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Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile

Posted by on January 17, 2020

Top Things To Do and See East Africa’s Adventure Capital – Jinja

 Jinja – the East African Experiential Adventure Capital

Things to Do and See in Jinja-Uganda – is the Experiential Adventure Capital of East Africa –located on theThings to do and see White Nile and Lake Victoria, where experiential adventures abound.

There are regular activities for the adventurous at heart – here you will find just a few of them, but they will give you an idea of what you can do and see in Jinja along the Nile and Lake Victoria.

Enjoy the Top Things to do and See in  Jinja – the East African Adventure Capital and spend a while on the River Nile at its Source in Jinja.

It does not matter whether you are young or old; there is something to do and see on the Nile for you. Include Jinja on your Safari Itinerary. 

Just tell us that you would like to spend “A while on the Nile” – the longest River in the world, the River that runs through Uganda, and its source is in Jinja, where the River Nile flows out of Lake Victoria. Uganda – Home of the Source of the Nile.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River NileExperiential White Water Adventures in Jinja

From mild to wild – white water rafting at its best in Jinja on the White Nile – you might get wet, but you will never forget the experience of rafting on the Nile at Jinja in Uganda.

You can take it a bit comfortable with a family float for you and children.

White Rafting Trips from mild to wild are 1/2 day or full-day trips along the White Water sections of the Nile in Jinja. We can also arrange a two-day trip for you. 

Kayaking offers similar trips plus lessons for the novice that wants to learn more about whitewater kayaking on the Nile in Uganda.

White-Water Rafting -Uganda’s second-biggest attraction after Gorilla Trekking.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River NileExperiential Jet Boat Adventures up the Nile Rapids  at Jinja

Take a Jet-Boat Ride up the Rapids of the River Nile. It is a safe adventure, and you are in the hands of an able pilot who knows the River and its nuances well. 

It is like a roller-coaster ride on the water – the word exhilarating comes to mind, and best describes a time in a Jet-Boat on the Nile.

It is also for those that do not want to spend the whole day o the River.

This activity has to be booked in advance for you.  Just let us know that you want to include Jet boating on the River Nile at Jinja, and we will add it in your Safari itinerary with us.  You will be glad that you did — a most thrilling experience.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile Sunset Cruise at Jinja

Take a Sunset Cruise with snacks and drinks at Jinja – merely a most enjoyable experience while at Jinja on the White River Nile. There are different kinds of cruises we can arrange for you, some with BBQ Snacks.  Drinks are included with some of the sails.

We can arrange private Sunset cruises for you and your group.  Sunset is around 6:45 PM in Uganda. Total darkness sets in around 7:10 PM.

Sunset Cruises being around 6 pm and ends around 7 pm giving you two Hours on the River.  The Nile is not all White-Water at Jinja; there are some serene spots that are perfect for a sunset cruise.  That is especially true if you have a great Nile Sunset with all of its splendor.

We should pre-book Nile Cruises for you and part of your Safari Itinerary in Uganda.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River NileHorseback Riding Safaris along the Nile at Jinja

Horseback riding in Uganda, but at Jinja along the Nile, you have the opportunity to explore the River, Villages, and the scenic countryside from the back of a horse. 

You can go horseback riding for a few hours to all-day outings, and there are even two day horseback riding Safaris on the Nile.  Horseback riding can be combined with other activities that you might want to do at the Nile in Jinja.

Horseback Riding is an escorted and guided activity, safe and secure. Horseback riding can be done at most any time, morning, or afternoon. 

Overnight Horseback Safaris include lodging and meals.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile All-Terrain Quad-Bike Safaris along the Nile at Jinja

ATV-Quad Biking has become one of the most popular activities after white water rafting.  It can be fun for the whole family. One can easily spend several days in Jinja one the Nile to do some of the various activities that are offered here

This city is from a few hours to an all-day trip along the River Nile.  It is also a cultural trip since you visit villages during your time on the quad-bike along the Nile.

Let us know that you want to include this in your time on safari in Uganda and Jinja in particular.

