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Safety – Security Kidepo Valley Park – Karamoja Region – Uganda

Posted by on September 17, 2016

Safety – Security Kidepo Valley Park in 2016-2017

Is it safe to travel to Kidepo Valley Park – Karamoja Region – Uganda in 2016-2017?

Is Northeastern Uganda – the Karamoja Region and Kidepo Valley Park safe to travel to? What is Safety-Security-Rwanda-Visitorsthe status of Safety – Security Kidepo Valley Park in 2016 or 2017? The Karamoja Region which was once considered the Wild West of Uganda is in 2016-2017 – Safe – Secure – Stable and Peaceful and seeing more and  more Tourists take the journey to according to CNN is one of the best Parks in Africa.

It is safe to fly or drive to Kidepo Valley Park – there is no insecurity, increased military presence, armed rangers in the Park, the extra Tourism Police, all add to your safety and security in one Africa’s most remote parks.

Safety - Security Kidepo Valley ParkDo a search about travel to or within Northeastern Uganda (which includes Kidepo Valley Park) and you will get mostly negative feedback about how you should  avoid driving to Kidepo Valley Park and the Karamoja region of Northeastern Uganda.

Such notices are outdated and do not take into account that things have changed in the last 10 years in the Karamoja region and Northern Uganda in general.

Yes, for many years one of the most remote parks and its wildlife was accessible only to those who could fly into the park which was and remains expensive to this day. A few other hardy souls would venture off in a safari vehicle and manage to get through after a most arduous journey.

Things are changing, have changed and will change as more tourists choose to visit Kidepo Valley Park and the regions beyond as the word has gotten out about the beauty and wildlife of Kidepo Valley Park in the media including CNN.

The renown and respected Bradt Guide Book to Uganda has stated so in its most recent 7th Uganda Guidebook edition which came out at the end of 2013.  “Happily the complications along both routes (to Kidepo Valley National Park) have now been removed and the expanses of eastern Uganda have been thrown open to modern-day explorers. The L.R.A (Lord’s Resistance Army) war ended enabling travellers to reach Kidepo National Park via Gulu and Kitgum and travel in Karamoja is also widely considered safe and practical for the first time in many years.  The government has disarmed the Karamojong warriors and made significant improvements to regional roads, while mobile phone networks now cover the region.  Karamoja might still separate Mount Elgon and Kidepo but the 400 km distance is now an adventure rather than a hazard, a marvelous journey through a land of wild, rugged and often breathtaking beauty inhabited by a people who have clung to their traditional way of life with admirable persistence.”

The 7th Bradt Uganda Guide book further states regarding safety and security in Northeastern Uganda “Everyone we spoke to UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) officials, hoteliers and local expatriates – affirmed that this route is safe.  The only reservations were that travel after dark should be avoided, as should be explorations off of the main route in the direction of the Kenyan border.”

Presently the UK and US diplomatic missions in Kampala have not lifted their long-standing travel advisories – we look forward to that happening in the near future.  Tour operators such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris stay in touch with Uganda Wildlife Authority and other tour operators that run safaris to Kidepo Valley Park.  We also keep on eyes on any news or Ugandan government reports about security in and around Kidepo Valley National Park and any other park in Uganda.

Safety – Security Kidepo Valley Park – If there are changes – good or bad – we will report them here and on our Facebook Page – in the meantime enjoy your journey to the remote and unvisited Kidepo Valley Park and surrounding areas…

Things to do and see at Kidepo Valley Park – Uganda 

Kidepo Valley Park – remote and unvisited

Safety – Security Kidepo Valley Park – should you have any questions – please contact us