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River Nile White – Water Rafting from Mild to Wild – Jinja-Uganda

Posted by on November 2, 2018

Nile River Rafting on the Nile at Jinja – the East African Adventure Capital

Enjoy a day of Nile White – Water Rafting from Mild to Wild – Jinja

Experience the best rafting in Africa -Nile White – Water Rafting from Mild to Wild – Jinja – from half-day,Nile White - Water Rafting from Mild to Wild - Jinja to full-day or longer trips on the wild portions of the River Nile near Jinja – memory-making experiences during your time in Uganda.

White Water Rafting on the Nile at Jinja is the perfect add-on to any Safari in Uganda, Spend a While at the Nile in Jinja, not just any River, but the historical River Nile that has its source at Lake Victoria in Jinja. No Safari in Uganda is complete without experiencing the River Nile from Mild to Wild. 

The River Nile at Jinja is one of the 7-Natual Wonders found in Africa – Rafting here is a one-of-a-kind Experience in all of Africa. This is not any River, but the longest River in the World – the Ancient River Nile.

Please Note:  We do not offer White Water Rafting as a Stad-Alone one-day Tour – we offer it to our Safari Clients as an option for their Safari in Uganda.  It is a must-Add-On to any Safari in Uganda.

Nile White – Water Rafting from Mild to Wild – Jinja -You might have thought that driving a car in Kampala was the ultimate exhilaration.  Let us whisk you to what has been beyond your wildest dreams -Rafting on the Nile -no matter what is your like…it can be “wild or mild,”  and then there is everything in between. 

You may have thought that the roller coaster ride you took at the amusement park was the ultimate – The answer is found here on the longest river in the world….with volumes of water that exceed that other renown rafting hotspot on the Zambezi river by over ten times.  At the end of the day, after you thought it was all done….there is more…143 feet of bungee diving into the river before you head back to Kampala…and you thought going on an African Safari was a calm affair….go rafting on the Nile and enjoy the adrenaline pumping White Water adventure that if offers you along the way.

Safety is the key, and though it looks wild and crazy, your safety is foremost on everyone’s mind…the guides on the water have often competed around the world winning awards for their knowledge of white water rafting and their safety records.

White Water Adventure Add-Ons to your Safari:

The Rafting or Kayaking Trip on the Nile at Jinja start out with a safety orientation and then off down the river for the most exhilarating ride of your life. whether you are a raft or a Kayak

White Water Rafting – a day or two if you so choose on and in the ancient River Nile.

We can add this to any of the safari tour packages we offer.  An overnight safari with Jinja sightseeing is most recommended to make your Safari in Uganda even more special and the next day you can raft once again or do one of the many activities offered here along the River Nile in Jinja – the East-African Adventure Capital.

Enjoy your time on the Nile White – Water Rafting or Kayaking from Mild to Wild – Jinja – there is nothing to compare with it.  All Rafting and Kayaking companies have a great safety record – you are surrounded by safety rescue boats in case you take a spill into the Nile.

Things do to and see in Jinja – Uganda

Jinja – The source of the Nile, the East African Adrenaline Pumping Capital of East Africa offers much more things to do and see than Whitewater Rafting or Kayaking on the River Nile.

There are many activities for the whole family to enjoy such Family Float Trips, Bungee Jumping for those that need an Adrenaline Rush, Biking, ATV-Quad Biking,  Horseback Riding Safaris along the Nile, the Source of the Nile Park, a visit to the Nile brewery, Hiking.

Jinja on the Nile is always an excellent spot where you can relax and chill out along the River Nile. A visit to Jinja, the Source of the Nile, the River that runs through Uganda is a must visit Safari Add-On.

Do not miss – Jinja the Source of the Nile and the Adventure Capital of East Africa.

  If you are interested of including Nile White – Water Rafting from Mild to Wild – Jinja in your safari with us – please contact us

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