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Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

Posted by on August 18, 2020

photo Why Uganda is the must-do Photographic Travel Destination in all of Africa

The 10- must Photograph Scenes in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda.

Uganda is a most photogenic country – posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest prove that it is

 Uganda-is a must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, do it again – now it is the Number-3 Must Photograph Travel Destination in themust-do Photographic Destination world. The findings are the result of a global survey looking at Facebook posts, commissioned by Huawei on the occasion of launching their latest smartphone, brought about as writer for E-Turbo News stated “some astonishing results.”

Uganda is one of Africa’s most photogenic destination. An Instagram, Twitter, Facebook poster’s paradise.

Suppose you are looking for the country with scenic wonders that give you an award-winning photographic scene. Then there is no better country to visit the Pearl of Africa.

Photogenic Uganda’s Bio-Diversity gives you scenery that reminds you of Africa that used to be. Even the creators of “Black Panther” used the landscape of Uganda for its Blockbuster movie.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer in search of-one-of-a kind scenes, Uganda is the right place for you. It still is Africa, as you imagine it. Though Uganda is a developing nation, raw Africa, Africa, as it once was, can yet be found in the Pearl of Africa.Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

If you have are looking for scenery pictured in words in the writings of Karen Blixen or Ernest Hemingway, then there are still places in Uganda that are just right for you.

Photogenic Uganda still gives you peeks into a raw, authentic Africa, as is rarely found anywhere on the African continent. We will be glad to show you our Uganda, our Africa, as you might imagine it, only better.

Below you will find our list of the most photogenic spots in Uganda. Places that will become hits as you post them on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

Uganda-is a must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa. Even Winston Churchill said, “The Scenery is Different from all of Africa.

The added benefit that scenic Uganda offers to the photographer is that many of the Scenic Wonders is off of the beaten tourist paths giving you Africa without the crowds.

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

10- must-visit Photographic Destinations in the Pearl of Africa-Uganda

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of AfricaNumber 1 – Photogenic Destination – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

.The incredible Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is  UNESCO World Heritage Site picked for its biodiversity and incredibly natural and scenic wonders. CNN Travel has picked the forest as the most beautiful spot on earth in 2019.  The same year CNN picked it for the best hiking trails in the world.  CNN also has picked it as one of the best parks in all of Africa. Lonely Planet placed it on its “most unusual Honeymoon destinations list.”

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is an ancient rainforest, untouched by the plate shifts that were taking place. What you see today is what was. The forest is preserved Gorilla Tourism dollars. Were it not for that. The present forest would have been gone 20-plus years ago.

Photographers today have not only the Mountain Gorillas to photograph but the stunning scenery that abounds in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

It is no wonder that photographers from near and far make their way to the ancient Forest. Most are astounded by what they find when they reach there. It is a treasure chest of the unusual for the photographer.

Number 2 – Photogenic Destination – Mgahinga Gorilla Park:Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

Mgahinga Gorilla Park, whether up-close or from a distance, is a scenic wonder making it a top – photogenic destination.  It is just what a photographer wishes for. The stunning scenery of the park from Lake Mutanda is a sight to behold. It is no wonder that it is the number three posted scene on Facebook, according to a Huawei independent survey.

Its three brooding volcanoes overshadowing southwest Uganda is a photographer’s dream come true. If you can climb Mount Gahinga, Sabinyo, or Muhavura, the photographic possibilities become almost boundless.

Aside from the scenic wonders, there are the Mountain Gorillas, Birds, and cultural encounters with the Batwa People, the first people of the Forest.

Tourists often overlook Mgahinga Gorilla Park. However, it is a must-visit for serious photographers. You will be glad that you took our advice not to miss this photogenic park.

The added plus is that the park is less visited and Is off-the-beaten-tourist path.

Number 3 – Photogenic Destination – Kidepo Valley Park-a forgotten Eden:Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

Kidepo Valley Park, We do not need to say anything about this award-winning park. Others have said it better than we dan.  Here is what CNN-Travel said: “Kidepo Valley National Park might be the most beautiful park in all Africa. With the sweeping plains of Kidepo and Narus Valleys overshadowed by the brooding mountainscape of Mount Morungole (the sacred peak of the mysterious Ik people,) this park has a vast appeal just for the scenery alone. Tag on incredible animal sightings and tiny visitor numbers, and you have a winner.

Spectacular landscapes and vast buffalo herds. With sprawling savannah and soaring mountains, Kidepo National Park might be the most picturesque park in Africa.

  • Stephen Cunliffe, who writes for Africa Geographic and Travel Africa, called it “A Long-Forgotten Eden.image description
  • Tim Brewer, who writes for Lonely Planet Guide Books, wrote,Blissfully remote and stunningly gorgeous.”
  • Mark Eveleigh, who writes for CNN Traveler, Travel Africa – Africa Geographic, states,In my book a definite candidate for BEST PARK IN AFRICA!image description
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung – Munich Germany:  A destination for Explorers with few other visitors
  • Wanderlust Movement Magazine:  African Bloggers picked the park as the Number 1 Park to Visit in Africa.
  • The German respected Forum Magazine called Kidepo Valley Park – the most untouched and unvisited park in the world.

