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Wildwaters Lodge – on an Island on the River Nile

Posted by on March 11, 2020

Experience the luxurious Wildwaters Lodge on an island in the middle of the Nile

Spend a while on the Nile staying at the Luxurious Wildwaters Lodge

Wildwaters LodgeWildwaters Lodge-you often have heard the phrase, “It’s all about location.” Wildwater Lodge, located on the rainforest-covered Munyanja Island with one of the wildest portions of the River Nile roaring all around you. An exclusive luxury Lodge, which undoubtedly is the premier accommodations close to Kangulumira Village and the town of Jinja, which is East Africa’s Adventure Capital.

Stay on a private rainforest-covered island in the middle of the legendary River Nile. From the luxurious cottage, you overlook not just any River, but the roaring, ancient Nile, the Longest River in the world.
Spend a while on the Nile at Wildwaters Lodge with its ten exclusive cottages where you enjoy world-class service flavored with traditional African Hospitality along with the Ugandan welcome.

Your cottage is on the river bank tucked into the riverine Rainforest that covers the island. Your neighbors are exotic tropical birds and monkeys that only add to the natural splendor of the island.

The cottages are elevated to give you the best views of the Nile from above. The cottages are exquisitely furnished Wildwaters Lodge - on an Island on the River Nilewith handmade are four-poster best shrouded with mosquito net.

The en-suite bathrooms are beyond compare with free-standing baths and washbasins carved from local pink granite,

The decks have that added touch of a free-standing tub where you can soak and enjoy a Ugandan over the Nile Sunset while you enjoy a traditional safari sundowner like Uganda Waragi with a Krest Bitter-Lemon Soda.

Move around on elevated wooden walkways through the forest linking the rooms to the restaurant and bar area and offer an unforgettable walk through the woods.

The main lodge area is located on a solid rock peninsula, amidst the rapids of the River Nile. You can relax here. You are cooled by the constant breezes coming from rapids. Here you can also enjoy a fabulous swimming pool that was carved out of the pink granite by the force of the River Nile over thousands of years.

Wildwaters Lodge is one of the last wild areas found along the White Nile being in the heart of the remaining wild-Wildwaters Lodge - on an Island on the River Nilewaters reserve in Uganda.

The innovative African Meals you are served at Wildwaters Lodge are a culinary delight that will still stimulate your senses. Creative dishes where you are served freshly caught Nile Perch or Tilapia from the River. Ankole Beef dish that will surprise the discerning meat-lovers Vegetarians and Vegan will find choice dishes that they delight in from organic fruits to vegetables.

You have an unending choice of Activities ranging from White Water Rafting to Bungee Jumping. In between are River Cruises, family floats, biking, horseback riding, and more.

Spend some time on the Nile at Wildwaters lodge on an island in the middle of the roaring Nile. You will be glad that you did.