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The Exclusive Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park

Posted by on July 12, 2017

Stay at the Exclusive Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park

A Murchison Falls Wildlife Safari becomes perfect with a stay at the Baker’s Lodge

Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park is one of Uganda’s best Lodges, it stands out among the rest in the Paraa are of Murchison Falls.  Since its inception has raised the level of luxurious comfort a few notches and given those coming on Safari to Murchison Falls Park a choice that is beyond compare in the Park and it will most likely remain that way.

The Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison   Falls Park is named after Sir Samuel and Florence Baker who were early explorers and ventured through northern Uganda leaving from Juba in South Sudan on a long journey that would take them to Murchison Falls Park and Lake Albert. Not only is there a Baker’s Lodge but there is the Baker trail that hopefully will some day.

The Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park is right along the River Nile, the closest lodge to the River in the park.  The Lodge is made up of a luxurious Main Lodge with River View, Restaurant and a comfortable lounge and then there are 8 luxurious Tented Cottages along the River Nile with views of the River, Wildlife and the abundance of birds found in this area.

The decor of the Lodge, a combiBaker's Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls Parknation of wood, leather, tented material reminds one of the days of the Explorer’s such as Sir Samuel and Florence Baker who in the late 1800 ventured to Northern Uganda on several occasions, both to explore and stop the Slave Trade (the slave trade in East Africa mainly went Eastward).

The lodge’s dining area, the lounge are places of welcoming comfort when one can share drinks and accounts of the day with others while watching the scenic and panoramic view that is in front of them.  Though one is in the African Wild, the comforts certainly exceed most hotel rooms in the West.

Uganda Exclusive Lodges has created a master piece in the form of one of the top lodges in all of Uganda – Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park, something that you will agree with once you reach here on your Safari with us that takes in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.Baker's Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls Park

The eight personal luxury Cottages are in a private setting and each has a panoramic view of the River and beyond.  The large and spacious cottages give all that you need for a most comfortable stay in the Park.  Beds that are either double beds or twin beds for those sharing a Tented Cottage.

There is a spacious bathroom with hot water heated by a solar system and the same goes for the lighting throughout the Lodge.  There is no noisy generator, no exhaust smells or fumes, 24/7 solar power for your comfort and delight.

The meals prepared by the chefs is simply award wining and beyond the best restaurant quality found in Kampala.  The lodge serves delicious 4 course dinners and those that want something different can enjoy a riverside dinner down on the private beach of the lodge all under the star and moonlit African night, assisted by oil-lamps to make it a most romantic time, your time of Romance along the River Nile.

Baker's Lodge on the Nile - Murchison Falls ParkA bush breakfast can be arranged for you which is often one of the highlights of being on an African Safari in Uganda.

There are many lodges in Murchison Falls National Park and that includes some excellent up-market, luxury lodges, most of them are great places.

Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park is different, small, intimate, world-class, providing first class service and delightful meals created just for you.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the Best all around parks in Uganda for wildlife viewing and Baker’s Lodge is the perfect base for your time in the park, you can also track Chimpanzees at the nearby Budongo Forest while you stay at the lodge.   Take a boat safari up to the falls or down to the delta with Lake Albert.

Baker’s Lodge on the Nile – Murchison Falls Park“Simply the best – Better than all the Rest”

If you like us to include Baker’s Lodge on your safari with us – please contact us.


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