Is it SAFE to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda? The No Spin Reality

Posted by on May 11, 2019

Is Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda SAFE to Visit?

An often asked Question: Is it safe to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park?

 Is it SAFE to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda for Gorilla Trekking?  This a question asked by those wanting to visit the park for Gorilla Trekking, Golden Monkey Trekking, Volcano Climbing, Cultural Encounters on the Batwa Trail and Hikes in the Sabinyo Gorge.  Here you will find our no-spin answers based on current conditions in the Park and the surrounding area, the latest Uganda Wildlife Authority updates along with Current Security conditions from the Uganda Police and Military. This page will be updated if there are any changes.

We add to that our clients recent on the ground experiences plus our firsthand Tour Guide insights that are based on over a decade of safe and secure Safaris that have included Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Is it safe to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park? – The Safe, Secure, Hakuna Matata (no worries) Outcome of a Safari is more important than momentary income.  During the past 20 years, Uganda has provided secure Gorilla Trekking, Volcano Climbing, Hiking, Nature Walks, Birding, Golden Monkey Trekking in Mgahinga  Gorilla Park without Fail. The Permit Prices, the daily entrance, and activity fees also provide for Security Measures implemented by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and its highly trained Rangers, the Ugandan Military and Security Forces, the Police including Tourism Police.

No one can enter Mgahinga Gorilla Park without a Ranger Escort. All activities are actively monitored for safety and security reasons. Two Australian Tourists found out recently that even flying a drone over the park was a Giant “no-no.” The drone was shot down by a Ranger, the Tourists taken into custody and questioned and later released.

Is it SAFE to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park? Here is the reality, Uganda is the Premier Mountain Gorilla Destination in Africa, no matter what you may read online, in newspapers, travel brochures or hear from some travel agent in London, New York or Sydney.  Mgahinga Gorilla Park is one of Uganda’s Two Gorilla Sanctuaries. Uganda has in the last few years received thousands of Gorilla Trekkers from around  the world, and a portion of those that chose to trek Gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla Park found was safe and secure. Mgahinga Gorilla Park hs no guerillas, only Gorillas with which they had most amazing encounters that for most are the experience of a lifetime.

Is it safe to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park? -Beyond the Park itself there is Mount Gahinga Lodge, a safe and secure luxury lodge that has 24/7 Lodge Security, supplemented by elite rapid response Military Teams, Police, plus Tourism Police. In spite of the security, Mount Gahinga Lodge remains a most welcoming and friendly lodge since the security measures there are most often not seen by Guests.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park, though on the border of Rwanda and DR Congo is a natural Fort Knox where both Gorillas and Visitors are safe and secure.  Preventive Measures are taken at every level whether you are Birder, HIker or Gorilla Trekker or Volcano Climber.  Whether you are inside the Park, or on a Gahinga Batwa Village Walk, a hike to the nearby Caldera your personal Safety and Security is of concern to everyone.

 Our Take as a Gorilla Tour Operator: Is it SAFE to visit Mount Gahinga Gorilla Park?

We Think and know from personal experience that safest place to be in Uganda is on a Safari.  We would further add that Mgahinga Gorilla Park is one of the safest parks in all of East Africa and that is based on a decade-plus experience bringing Trekkers to the park without one incident.

President Museveni has been leading the country since 1986. One of the most important things he has done was to create a stable, secure, safe state for both Ugandans and Visitors from afar.

Safety and Security, take a step back and put into Perspective.  Many African countries have been safer for tourists including Uganda.  One cannot say that for the US where mass shootings have become more frequent, or Europe with its sporadic militant religious attacks.  Safe Safaris are the norm and not the exception. If you are concerned about Safety and security, we ask you to look at some of the other Security pages that we have.

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