Top Things to Do and See in Kampala

Posted by on June 30, 2017

The Things to do and see in Kampala for Visitors to Africa’s Big Banana

If New- York is the Big Apple – then Kampala  is Africa’s Big Banana – vibrant – alive – the City that never sleeps.

Kampala the Big Banana, the city that never sleeps.  Kampala is authentic Africa – Kampala is Africa alive, moving, evolving, growing, wherever you go you can see a vibrant city that is simply amazing filled with many surprises and delights for Visitors.  Below you will find some of the things to do and see for visitors to Kampala.  Here are the Top Things to Do and See in Kampala.

Most Tourists leave Kampala after flying into Uganda, not knowing all that they miss by not spending a day and night in the Africa’s Answer to the Big Apple – Kampala is the Big Banana – a vibrant town filled with many Things to do and see.

Kasubi Tombs – UNESCO – World Heritage Site

The Kasubi Tombs – a resting place of three Buganda Kingdom Kabakas (Kings) is certainly a place in Kampala not to be missed – unfortunately it is being reconstructed after an unfortunate fire – during the rebuilding of the site a second fire took its toll.  Hopefully the site will be fully reopened to visitors.

St. Bartholomew Market commonly known as Owino Market

A visit to Owino Market can be a bit overwhelming if you as a visitor go by yourself – it is one of the largest second-hand clothing markets in Africa – you can find most anything here from spices at a bargain such as Ugandan Vanilla, Spices, the list of what you can find and buy here is endless and even if you do not buy anything, the experience and feeling of Owino Market is worth the visit but go with a Ugandan and if you are on Safari with us – our Driver-Guide will be with you.

Nakasero Food – Vegetables – Fruit Market

This is the main food market in Kampala – where Ugandans, Restaurants, Hotels come to buy vegetables, fruit, meats.  Take a walk here and you will be asked to buy the things grown and or raised in Uganda.

Independence Monument

The Uganda Independence Monument  is found right in the center of town below the nicely attended to Sheraton Garden – many like to come her for picture-taking with the statue in the background that was put there in 1962.

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

The Parliament Building is a place to see for many visitors to Uganda – located in the center of downtown Kampala on Parliament Avenue.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral – Namirembe

Namirembe Cathedral – the first Church of Uganda (Anglican) Cathedral built in Uganda – the original structure was made of local material such as elephant grass and it burned down when hit by lightning.  The present structure replaced the original one.

Rubaga Catholic Cathedral

This is Rubaga Cathedral the first Catholic Cathedral built in Uganda – the Catholic Faith has the largest number of adherents in Uganda.  Rubaga Cathedral is a beautiful church from outside as it is within.

The Baha’i Temple

The Baha’i Temple is the only one of its kind in all of Africa – it is a much visited and admired structure and the temple grounds are beautifully kept and it is quite peaceful here.

Kaddafi National Mosque in Old Kampala

The Kaddafi Mosque was begun by former President Idi Amin, but only completed with money donated by Libya – it is a beautiful and large structure and you can visit it wearing modest clothing.  The tours of both the Kadaffi and Kibule Mosques prove to be most interesting for visitors to Kampala

Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine

Namugongo Martyr’s Shrines and places of memory remember those who gave their lives instead of giving up their faith,  There is a Catholic Shrine, a Protestant place of Memories and there will soon be a place to honor the Muslim Marty’s who also lost their lives for their faith.  Two different events, however similar in nature – all resulting in loss of life due to their faith and not renouncing it.

Uganda Museum

Uganda Museum – has some great artifacts of historic value – there have been plans to tear it down and build another superstructure in its place – the protests against that move were quite loud.

Kabaka’s (King’s) Palace – Buganda Kingdom

The palace of the Kabaka – cultural ruler of the Buganda Kingdom – while visiting here one can also take in the Buganda Parliament nearby.

Empukku – Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers

The place of horrors – the walls are still covered with messages from those who suffered and died when Idi Amin ruled Uganda – a very trying time for the Pearl of Africa.

Kabaka’s Man made Lake

This manmade lake was supposed to become a channel to Lake Victoria giving easy access to the Ssese Islands and beyond but the King (Kabaka) Mwanga died and today there remains this man made lake in Kampala.

There are many more Top Things to Do and See in Kampala while staying in Kampala –if you are going on a Safari with us in Uganda – let us know which of the above things you like to do and see during your time in Uganda, we would love to include in Safari Itinerary.

Top Things to Do and See in Kampala that you would like to include while on Safari in Uganda