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The Friday Craft Market in Kampala

Posted by on November 27, 2019


Deal directly with the Artisans and get more value for your money

Best place in Kampala for bargain souvenirs, African arts, and crafts at The Friday Craft Market in Kampala

The Friday Craft Market in KampalaThe Friday Craft Market in Kampala is the best place for African Arts and Crafts at a lower price. The Friday Craft Market in Nsambya is also the best place where to buy those items directly from the artisans that create them.

There are other places where you can purchase African arts and crafts. You can go to Buganda Road by Daisy Arcade, also the National Theatre. Those two places are the ones where most people buy things that they would like to take home to their country.  Great choices, all neatly laid out, helpful shopkeepers. Though they often tend to be a bit on the pushy side at times. A bit of laughter, a smile, and kind words will overcome that.  There is not much bargaining at the regular African Craft Markets since most of them are re-sellers and not creators of what you are buying.

The Friday Craft Market in Kampala is another option for buying crafts such as carvings, fabrics, T-shirts, African style shoes, and sandals made locally.  They are also items that come from Kenya, such as soapstone chess sets.  As of late other things are found here, including traditional dresses. You will even find items made in DR Congo and Rwanda.

There are drums of all kinds, even the West African styled Djembe drums. Look for a Ugandan made drum, they are of excellent quality and have a unique style to them.  Batiks are an excellent choice, not much weight, and you can frame them back home.

Please keep in mind, you are flying, you will see many things you might like and want to buy – the question that is before you, “ will it add too much weight to my luggage.  Consider the size of the item that you are buying and ask yourself. “How am I going to get this on the plane?”

You can get a lot of quality original items, including masks, spears, drums, wood carvings, jewelry, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, African clothes, and more.

Pay in Uganda Shillings and not in US Dollars, you get a better deal.

At The Friday Craft Market in Kampala, you are dealing with the artists, the creators of the crafts you are buying, and one advantage here are that you can bargain a bit more than at the regular Craft Markets and the bargaining dance always is a lot of fun.  I set a final price, show the money and if they want more, walk away, if my price were just a bit fair, someone would come running after me, and I will receive the item at that price.  Enjoy Friday’s at the Craft Market in the Nsambya area along Ggaba Road…

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The Friday Craft Market in Kampala

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