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12 Day Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari

Posted by on November 16, 2018

12 Days Off the Beaten Track Wildlife Safari

Exclusive 12 Day Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari

12 Day Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari is mostly off-of-the Beaten Tourist Track including Murchison Falls Park – Kidepo Valley National Park – Mount Morungole – Karamoja – Sipi Falls – Jinja  the Adventure Capital of East Africa along the Historic River Nile – Lake Victoria and choices of great lodges for you

Discover remote, but vast Karamoja Regions with its rugged Beauty not seen elsewhere in East Africa. Truly an experiential Safari Adventures on roads less traveled which include according to CNN, one of the best parks in Africa – Kidepo Valley Park. This is an Adventurers Dream searching for Authentic Africa which can still be found in and around Kidepo Valley Park and the greater Karamoja Region formerly known as Uganda’s Wild West’

This 12 Day Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari uses mostly mid-range lodges.  It is a private Safari into the unspoiled and unvisited regions of the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  The safari combines incredible Ugandan Scenery, Wildlife, and little known cultural insights – a time of exploration, discovery and experiencing the Pearl of Africa on this “Big-5 Plus Safari” including places that you thought no longer existed in Africa.

This 12 Day Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari can be done using Midrange Lodges

Day 1- Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary:

Depart your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe at 6:30 am and head northward in the direction of Murchison Falls National Park as we begin our 12 day “Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Safari.

Our first stop is at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.  Here we track Rhinos on foot – a unique and one of a kind experience with competent guides who will give you background and insight about the Rhinos and the restoration of Rhinos in Uganda.

After Rhino Tracking we check into Amuka Lodge which is a midrange lower upmarket lodge with a swimming pool and  permanent tented cottages.

In the late Afternoon we take a Boat Safari in Lugogo Swamp where most often you will have a chance to see the most sought after bird in Africa, the ancient and elusive Shoebill Stork, a bird that along with crocodiles goes back to the time when Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Meal Plan:  Lunch – Dinner

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Lodge: Amuka Lodge” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Lodging: Amuka Lodge

The lodge is the only mid-range lower upmarket lodge in or near Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.  It is South African owned and managed and has proven to be a favorite with many of our clients especially when it comes to the meals.  They like the wine list here have that added South African Touch and many dishes are Barbecued South African Style.

The tented cottages are made of local material including the wood that came from an abandoned nearby saw mill.

Staying here means that on your first day on  safari you have a short drive time of 3 hours from Kampala, 4 hours from Entebbe. At the same time while at this lodge you get to see Rhinos on foot and by boat the famous Shoebill Stork plus other wildlife and water birds.

The tent are comfortable and have an en-suite bath.  The service is excellent at the lodge and they will provide a memorable stay for your first Day on Safari.


Day 2 – Murchison Falls Park:  

After  Breakfast we continue our journey to Murchison Falls National Park – crossing the Nile by Ferry. We should arrive by lunchtime – drive time is about 3-hours plus here the Ferry Crossing at the historic River Nile. After crossing the placid Nile here on a modern Vehicle Ferry we drive the short distance to Pakuba Lodge which is one of the few lodges that i actually inside of the park on the wildlife side of the River.

Mid-afternoon Game Drive at around 3:30 pm – you will see lots of game right from your lodge before.

Your first wildlife game drive on which we look forward to spotting, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Leopards, Buffaloes, Birds, various antelopes plus more. This is about 3 hours in length – Sunset here is around 6:45 pm – darkness sets in past 7 pm.

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Lodge; Pakuba Safari Lodge” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Lodging;  Pakuba Safari Lodge

This lodge was once Idi Amin’s favorite lodge.  He came here with a French TV Crew  and can be seen boating the Nile.  The lodge has been restored – there is a swimming pool for your enjoyment, Rooms are clean – Air conditioning  is available in some room at an extra cost.

Wildlife freely enters that lodge area and he River Nile can be seen from here. – the key to this lodge is its location at the beginning of the beginning of the Wildlife Game Tracks.

The lodge is on what is referred to as the wildlife side f the River Nile lose to the ferry-crossing and convenient to the boat-launch that goes up the River Nile to the Falls.

Food. Temperatures here are 5% degrees warmer than in Kampala, Air Conditioning Rooms on request at an extra cost per night.


Day 3 – Murchison Falls Park:  

Early morning game drive in search of wildlife as the day before in one of Uganda’s best all around-wildlife Parks. Murchison Falls Park has the largest Giraffe Population in Africa and  i is thriving with over 1000 in number.  The number of elephants is dramatically increasing in number thanks to strict conservation methods and anti-poaching steps that have been taken.

