Uganda-Number-3 Must Photograph Travel Destination in the World in 2019

Posted by on May 13, 2019

Uganda – the Pearl of Africa 3rd most Photogenic Travel Destination in 2019

Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla Park is theNumber-3 Must Photograph Travel Destination in the World

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa does it again – now it is the Number-3 Must Photograph Travel Destination in the world. The findings are the result of a global survey looking at Facebook posts, commissioned by Huawei on the occasion of launching their latest smartphone, brought about as writer for E-Turbo News stated “some astonishing results.”

That being that once again, Uganda, the overlooked African Safari Destination by International Travel Agencies, and Tour Operators made it to the top three with of all places, the little known Mgahinga Gorilla Park and its three Volcanoes most often photographed with the scenic Lake Mutanda, a scene like from Lord of the Rings in the foreground.

The only other “Must Photograph Travel Destination” on the African Continent was Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe in 6th Place. Once again Uganda, in this case, Mgahinga Gorilla Park placed Number Three in the world putting it on the map as one of the most photogenic places on the planet.

Those who wonder how Uganda gained the Number three spot do not know what happens when you post a picture the Virunga Volcanoes of Mgahinga Gorilla Park from Lake Mutanda; the results might surprise you. One of our recent Clients wrote to us that view of Mgahinga Gorilla Park from Lake Mutanda was a scenic wonder to him, he called Lake Mutanda something we had always known, the most beautiful lake in the world, and he was a well-traveled man.  Just this week, a South African client called Mgahinga Gorilla Park, stunning and he and his wife had traveled all over Africa.


 Uganda-Number-3 Must Photograph Travel Destination in the World in 2019.  An unbiased survey sponsored by Huwaei found out what Winston Churchill realized during his African Journey in 1907, that Uganda was different from anything elsewhere in all of Africa. In his 1908 book, “My African Journey, he popularized the Term – the Pearl  Africa, meaning.  The Global Survey of Facebook posts with pictures of Mgahinga Gorilla only confirms what Winston Churchill knew the moment that set foot on Ugandan soil has he landed on his journey from Kisumu, Kenya across Lake Victoria by Boat, that, Uganda is unique, has a special place that touches the heart, something we call “the Pearl Factor,” and yes, the Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale that delights Facebook Fans, but even more so those that visit here in person and discover for themselves, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, a place off-of-the-beaten Tourist Path for most, but those that, never forget their Gorilla Family Encounter with the Nyakagezi Family, with its three silverbacks, the Golden Monkey Trek, the Mount Sabinyo Climb, or the encounter with the first people of the Forest on the Batwa Trail.

While visiting the Number 3 Must Photograph Travel Destination in the World, Uganda and Mgahinga Gorilla Park we suggest that you stay a while, relax in comfort in the shadows of the brooding Volcanoes, the Mufumbiro Mountains, the Mountains that cook, the Virunga Volcanoes at what we consider to be one of Uganda’s best Lodges, Mount Gahinga Lodge.

2019, has been a good year for Uganda as it receives International recognition and unsolicited accolades from various renown organizations such as National Geographic Traveller (UK Edition) when Uganda was placed on its 2019 Cool List.  From CNN Travel named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the most beautiful place in the World and again CNN Traveler when it named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as one of the Best Hiking Trails in the world.

We as a Ugandan Tour Operator do not dabble in other countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo; we decided over a decade ago that Uganda would b our Focus. Today, we take the words of Winston Churchill seriously, “Concentrate on Uganda.”

We are grateful for the many picture posts on Facebook that the Huawei Commissioned surveyors found as they reviewed nearly 2 million posts, many of them revealing the incredible beauty of Uganda, Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

As we say in Uganda “Thank you for appreciating.” W are glad that you appreciate one of the Natural Wonders in Uganda, come and stay awhile, there are many more to be discovered…