – authentic Cultural Encounters

Experiential Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris –  in the remote and unvisited Kidepo Valley National Park where you discover the African Wild as it was 50 years. 

Discover on a Safari in the vast Kidepo Valley – the True African Wilderness as it was in the days of Ernest Hemingway, Karen Blixen and others.

The Kidepo Valley Park Safaris take you back to  the authentic Africa as you might imagine it, but will not find in East Africa, except on Safari in Kidepo Valley Park.

Discover on a Kidepo Valley Safari, a Park teeming with wildlife and around it are the Manyattas of the fierce, nomadic Pastoralist, Warriors, the Karamojong People.  Climb the Morungole Mountains and meet one of the most remote tribes in East Africa – the Ik People.

Kidepo Valley is off the beaten tourist path, on roads less traveled.  It is Kidepo-Valley-National-Park-4.jpgthe what has been called “The Long Lost Eden. ”  Named by CNN – Travel – the 3rd best park in all of Africa and for 2016 naming it as a top African Safari destination.

In 2017 Kidepo Valley Park was named Best African Destination by the Wanderlust Movement.

For your once in a lifetime African Wilderness Safari in Kidepo Valley Park, you can fly into the Park, or drive in.  You do see a lot more driving in from the Sipi Falls – Mount Elgon area.  The rugged Karamoja countryside is filled with adventure, rugged scenery, and cultural Stops.

The Reality about a Kidepo Valley Park Safari:  You just might ask – “Am I am the only one here?”  Not many tourists venture here. Less than 10 new visitors each day.  It is you and the wildlife on a safari in Kidepo Valley Park.

Kidepo Valley Park – is a safe region in 2017-2018

Best African Destination – Kidepo Valley Park

Africa as it used to be

The Best Experiential Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris

Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris4 Day Kidepo Valley Park Luxury Fly-In Wildlife Safari 

4 Days in the remote, rugged and unvisited Kidepo Valley in Uganda staying at the exclusive Apoka Safari Lodge in the heart of the Kidepo Valley.

There is no other park in Africa such as Kidepo Valley National Park – rugged, remote, undiscovered, off the tourist path, home to some of the most abundant wildlife in Uganda.

CNN has named Kidepo Valley on their best African Parks list in 2013.  Once you visit Kidepo Valley you will agree with CNN on their decision.

In December of 2015 CNN named as a Top-Destination for 2016 – Kidepo Valley Park is remote and unvisited right now, but not much longer.

5-day-wildlife-safari-kidepo5 Day Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari:

This is a 5-day drive-in Kidepo Valley Wildlife Safari. Drive into Kitgum and the following morning into the Park.

On the last day visit the Karamojong Community in a Manyatta and spend the night in Kitgum, returning to Kampala the following day.

2 nights in Kidepo Valley Park – wildlife game drives, nature walks, experiencing this remote park with less than 10 new visitors a day.

This is a rare wildlife safari experience that you will treasure for years to come.

Visit the most remote park in Uganda – Kidepo Valley Park on.

6-day-Kidepo-Valley-wildlife-hiking-safari6 Day Kidepo Valley Park Hiking Safari:

This is a unique Hiking Safari in Kidepo Valley Park.  The added plus to the Safari are the hikes in the wilderness and the 8-hour round tripto the Ik People in the Morungole Mountains with scenes below you that are simply incredible such as the Rift Valley of Kenya.

All hikes are with guides who as extra security carry a weapon.  No cases of them needing to discharge them has been reported.

Hike and Game Drives on Safari in the “Lost Eden,” an adventure that you will not soon forget.

Be sure to plan for this safari early…

7-day-budget-Kidepo-Murchison-Falls-Safari7 Day Kidepo Valley Wildlife Safari and Murchison Falls

7 Days Big 5 Better Budget Private Kidepo Valley National Park Safari – including Murchison Falls National Park with the River Nile and its abundant wildlife.