After Lunch, we take the famed boat-safari along the River Nile up to the falls and along the slow journey we see pods of hippos, crocodiles in great numbers, elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes, monitor lizards and more.

This is one of the highlights of your  time in Murchison Falls Park.  The Boat Safari gives you more wildlife, birds, reptiles than any Game Drive would..

At the bottom of the most powerful waterfall in the world, we disembark and hike up the side of the falls to the top where we are met by the Driver Guide and we return to the lodge you have chosen for dinner.

In your case it means crossing over by ferry to the Paraa side of the River.  One thing is how quickly the Nile calms down after dropping down the escarpment above.

The foam in the water is not pollution but vegetation that was churned up by the waterfall.

If Sunset Game Drive did did not work out on Day 1- we will work it in here.  This is shortened version of a normal Game Drive – a UWA Ranger is in the vehicle on all game drives.  Sunset game drives often catch predators going out non the prowl for the night.  You might see Lions, Leopard plus Hyenas as they look for their nocturnal meal on the Savannah.

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinne

Lodging: Pakuba Safari Lodge

Day 4-Drive to Kidepo Valley Park: 

 We continue Our “Untamed-Undiscovered Uganda Safari” as we journey to Kidepo Vally Park.  This is the longest one day drive on the safari.  We break for lunch in the town of Gulu – which was a focal point of the Joseph Kony and Lord’s Resistance Army violence that lasted until 2006.  Since that time Northern Uganda has enjoyed a peace and is rebuilding that which had been lost during those years when the harsh winds of violence blew through Northern Uganda.

This is a long journey but one cannot say that it is a boring journey – the picture is every changing as you drive through small African villages and towns through Acholi-land on your way to Kitgum and to Kidepo Valley Park.  Probably one of the more scenic areas besides the Kigezi Highlands in Southwest Uganda.

The untamed – undiscovered Karamoja Region which includes Kidepo Valley parked with its numerous extinct volcanoes, an area that was once considered the Wild West Region of Uganda is incredibly beautiful.

Drive time is normally is 8 hours

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Lodge-Apoka Rest Camp” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Lodging: Apoka Rest Camp

Apoka Rest Camp, not to gett confused with Apoka Lodge which is over a $1,000 more per night is like the famed Safari Lodge right inside of the park near thee Game Drives with wildlife entering  the Rest Camp including a frequent visits by an Elephants.

This basic camp is run by Uganda Wildlife Authority and represents value-plus for visitors.  Due to its location there are no long drive times to the start of game drives.

Your stay here is in a Basic Banda, round hut with bath. Basic Meals re prepared for you that hit the spot.

Note:  There is midrange lodging outside of the park at Nga Moru Wilderness Camp and Kidepo Savannah Lodge which we can arrange for you if you prefer.  The quality of the meals will be somewhat better as will be services provided.  Most, however fine Apoka Rest Camp more than adequate and convenient.


 Day 5 – Kidepo Valley Park- Game Drives:  12 Day Untamed - Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari

Game Drives take place in two areas in the park, the wildlife rich Narus Valley where it is best to start early in the morning at around 6 am, that is one of the best times to see Lions and other predators coming back from the night’s hunt.  There  are also Leopards and Cheetahs here plus various other cats, some of which are only found in Kidepo Valley Park. Kidepo Valley is well-known for its vast buffalo herds, antelopes and some of them unique to the park,

You might even see Spartacus, the nickname of a lion that often sits on a rock like a scene taken from the Lion King, he was recently made famous in photos released by a wildlife photographer who posted his pictures under the title “the real Lion King is found at Kidepo Valley Park.”

Game  Drives take 3 hours plus, you have 4-wheeled drive vehicle with pop-up roof – a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger accompanies you – that along with your knowledgeable Driver Guide is to point out wildlife to you and for security reasons.

What to do during the morning and afternoon  Game drive – enjoy a nap, at least that is what some do, we suggest a book from our Safari suggested reading list.

During your leisure time after lunch or after the afternoon Game drive enjoy a Ugandan Waragi with Krest Bitter Lemon, one of our Ugandan Beers or a Tangawizi – Stoney Soda.

