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Ndere Dance and Music Troupe makes Africa come Alive

Posted by on December 25, 2015

Ndere Troupe – Keeping Uganda’s Culture Alive and Well

The renown Ndere Dance and Music Troupe makes Africa come Alive with every Performance

An evening with the Ndere Troupe is something not to be missed -Ndere Troupe simply a must see in Kampala – the Ndere Dance and Music Troupe makes Africa come Alive through Music and Dance delighting guests both from Uganda and around the World.

Ndere Dance and Music Troupe makes Africa come Alive – There are over 60 Cultural Groups in Uganda, each with Ndere Dance and Music Troupe makes Africa come Alivetheir own style, their own music, instruments, song, dance and style – you would have to travel for a long time to witness them all-or you can go several times a week to  Centre.  For over 25 years the troupe has not only performed in Uganda but acted as Uganda’s Cultural Ambassador to people around the world.

Ndere Centre is located in a beautiful garden like place, but in the case of rain they perform indoors, so there is no worry, just enjoy the evening.  Come early and have a traditional dinner – relax and take a cultural excursion all around Uganda via Music and Dance.

Once the performance begins – all one can say is – vibrant, exhilarating, amazing.  Amazing they are, bringing together the various cultures of Uganda through music and dance.  The costumes are colorful, the music alive and the movements of the dancers will take your breath away, just watching, even though you are seated.

It is an amazing time, especially for a first time visitor to Uganda and certainly will leave some lovely memories of a fantastic evening with one of the most vibrant dance troupe’s in Africa.  Not only vibrant but talented – and dedicated to keeping Uganda’s diverse cultures alive.

“When you have watched a performance of the Ndere Troupe you have seen Africa come alive.”

If you like to see the Ndere Troupe during your time on safari in Uganda – please let us know and we will do everything we can to include in your Safari itinerary a time with the Ndere Troupe at Ndere Centre. On a personal note  – during the 90’s they used to perform on Sunday evenings at the no longer Nile Hotel (the Serena is now in its place) –I used to go at least once a month.  Simply enjoyable – vibrant – alive – amazing…be sure to see them…from Kampala-the Pearl of Africa…jon

Ndere Dance and Music Troupe makes Africa come Alive- Let us know if you like to see a performance of them – please let us know and if we can we will incorporate it in your itinerary.