There is no other park in Africa such as Kidepo Valley – rugged, remote, undiscovered, off the tourist path, home to some of the most fabulous wildlife in Uganda and the most remote and un-visited park in all of East Africa – Kidepo Valley National Park, a hidden Gem in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley combined into a great 7-Day Safari that you will find fascinating and delightful.

7-day-unexplored-undiscovered-uganda-safari9 Day Unexplored Uganda  Safari – Kidepo Valley – Mount Elgon 

Seven Day Private Wildlife Safari Discovering the Unexplored Uganda starting with a visit to the Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon area and then continuing to East Africa’s more remote and unvisited Kidepo Valley.

It is an effort to get here, but certainly well worth the effort.  The lodging used during this 9-day safari is moderate and each case has self-contained rooms with bath.

This 9-day safari is an adventure of discovery and exploration in a park where you do not find hordes of people…enjoy remote and unvisited Kidepo Valley Park – a hidden Gem in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda where you find Africa as it used to be.

8 day Kidepo Valley – Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari 8-day-up-market-safari-Kidepo-Murchison

8 Day  Private Luxury African Wild Safari – this safari will take you to Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls -both parks will give you an incomparable experience.

Eight days in the wild of Uganda visiting both the remote Kidepo Valley National Park and the popular Murchison Falls National Park

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime into the African Wild of Uganda on an 8 day Luxury Safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park combine for a great Wildlife Safari in Uganda that cannot be replicated elsewhere, only the Pearl of Africa.

The Best Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris - Uganda10 – Day Africa as it used to be Honeymoon Safari:

A one of a kind of African Honeymoon Safari – 10 days of Africa as it used to be visiting the remote Kidepo Valley Park and Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

This is not a normal Honeymoon Safari – but one of discovery of your new relationship and the things that you discover on this Africa as it used to be honeymoon in the Pearl of Africa.

The honeymoon Safari can be upmarket or moderate – with moderate lodging there are no swimming pools on this safari but otherwise identical Safari experiences.

12 12-day-the-Untamed-undiscovered-Safari-Uganda-kidepoDay Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Safari

12 Days on our Untamed and Undiscovered Uganda Safari 12 Days discovering the Untamed and Undiscovered regions of the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

The 12 day Untamed and Undiscovered Uganda Safari can be done using better budget – moderate lodges or up-market ones.

It is a private Safari into the unspoiled and unvisited regions of Uganda and it includes Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Mount Morungole, Karamoja, Sipi Falls, and Jinja.  Lodging choices can be up-market or better budget.

Discover the Undiscovered Uganda, including Uganda’s hidden Gem, Kidepo Valley Park, a one of a kind wildlife park in all of Africa, named by CNN as a top destination for 2016.

Information about Kidepo Valley Park

Kidepo Valley – remote-unvisited – not much longer Kidepo-valley-park-becoming-popular

East Africa’s most remote and unvisited Park – Kidepo Valley Park is becoming Famous as African Travelers are discovering Uganda’s hidden Pearl with all of its scenic, natural wonders.

Kidepo Valley National Park in northeastern Uganda Kidepo Valley National Park is a park like no other East Africa.

If Uganda is Africa without the crowds then Kidepo Valley Park is like Africa that early explorers found.  Simply an amazing place not to be missed by the discerning African Traveler.

CNN has picked Kidepo Valley Park in the past as one of Africa’s top ten parks – this is the year to experience it for yourself.

Things to do and see in Kidepo Valley Park

Lodging Choices – Kidepo ValleyKidepo-Valley-Park-Choices

Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris Lodging Choices – Where one can stay at Kidepo Valley Your Choices as to where to stay while on Safari in Kidepo Valley.

Kidepo Valley National Park is East-Africa’s more remote park and unlike other Wildlife Parks in Uganda – the lodging choices are more limited and presently there are only three choices of lodging one has here – only two of them with a restaurant on site.

New lodges are coming along and in 2016 you will have more choices in one of Africa’s best parks.

Right now you have upmarket, moderate and budget lodging to choose from in Kidepo Valley Park.

If you are interested one of our Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaris – feel free to contact us