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Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts in Kampala

Posted by on November 9, 2019

Buying  African Souvenirs and Gifts in Kampala – Uganda

Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts in Kampala – from Drums to Jewelry

Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts in Kampala – Uganda – Kampala is filled with places where you can buy African Arts, Crafts and Souvenirs – wherever you go you will find a place where carvings can be bought, baskets, weaving, fabrics, t-shirts and much more. 

There are however markets and stores that focus on a wide variety of Art, Crafts, and Souvenirs to remind you of your visit to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. 

In the midst of all the Ugandan Art, Crafts, Souvenirs there is often a mix of items made in neighboring countries such as Carvings from the Democratic Republic of Congo and a lot of things made in Kenya such as soapstone crafts – bracelets and other African type Jewelry. 

Someone who has lived here can readily tell the items from Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo – most visitors, however, will not – at the end of the day you are taking home a piece of Africa as a souvenir or gift for someone as a reminder of your visit to remarkable Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts in Kampala – you will find arts and crafts all over -Your purchases of African Arts, Crafts and Souvenirs will impact the lives of those who created it and their families and the person you are purchasing it from.  Your purchase of art, crafts, souvenirs, and gifts impact the lives of ordinary Ugandans – most of the items you will find on display and for sale are created by hand, and if you bought similar items such as beads or earrings, bangles in the West – handmade – they would cost you a lot more.  There are handmade drums, of various sizes, weapons such as spears (some can be taken apart to put into a suitcase), carved items, items using barkcloth, banana leaves shaped into Christmas crèches to Greetings Cards – items made of gourds, African musical instruments, paintings, batiks…one could go on – explore for yourself and enjoy.

In regards to art – you can find a lot of genuine art in the craft stores listed below – better-known artists – some with International praise for their works can be found in some of the Art Galleries in Kampala – the items found there cost more reflecting the quality of work that you purchase.

Arts-Crafts: You tell us what you would like and we will take you to the right place.

Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts in Kampala – here are great Craft Shops:

Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts in KampalaUganda Arts & Crafts Village: 

This is an assortment of various craft stalls and shops found behind the National Theatre in Kampala – you can bargain here a bit – but they most often will not bargain as much as at the Friday Craft Market.

The prices are usually reasonable – you can find various handicrafts from wood carvings to leather items, Ugandan shirts and dresses, even Ugandan chairs and small tables that are nicely carved with a village or wildlife scene – at times you have to be discerning since there is a mixture of kitsch and very nice handicraft  – you will certainly recognize the difference.

This is one of the oldest and most established places in Kampala where you can buy various handicrafts. Compare the prices between shops and you just might come out ahead.

Exposure Africa: 

This craft market is found next to Daisy’s Arcade (on Buganda Road) and is the biggest craft market in Kampala with over 30 stalls – once again compare prices on the same or similar items – you will be surprised by the differences – so it is best to be a discerning and bargaining shopper.

Once again a lot of the things on display here are from Kenya and not from Uganda – of course, the sellers with smiling faces would deny that (anything made of soapstone comes from the town of Tabaka in Kenya for example).  It is a lovely place to find so many items and a variety of products in one place.  You once again with your purchases make a difference in the life of artisans and sellers – something that should be most satisfying to most tourists.

A great place to spend a few hours

Friday Craft Market:

This craft market takes place as the name every Friday in Nsambiya along Ggaba Road.

Often here you are dealing directly with the artisan and there is little overhead to cover resulting in bargains.  Speaking of Bargains – you can certainly bargain more here with better results since you are often not dealing with resellers but with the person that created what you are wanting to buy.

You can easily spend a few enjoyable hours here.  If you are in Kampala do not miss the Friday Craft Market – not only can you buy some great handicrafts here but is also a cultural experience especially when you enter the ancient dance of bargaining….enjoy.

Uganda Crafts-2000 LTD:

This is a non-profit fair trade store that sells hundreds of handmade items that are made from leather, wood, cane, banana leaves – the list is endless – from special Christmas décor to leather bags.  They offer Ugandan, Kenyan and Congolese art and crafts items.

The location DLCO-EA House on plot 32-36 Bombo Road, Kampala.  The good news here is this – not only will find delightful item to purchase and take home but your purchases create and sustain jobs for the marginalized, disadvantaged, People with disabilities, widows, orphans those living with HIV – your purchases will also improve the standard of living of the artisans who created the various items found for sale here.

Fair Trade Arts and Crafts

Banana Boat:

Here you will find many better arts and crafts pieces, not only from Uganda but other African Countries which include greeting cards, batiks, jewelry, clothing, carvings, metal art and much more.

There are several locations in mostly better shopping malls such as the Garden City Shopping Mall, the Lugogo Mall and Plot 23, Cooper Road, Kisementi.

You pay a bit more but you have a vast collection of items to choose from in a store setting – sorry no bargaining here – but certainly a most enjoyable setting in each case.

The quality of the items tends to be more high-end and because of the locations, you pay a bit more and there is no bargaining.

Better Quality African Art and Crafts

Nommo Gallery: 

Here you will find a wide variety of aesthetic art of the collectible kind.  This gallery has a fine selection for the discerning buyer of African art – located near the Sheraton Hotel on Plot 4 Victoria Avenue, Nakasero.

This is also Uganda’s National Art Gallery where you will find the artwork from local artists as well as others from all over East Africa.

The Shop is a part of it and you will find wonderful artworks and crafts – they do close at 5 pm during the week and 3 pm on weekends.  A visit here will be most rewarding.

There are times you may find it closed, but give it a try, it is well worth it.

This is an African Art Collector’s idea of Paradise.

Best Places to buy Arts and Crafts Beyond Kampala

Kampala and Entebbe are not the only places where you can buy Ugandan arts, crafts, and souvenirs. If you are on Safari with us you will find excellent opportunities to buy various items often directly from the creator of excellent handcrafted items for you to take home often at a lower price and higher quality.

The arts, crafts, and souvenir shops purchase from artisans, creators of the various items that you sell. Often they are the ones that you meet near the parks that you visit on your Safari.

If you are Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla park you will find many items that are locally made for you to choose from.

Souvenirs, Arts, Crafts can be bought not only in Kampala, Entebbe or Jinja but throughout the country while on a safari.

Great Uganda Gift and Souvenir Choices beyond the Norm:

There are many ways that you can bring Uganda home in the form of souvenirs and gifts beyond the norm.

We have created a list of ideas for you that include some items you may not have thought of.

Among the perfect souvenirs from Uganda and beyond arts and crafts, you might want to consider buying some excellent Ugandan Coffee or Tea. There is also a high-quality Vanilla Product that is grown and produced here. Ben and Jerry Ice-Cream Makers have bought it for years.

There are many other spices that can be bought here including Saffron which like Vanilla is like precious Gold.

Uganda Waragi, the drink of choice for Ugandans, a variety of Gin would be another out of the ordinary gifts.  There is a superb Honey, and Shea Butter cosmetic products produced from Shea Nuts. Dried Fruit and Nuts also make great Gifts.

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