Quad-Biking should be scheduled into your safari ahead of arrival

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River NileMountain Biking along the Nile at Jinja

Biking along the River Nile and beyond has grown n popularity over and is done by more visitors to the Jinja area.  It is a safe and sane activity, can be done by families with children and people of all ages.

Biking Trips beyond the River Nile are even offered with experienced guides who also know how to fix a bike should you have a rare break-down.

The Mountain Bikes used are quality imported bikes.  They are robust and take the roads you will traversing in the Jinja area.

While on your bike outing, you can either have a picnic lunch or lunch at a restaurant. All Bike Safaris on the Nile are guided; we will supply plenty of bottled water for you.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile Experiential Adventurous Bungee Jumping into the Historic River Nile at Jinja

Bungee Jumping, an activity that not for the faint of heart.  Yet, surprisingly make their way to Jinja on the Nile for the express purpose of Bungee Jumping into the ancient River Nile.

You can do both during the daylight hours, and recently, nighttime Bungee Jumping was added. Bungee-Jumping can be done anywhere in the world, but Bungee-Jumping into the longest river on Earth, the historic River Nile is another thing altogether.

We do not receive many requests for Bungee-Jumping, most add it to their Safari after discovering that you can do so. Bungee Jumping is most often added by those that spent a day on the Nile White Water Rafting the Nile.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile Visit the Source of the Nile at Jinja

The Source of the Nile as discovered by John Hanning Speke in 1858.  Those who lived here always know about it, but Speke was the first Western Explorer to find it.

Today it is a Park where many come to see the Source f the Nile.  The Gardens are quite peaceful and beautiful.  Down by the River is a statue pg Mahatma Gandhi whose ashes are strewn n the Nile in part.

You can take a boat-Ride here that will show you the exact source of the Nile, and you can take a boat-ride into Lake Victoria.

The site is being developed at present to bring it to world-class tourism standards.  Even now, it is one of the most visited sites i all in Uganda.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River NileItanda Falls near Jinja

One of the best examples of the Whitewater Nile is found 27 kilometers outside of Jinja. It is Itanda Falls, where you see what real Whitewater Adventures can be like on the River Nile.

Itanda Falls is white water plus – sights and Sounds that will delight your senses and make you want to stay longer on the Nile in Jinja. 

It is the perfect sight-seeing spot for those that want to combine the Source of the Nile and the White Waters of Itanda Falls into one day. 

We often come here with clients who choose to relax and chill out in Jinja, or we make it a day trip from Kampala for our clients who want a taste of the Nile. 

Itanda Falls is not a be missed spot on the Nile in Jinja.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile Relax and Chill out on the Nile In Jinja

Most Come to do and see to Jinja on the Nile. Others come to relax and chill out on the River.  The Premier spot where one can do that is the famous Wild Water Lodge in the middle of the River, the White Water section of the Nile.

It is most likely one of the ultimate chill-out locations in all of Uganda. It is also one of the priciest lodges in all of Uganda.  Those who can afford it are glad that they came.

There are great hotels and lodges along the Nile in Jinja that will not break the bank such as the Haven, the owner is German, and the German word Haven means Harbor in English and an excellent Harbor on the Nile it is.

Relax and Chill out at the end of your Safari – Jinja is the Perfect place to spend a while on the Nile.

Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River NileInclude Jinja and the Source of Nile in Your Safari: I

Things to Do and See in Jinja, which is the Experiential Adventure Capital in East Africa. You can include any of the activities above in your Safari with us in Uganda.

Adults of all ages have been thrilled by taking on the rapids of the River Nile from mild to wild.

Not only can you include any of the above activities here, but you can also take a half-day and full-day fishing and Birding experiences on both the Nile and Lake Victoria.

When it comes to adventures, there is simply no better place than Jinja on the Nile and Lake Victoria. There are moderate and luxury lodges that we can include in your safari with us.

Getting to Jinja became more accessible with the opening of the iconic Source of the Nile Bridge.  Just let us know you want to spend a While on the Nile.


Top Things To Do and See in Jinja on the River Nile