Nothing else can be said. Let us take you there.

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of AfricaNumber 4 – Photogenic Destination – Murchison Falls:

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest wildlife protectorate. It has become Uganda’s most visited park. It is home to the most significant number os remaining Nubian (Rothschild) Giraffes.

The added plus is that the River Nile flows through it. It tumbles down the Western Rift Escarpment creating the most powerful waterfall in the world., Murchison Falls. The falls are one of the most frequently photographed attractions in Uganda.

The first Western explorer to reach the falls was Sir Samuel Baker and his wife, Lady Florence Baker. Winston Churchill visited the falls in 1907 and hiked down the sides of it to board a boat that would take him to Khartoum.

The park and falls were used as a filming location of the famous “African Queen.” Ernest Hemingway was a drop-in visitor when his plane crashed near the falls.

The park is a photographer’s attraction with its scenic wonders and wildlife.

Number 5 – Photogenic Destination – Queen Elizabeth Park:Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of Uganda’s most photogenic parks in the country. For photographers, several areas are not to miss places in the park. There are the tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha region of the park. Private photography boat rides can be arranged on the famed Kazinga Channel. The incredible Kyambura Gorge, with its underground forest, is another photography in the park.

The park is close to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Kibale Forest, and the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon. The park offers a variety of photographic hotspots.

Photographers will find themselves busy with both stunning scenery and wildlife photo opportunities.

Ishasha, the Kazinga channel, and the Kyambura Gorge are not to be missed areas. We would cover the Crater Lakes that we include below.

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of AfricaNumber 6 – Photogenic Destination – Explosion Crater Lake Trail: 

The Explosion Crater Lakes and Explosion Craters in Uganda are places that should be on your must photograph list during your photographic safari to Uganda. The beauty of these crater lakes are not something to be missed and can easily be included in your journey through the country.

The explosion craters are found in western Uganda. Especially in Queen Elizabeth Park and around Fort Portal and around Kibale Forest. The 27-kilometer Katwe Explosion Crater Drive is one of the best ways to see and photograph them. The drive takes you to the highest point of Queen Elizabeth. From here, you can see the crater lakes, the western rift escarpment. The open savannah below you along with Lake George and Lake Edwards. The Explosion craters come in the form of lakes, savannah, or forest-covered craters.

You can stay at one of the Crater Lake Lodges, such as Crater Lake Safari Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Papaya Lake Lodge, Ndali Lodge.

Number 7 – Photogenic Destination – Kibale Forest:Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa

Kibale Forest is where the West and Central African Jungle meets East Africa. This is the Premier Primate location in East Africa with 13 Primate Species, including over 1,500 Chimpanzees.

The nocturnal forest walk here is a one-of.

Many photographers come here to take pictures of our closest relatives, the chimpanzees. The forest is a scenic wonder from a distance. Nearby the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is another rare find for photographers. It is a jungle swamp like no other in East Africa.

The more magnificent Kibale Forest is also home to a variety of Crater Lakes, hikes to the top of the world mountain, and more.

The forest is a short distance from Queen Elizabeth Park and the fabulous Rwenzori Mountains of the moon.

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of AfricaNumber 8 – Photogenic Destination -the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon:

The fabled Mountains of the Moon overlook much of Western Uganda. Snow at the equator, for how much longer, no one knows. However, the glaciers are melting away. The tallest mountain range in all of Africa. They are even taller than the alps of Europe. A sight to behold, a subject of ancient legends.

The Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon are scenic wonders that will delight photographers near and far.

If you are looking for magnificent panoramic scenery Climbing the Peaks is not necessary. You can ascend some mountains in the foothills and get some great shots of the Mountains of the moon.

An added plus is staying at Ruboni with the Bakonzo People, the keepers of the mountains. This will give you some tremendous cultural insights into their lives.

Number 9 – Photogenic Destination -Lake Bunyonyi:Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa


Lake Bunyonyi means the place of little birds. Lonely Planet has referred to Lake Bunyonyi as a scene from “Lord of the Rings.”

29 emerald islands dot the lake and give it its unique character. It is not a setting that you expect in Africa.

Some of the Islands have a unique history attached to them, such as Leper Island and Refugee Island.

You can hike around the lake for great photo-ops. However, some find a dugout canoe ride well worth the time and effort.

Lake Bunyony gives you a combination of scenic wonders plus local culture where commerce moves via boats and dugout canoes.

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of AfricaNumber 10 – Photogenic Destination Ssese Island – Lake Victoria:

The Ssese Islands form an archipelago in Lake Victoria. You can access them via ferry from Lake Victoria and enter another world, but scenically and culturally.

The islands, some uninhabited, are hidden away from most. They are unexpected in landlocked Uganda. Most do now realize that Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second-largest in the world.

Those who are looking for an unusual photographic spot. Ssese Island becomes the right choice.

The Ssese Islands are preferred destinations for Ugandans. Fewer International Visitors venture there. Such do not know what they are missing in the Hidden, Tropical Ssese Islands. Lonely Planet place the Islands on their Hidden Islands list.

Uganda-is the must-do Photographic Destination in all of Africa. We love to take you on a Photographers Safari. Something that we have experience with.  Contact us today.