In the afternoon around 3pm we take a drive that takes about an hour through the more arid Kidepo Valley to the Kanangorok Hot Springs passes some magnificent landscapes. North of Apoka, beyond the river crossing, the road passes between rock outcrops and hills before descending into the Kidepo Valley, crossing the Kidepo Sand River and traversing open plains that extend past Kanangorok Hot Springs towards mountains across the Sudanese border. This is the part of the park where ostriches are most commonly seen. Wildlife is not as common here as in the Narus Valley but the scenery is well worth the drive.

There are many photo-opportunities for you as we drive along. Each game drive is in a Safari vehicle with the pop-up roof, the game drive itself is 3 or more hours long.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Lodging: Apoka Rest Camp Bandas

Day 6 – Kidepo Valley Park: 

Another day in Kidepo Valley National Park and we begin the day with a morning guided nature walk where will see lots of wildlife on foot.   This is one of the most favorite activities of our clients that have ventured in Uganda’s most remote and unvisited park in Uganda.

Choice of a hike into the Lomje Mountains that is 4-hours or longer, or a shorter nature walk around the Apoka Area, both hikes are escorted by Ugandan Wildlife Rangers.  Early morning Walks are the best since it is cooler and more suited to hikes and nature walk.  Your level of fitness will be taken into consideration along with your input and wishes.

During the afternoon we take another game drive and among the places that we visit is Idi Amin’s dream of a large lodge in Kidepo Valley National Park, or more properly the ruins thereof.

Kidepo Valley Park is gifted with many natural wonders that you will enjoy during your time here.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Lodging: Apoka Rest Camp Bandas

Day 7 – Kidepo Valley Park – Visit the Ik People on Mount Morungole:

An Early morning start and a day of cultural encounters and a hike up the scenic Mount Morungole to meet one of the most remote tribes in East Africa – the Ik people – misunderstood, maligned and on the edge of extinction.

Before taking this hike we suggest that you read “The Mountain People of Uganda,”  a book by Colin M. Turnbull .  The book is loaded with erroneous findings, wrong assumption and more, but he was widely held as the foremost researchers on the Ik Mountain People of Uganda.

What you find in person is very different from the book.  They are humans with aspirations and dream not unlike the rest of us. Turnbull’s book is based on wrong assumptions, bad interpretations and more.

There is still one path to the community, but one of their own now represents them in the Ugandan Parliament and one young woman was enrolled at Kampala International University.  Missionaries of one kind or another have made their way, including amazingly, the small sect  “Children of God,”

You need to be in reasonable shape for this all day journey up and back (8-hours) from Mount Morungole, light hiking boots, jeans, long-sleeved shirt, broad-brimmed hat, several liters of water are all helpful for this day’s journey high into the mountains to meet the Ik people.

When visiting a home in Africa it is common to bring a gift.  Part of the cost of this day is sending a gift of things you cannot get here such as oil, flour, maize flour, sugar, tea, and a few other things.

You will have a competent guide and military escort, porters on your day’s journey up the extinct Volcano. A medium level of fitness is recommended. Most have no problem with altitude.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Lodging: Apoka Rest Camp Bandas

Day 8 – Visit a Karimojong traditional Village (Manyatta) in Nakapirimoru: 

Early morning breakfast and we depart for Kotido which is a 3-hour drive where we will today visit the largest Manyatta  in Africa in Nakpirimoru.

Lunch at the Kotido Guest House

Visit Nakapelimoru Village (Manyatta which is a group of huts forming a unit within a common fence) in Kotido, known as the largest traditional village in East Africa and home to the Jié clan of Karamoja. If our visit falls on a Wednesday there is the weekly cattle auction and market which is another cultural event.

The culturally interactive visit to the village is locally guided and begins on our arrival to Kotido, the length of it is about 2 to 3 hours.

Afterward we proceed to Moroto where we stay at Mount Moroto Hotel which  is as is name suggest out of of town at the foot of Mount Moroto.  (Climbing of the Mountain with a local guide is possible if we add a day to the safari)

Museum Visit:  Artifacts from the local area including  the findings of a French Archeology Team of the remains of an early man – the Moroto Man who for time got some international attention.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Lodge: Karamoja Safari Camp” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Lodging:  Karamoja Safari Camp

This is a newer accommodation in the Moroto area that probably beats anything in hotel accommodations in the area.  The full breakfast ha become renown for its variety.  Lunch and Dinner is also served here.  The service is more Tourist orientated than at other hotels in the area.

The Camp is outside the somewhat noisy town of Moroto – you have a deck or patio to sit out on and enjoy the afternoon or evening.

All tent are come with en-suite bath and showers Toilet amenities are provided for guests – Vegetarian and Vegans can be accommodated.

