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Best Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on February 10, 2020

Family-Friendly Things to do In Uganda  with Children

Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda to visit that your children will enjoy

Best Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda the Pearl of Africa in Best Family-Friendly Parks - Places to visit in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaAfrica are on the increase – one of the reasons – there are lots of things to do and see on a Family Safari in Uganda.  Children can see Wildlife, Birds, the River Nile, beautiful lakes, and spend time with children of another Culture.

Below we have put together some of the best parks and places for families with children in Uganda.  Parks and Places that you can incorporate into your Family’s Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

There are wildlife parks, white water adventures in Jinja on the Nile that range from Mild to Wild.  A visit to the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Cultural Visits and even Village Stays.

No matter if you have a few days or longer, we can arrange the perfect Mini or more extended Family Safari that will suit you.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is one of the only Tour Operators that specializes in Hakuna Matata, No-Worry Family Safaris. We create Safaris with children, teens, and parents in mind.

Best Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaThe Best single all-around single park that stands out is Murchinson Falls National Park. For Families, it is a must-visit destination in Uganda.  It is Uganda’s most visited park and for good reasons.

The historic River Nile runs right through it. It has an abundance of wildlife and is not too far from Kampala. The drive can be broken with a visit and stay in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. 

The Best Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda

Wildlife Parks that are best suited for Family Safaris with Children:

Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda -Our National Parks are great places for family-friendly safaris, and those under 5 have free admittance per day into the park, children up to 15 are 40% lower in price than adults for daily entrance fees. Game Drives – Murchison Falls Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lake Mburo Park where you can see elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs, Hippos, lions, zebras and more.

Kidepo Valley Park is a long drive for children unless you are going to fly there.   It is too long of a trip is getting there, and that is one of the keys to a Family Safari with young children – shorter drive times, not days over bumpy and dusty roads without a lion to be seen for the children.

Wildlife can readily be found and seen on a Family Safari with Children in Uganda’s 10 National Parks.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary:

Ziwa, with its Rhinos, is an excellent place to experience the African Wild for your family. Imagine tracking Rhinos on foot, well that is precisely what you do here, and it certainly is an adventurous walk for the children with their armed escort guides getting as close as 30 feet to the Rhinos.

At Ziwa, you can also go on a boat ride and see the ancient-looking shoebill stork, not found in too many zoos but is the most sought after bird in Africa by birding enthusiasts.

At Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, you can stay overnight at Amuka Lodge, an upmarket permanent tented lodge with a swimming pool, and it is the perfect place to break your journey to Murchison Falls into half cutting down the drive time between destinations.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has become one of the favorite places for our family safari with the unique Rhino Trek on foot and Amuka Lodge providing great food for the whole family and its swimming pool.

Village Visits and Village Stays:

There is nothing like a village visit for your children and the whole family. Seeing how Rural Ugandans live in The Villages, we even arrange for village stays for families that are as comfortable as possible for you and your family.

A village visit is certainly a learning experience for all in the family, and some cross-cultural exchanges are a part of a healthy growing up.

One can arrange a village stay near Murchison Falls National Park with the Boomu Women’s Group or at Ruboni in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, where you can stay either in the Village or in an up-market lodge.

There are also Village walks and visits in various other areas near parks as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Kibale Forest, Lake Mburo Park, and others. All enriching cultural times for your family.

Jinja – The Adventure Capital of East Africa:

Jinja is a perfect place for family-friendly activities. If the children are too young for white water rafting, there is the Nile Family Float Trip, Jet-Boating up the Rapids of the Nile, which is a most exhilarating experience for all.

There is a delightful sunset barbecue cruise, a visit to the historical source of the Nile, horseback riding, ATV Quad Vehicle Riding, Boat Ride into Lake Victoria from the Source of the Nile.

Overnight you can stay at the luxurious Wildwaters Lodge on a private island surrounded by the rushing waters of the Nile with a swimming pool made of natural stones from the river. Jinja and the surrounding area has a lot to offer that are families friendly such as a visit to the rushing Itanda Falls, a walk in the only rainforest in central Uganda at Mabira Forest, and a visit to Ssezibwa Falls with its cultural history.

Cultural Events and Performances:

Your whole family can enjoy a cultural performance Sosolya Dance Troupe which is a children’s group that has won awards and a trip to the Toronto Drumming Festival in Canada. They will also teach your whole family dancing and drumming.

Taking African Dance and Drumming Lessons is also a great time where your children get to interact with Ugandan Children and learn some new skills and ways. Children love their time with members of the Sosolya Dance and Drumming Troupe.

There is also the Ndere Dance Troupe that has made Africa alive to the world and Ugandans.  Your family can spend the evening here with a traditional dinner and then watch an award-winning performance.


A Visit to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary Island:

The minimum age for Chimpanzee Trekking is 15 years old, but everyone can spend a day or 1/2 day on Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary Island.

It is a short speedboat or long motorboat ride across Lake Victoria from Entebbe to Ngamba Island.

There your family can enjoy orphaned chimpanzees being fed fruit and vegetables to the delight of children of all ages.

It is a Jane Goodall Institute led the project, and thousands visit the island each year, including families with children to see the Chimpanzees.  We can incorporate an overnight stay in the upmarket camp that is located there.

A family Ngamba Island Visit incorporates a boat-ride on Lake Victoria and the Chimpanzees of Ngamba Island.

Ssese Islands – tropical Islands with Sandy Beaches:

The Ssese Islands are one off-the-beaten-track places in Uganda. We can take you by ferry to the main island, and you can stay at the Brovad Sands Lodge.  Where there are many activities for the whole family.  Swimming in the lake is not suggested due to the potential Bilharzia.

You can visit the exclusive Pineapple Bay Resort on the private Bulago Island where you can take a walk on sandy beaches, take rides on Somali Ponies, swim in a fabulous swimming pool, fish in the lake and of course enjoy the great meals served here.

The Ssese Islands are great to visit at the beginning or end of your family safari in Uganda. They were listed as among the best places to relax and chill out in Uganda by Lonely Planet.

Fun for the whole family, on Uganda’s Hidden Tropical Islands on Lake Victoria.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary:

Bigodi Wetlands is a jungle swamp near Kibale Forest.  Families with children loved a guided nature walk here since there is a lot to see.  Start with the different vegetation that you see. It is a real jungle swamp.  The area here that includes Kibale Forest is where the West African Jungle meets East Africa.

Your family will see Primates, including chimpanzees at times who come to forage for food, birds including the giant blue Turaco, also mammals such as the elusive Sitatunga Antelope with its webbed toes.

Welcome to your Jungle Adventure in Bigodi Wetlands.  Your family will love it, and it will be one of the highlights of your family Safari.

It is a safe activity for the whole family in an authentic Jungle Setting – Children find it most unusual.

Our Advice on Family-Friendly Parks – Places in Uganda

Family-Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda -These are just a few of the Family Friendly Parks – Places to visit in Uganda. Families have and are enjoying the Pearl of Africa. A safari is not just for adults, but something that the whole family can enjoy and create.

The best all-around wildlife Park in Uganda is Murchison Falls Parks – though it is 6-hours from Kampala, the journey can be broken up by stopping at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Murchison Falls Park has diverse Wildlife, the River Nile, the most powerful waterfall in the world, and family-friendly lodges in the upmarket and moderately priced ranges.

Most of our Family Safaris with young Children is in Murchison Falls Park.

Murchison Falls Park – the Best Park for a Family Safari with Children

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