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Welcoming Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda

Posted by on February 11, 2020

Welcoming Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda while on Safari

Family-Friendly  Lodges  where  children  and teens  are  welcomedHeritage Safari Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls Park

Family - Kid Friendly - LodgesWelcoming Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda. There are lodges, and then there are welcoming lodges for families with children. Lodges where families with children or teens receive “VIP” treatment. We have compiled a list of Lodges that our clients with children loved. A few received hands-down five-star ratings from the children themselves. They voted by wanting to stay another night.

 Most of these lodges have activities for children, swimming pools, child-friendly menus, and do their all to make the family on safari feel “welcomed.” There are no lodges listed below where children are restricted, as is customary in many lodges in East Africa.

There is a growing trend for families wanting to go on Safari with children. Some lodges have not yet caught on to that trend. The ones that are listed below have. The best family-friendly safari lodges are found in the upmarket and luxury category. They have more to Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in Ugandaoffer for families with children. One also has to recognize that children and teens most often prefer the larger lodges. Why might you ask?  The answer is that they have more to offer.

Welcoming Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda. Here are the top three Family-Friendly Lodges, according to our Clients, who were on Safari with Children.

The number one ranked lodge by families with children is Chobe Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park.  It is the lodge that families with Children love. In the Number two ranking comes Mihingo Lodge in Lake Mburo. This lodge has a one of a kind outstanding Bushcraft for Kids program in Uganda. In third place is Mweya Safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth large. It is a Marriott in Bush, but a family can have privacy in one of the Cottages that overlooks the famous Kazinga Channel.

Here is our list of Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda – Rwanda

Incoming Hotels for your Family Safaris either in Entebbe or Kampala will always be arranged for your Family on Safari as you arrive in Uganda.

Chobe SafaWelcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in Ugandari Lodge-Murchison Falls Park-Family Friendly

Chobe Safari Lodge is one of Uganda’s Premier “Kid-Friendly Lodges” – a lodge that caters to the needs of families and yet it gives that “African Wild” Feel with all the comfort one can imagine.  In regards to choice. There are many choices for families as to what kind of room or rooms to choose from.  It includes rooms, suites, tented cottages along the Nile, and the Presidential cottage with two bedrooms, two baths, a living, and a spacious deck with your private lagoon on the River Nile.  There is also the Florence Baker house with its two bedrooms, sitting and spacious gardens for you to enjoy.

Transport to and from the main-lodge is by golf-carts if you so chose, and at Chobe Lodge, you are always near the river Nile, and the banks near Chobe Safari Lodge are a perfect spot to teach the kids about fishing.  There are guided nature walks with kid friendly rangers where children learn about the African Wild, game drives with a Uganda Wildlife Ranger that knows what children like.  You can also schedule a breakfast in the bush experience here.

The Lodge has a large pool area, including a pool for younger children, and even from the pool area, children can observe wildlife and birds.  The staff is super-friendly, and the menu takes children to mind.  Chobe Safari Lodge has won our past family client’s heart. Chobe Safari Lodge is one of the Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda.

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaParaa Safari Lodge – Best Lodging Location in Murchison Falls Park 

Paraa Lodge is one of the best options while visiting Murchison Falls National park. The main reason is its location for game drives. Boat safaris up and down the river Nile, the game drives are nearby, and for children old enough, there is the hike up the trail of the most powerful waterfall in the world.

The lodge provides the perfect setting for a family on safari with connected rooms, suites, tented cottages, and the fabulous Queen’s Cottage down along the River Nile. Breakfast is a real treat here and a real hit with most children.  The menu choices take kids into account.

There is a swimming pool for the children and families alike, something essential for families.  Children love the swimming pool, and Paraa Lodge has just the right one for you and your family.  Here too, a Bush breakfast can be scheduled for you and your family.

Here you can take the Boat Safari up the River Nile to the waterfall and down to the Delta area where the Nile meets Lake Albert.  The game drives are a short distance from the lodge – the game drives are 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length and can be shortened depending on the age of the children.  Paraa Lodge is another lodge considered family-friendly by our past family clients.

Things to do and see in Murchison Falls Park

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaMweya Safari Lodge – A Sheraton Hotel in the Bush

Mweya Safari Lodge is one of the best choices for a family visiting Queen Elizabeth Park and wanting a lodge that is “kid-friendly” and where families are welcomed.  It is a large lodge, and yet you can have privacy by taking one of their cottages or tented cottages along the famed Kazinga Channel with its wildlife and birds.  There is a great swimming pool here for the family to enjoy after game drives or a boat safari.

Loads of family – child-friendly activities can be done from here, including Nature Walks, Boat Safaris, Game Drives, cultural visits, and be sure to pick up the Queen Elizabeth Park board game at the nearby visitors center.

Food is excellent here and includes menus that will be right for children. Here once again, you can arrange for breakfast in the bush, which is an experience to delight children of all ages, nothing like breakfast on a camping trip at a state park in the west – an experience to be had.

There are some activities for children found here, and most everywhere at the lodge, they will know that they are in the African Wild by the wildlife around them.

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaMihingo Safari Lodge – perfect Family Lodge Lake Mburo Park

Mihingo Safari Lodge is one of those places that is always in a class by itself, and our family safari clients have loved their time here at this super-family friendly safari lodge, and it is a place that children love.  The tented cottage is set overlooking the park – you often see wildlife as you sit on the deck.  The cottages are exquisitely furnished, and everyone feels at home at Mihingo Safari lodge.