The Safari Camp is a good choice for a break along the journey to or from Kidepo Valley Park


Day 9 – Sipi Falls: 

Early morning start and we head for Sipi Falls – a lunch on the way – in the afternoon near the town of Kumi we go on a guided visit to the Nyero Rock Painting Site which are believed to be from the early Iron Age in three caves and are reputed to be the best examples of Rock Paintings in East Africa.

You will recognize some of the images representing animals, beautifully shaped concentric circles and even canoes.

There are no climbing difficulties here.  The caves are easy to access.

The Rock Paintings at Nyero can be bypassed for an earlier arrival.


Overnight at Sipi River lodge – up-market

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Lodge: Sipi River Lodge” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Lodging: Sipi River Lodge – lower upmarket

This is your best lodge overlooking the scenic Falls.  You have a million-dollar view  from most anywhere in the lodge.  You are close to some the key activities such as hiking  below, up to or above the falls.

The lodge i also ideal for those that might just want to relax and chill out to the sound of distant waterfalls and nearby birds.  Having a cup of coffee from Sipi River Lodge private coffee farm freshly roasted and prepared for you.

This area has grown in popularity but it is still a distant cousin from other tourist areas in Western Uganda.

The Lodge, the setting provides the perfect atmosphere to unwind and relax.


Day 10 – Sipi Falls: 

Enjoy waking up with a look at the Sipi Falls that are like a moving painting before you. After breakfast it is a guided walk to the falls, the caves behind them-and for the more hardy we take the hike up to the top of the falls.

Enjoy waking up with a look at the Sipi Falls that are like a moving painting before you. After breakfast it is a guided walk to the falls, the caves behind them-and for the hardier we take the hike up to the top of the falls.

The longest hike is 4 to 5 hours and combines both the lower falls and upper falls – all walks are guided.  There are many activities in the immediate Sipi Falls area including rock-climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, even trout fishing (catch and release), a coffee tour and more.


Lodging:  Sipi River Lodge – upmarket

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 11 – Jinja:

After Breakfast we drive onward to Jinja – the East African Adventure Capital – Check in at the Haven Lodge in Jinja.

After checking in and having lunch at the Haven Lodge ( Haven meaning Port since owner is German) we take a journey to the source of the Nile where we take a boat ride on the Nile into Lake Victoria.

The Park is quite beautiful and to Ugandans this is a most important place, the Source of the River Nile.

A visit to downtown Jinja is next – at one time Jinja was one of the busiest towns in Uganda and today it has taken on the look of a relaxed, sleepy African town that is a delight to visit.

Optional not included in price:  Sunset Cruise on the Nile with all the Beer and Snacks you can consume in two hours on the Nile.


Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Haven River Lodge” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Lodging: – The Haven Mid-Range

The Haven Lodge provides you with all the right things to relax and chill out after a long Safari such as this one.  Take a gentle walk along the Nile.  There is a swimming pool for you to enjoy.

Meals are delightfully different with a German Afro Fusion menu that  is delightful and a European style breakfast with cold cuts and cheeses along with Ugandan’ Fruit.

The lodge provides the perfect base for Adventures on the Nile in Jinja.

The Lodge comes with a consistent high standard that is rare in a midrange lodge

Spend a While on the Nile in Jinja.


Day 12 – Back to Kampala or Entebbe: 

Breakfast and you have many choices as to what to do and see today.

All day or half-day White Water rafting on the River Nile – ATV – Quad Biking Safari, Horseback Riding Safari, Bungee Jumping into the River Nile.

Please note – your level of comfort is taking and white water rafting can be from mild to wild

Other Choices is to travel toward Kampala – stopping at the Mabira Rainforest where we take various hikes through the forest and can even take the new Skywalk Zip-Line through the tree-tops of the forest.

Ssezibwa Falls is a historical and tradidtional cultural site tht can be visited along iwth its waterfall.

Back in Kampala or Entebbe – late afternoon or early evening depending on the activity you choose.

Safari Price will be adjusted accrding to activity.

A dayroom or overnight lodging can be arranged for you

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch

12 Days on your unforgettable”Untamed – Undiscovered – Uganda Safari” in the Pearl of Africa, a most unusual safari off of the beaten tourist track…enjoy this unusual Ugandan Safari.

Safari includes all activities listed – except those that need to be chosen, includes full board lodging, bottled water, transportation – does include tips, alcohol, soft drinks at lodges, neither visa.

If you are interested in this 12 Day Untamed – Undiscovered Uganda Wildlife Safari



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