There are lots to do for the family such as the swimming pool, horseback riding safaris, boat-rides on Lake Mburo, nature walk with kid-friendly Uganda Wildlife Authority guides, and that is just the beginning.

The food served here includes tasty dishes for the children – another lodge where a bush-breakfast can be arranged for your family to enjoy – nothing like toast over an open campfire.

It is also one of the closest wildlife lodges to Kampala. One can come here if your family has only a few days in Uganda and would like to experience the African Wild – Mihingo Safari Lodge, then it is the perfect setting for you.

Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids-Mihingo Safari Lodge 

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaWildwaters Lodge – an incredible Experience on the Nile – Jinja 

Jinja is the adventure capital of East Africa, and Wildwaters Lodge is the place to stay for a family on this private Island amid the rushing River Nile – there is nothing like it anywhere else.  You are as a family on an island on the River Nile, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa.  The kids can explore the islands with its monkeys and birds, surrounded by the ancient River Nile.

The tented cottages are a delight. Each has their private deck, the food is fantastic, and there are lots to do – swimming made from river rock, you can take a family float on the river or if the children are older do a half or full day of rafting on the Nile, at times you will be in it.  There is horseback riding, Quad ATV rides, bicycling, nature and village walks, a visit to the source of the Nile, sunset cruises to name a few of the activities for your family, and it is the perfect and memorable place for you and your family.

The ride here from Kampala or Entebbe is quite short, and most children will be entertained by what they find along the journey looking out of the window…we will bring you here at lunch or dinner. You have never had a meal in a setting such as this…a family-friendly lodge on an island in the middle of the historic River Nile.

Things to do and see in Jinja on the Nile:

Things to do and see in Lake Mburo Park

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaPineapple Bay Resort – Island Paradise on Bulago Island 

Pineapple Bay Resort on Tropical, sandy beached Bulago island just south of the equator is the perfect place to end or begin your Family Safari in Uganda.  Landlocked Uganda does have sandy beaches on its tropical islands in the sun, and Bulago Island is one of the best and family-friendly places in Uganda.  The cottages are superb with family units. The food is a delight.  The scenic setting is stunning.  The nighttime lightning over Lake Victoria and the endless African sky above you merely fantastic.

Here on this private island, the children can go on a pony ride. They can walk on sandy beaches, swim in a pool surrounded by palm trees. They can also try your hand at fishing as a family, ride Somali ponies down the various trails, enjoy the pool. The list of activities for children here is endless.

Pineapple Bay is perfect for a family to get away from it all and enjoy a tropical island in Uganda on their family safari holiday.

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaAmuka Lodge – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary:

Amuka Lodge and its upmarket Tented Cottages are the perfect settings for a family with children who are visiting Murchison Falls Park.

3 Hours from Kampala Amuka Lodge provides Tented Cottages including Deluxe Tented Cottages for guest including for families with children.

There is a small swimming pool available that all can enjoy, you can trek the Rhinos on foot, and there is boat safari in Lugogo Swamp teeming with birds including the Shoebill Stork.

Kid-Friendly Meals are served while at Amuka Lodge that delight the young ones – Amuka Lodge, the perfect stop-off for a family on the way to Murchison Falls Park.

Things to do and see around Amuka Lodge:

Crater Lake Safari Lodge:Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in Uganda

It is an excellent Lodge for families where you have your private cottage overlooking a Crater Lake near Kibale Forest and Bigodi Wetlands in the Fort Portal area of Uganda.

We have often used Crater Lake Safari Lodge for families. They even have a family cottage that is well-suited for families with children or teens.

There is a fabulous swimming pool with a great view of the surrounding hilly countryside. The service-staff is responsive to the needs of families with children. The added plus is that the chef knows how to please the palates of young ones.

Crater Lake Safari Lodge undoubtedly is the best choice for families in the Kibale Forest area of Uganda.

Things to do and see Kibale Forest:

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in UgandaEquator Snow Lodge:

It is is an out of the ordinary, off of the beaten track family-friendly lodge. Set in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon.

It is a grand lodge. Your cottage is built with river rock and wood.  You have a fireplace to take the chill off the mountain nights and can relax as a family after dinner.

Food is restaurant quality or better served in the attractive lodge restaurant that is there.

There are not many mosquitoes around due to the elevation and cooler temperatures.

For family activities, this is a fantastic place for children over five and onward.  You can meet the Bakonzo People on a village visit, including the blacksmith and traditional healer, a storyteller, a home where food is being prepared, the garden where food is harvested.

You can watch traditional dances being performed and take dancing and drumming classes at a reasonable cost.

Hikes of various levels are available with expert guides even to teach you how to fish with your hands, and you will see a three-horned Chameleon here.

Things to do and see the Rwenzori Mountains

Birdnest Resort – Lake Bunyonyi:Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in Uganda

Birdnest Resort is one of those perfect lodges for families with children.

It is a lodge where you can relax and chill out along one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa.  There are 29 Islands on the lake, and Lonely Planet calls it a Scene from Lord of the Rings.


anet calls it “a scene from Lord of the Rings.”

They have family rooms that overlook the Lake, enjoy great food with a Belgian touch, the best fries around, plenty of fruit for children to enjoy.

Your family can take boat rides, even paddle on the lake in an ancient-looking dugout canoe, swim in the pool, visit a Batwa Pygmy Community, and more.

Things to do and see Lake Bunyonyi

Enquire about a Family Safari with Family – Kid Friendly – Lodges in Uganda

Welcoming Family - Kid Friendly - Lodges in Uganda