Fly into Rwanda – Trek Gorillas in Uganda

Posted by on January 16, 2018

Fly into Kigali and go on a Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Fly into Rwanda – Trek Gorillas in Uganda- save 900 USD on just the Gorilla Permit

Fly into Rwanda - Trek Gorillas in UgandaKigali International Airport is not only the Gateway to the land of a thousand Hills – Rwanda, but to Southwestern Uganda and Mgahinga Gorilla Park and to the Southern Area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and beyond.

Fly into Rwanda – Track Gorillas in Uganda makes a lot of sense when you compare it to the Drive-Time from Entebbe Airport in Uganda being 10 hours to Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga Park. 

The Southern Region of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park are easier to access from Kigali than from Entebbe, not something, the average Ugandan Tour Operator will tell you and certainly not the official government website “Visit Uganda,” but  we do not work for any government agency but for you, our clients, and Fly into Rwanda – Track Gorillas in Uganda has become one of the most popular options.

We take the Fly into Rwanda – Trek Gorillas in Uganda concept a bit further with our clients flying into Rwanda and flying home or to other destination from Entebbe Airport.  This is especially true with Safaris that take in Gorilla Trekking, Golden Monkeys, Wildlife and Chimpanzees where at the end of a 6 to 8-day safari you fly out of Uganda. Again you will not find this in the Bradt Guide to Uganda, Lonely Planet, even TripAdvisor but you found it here because we have done so for years.

If you choose to fly into Kigali and fly out of Entebbe find the best flights first and an airline that will not penalize you.  Just remember the plane that flies into Kigali most often continues on to Entebbe, the Town where Winston Churchill first landed by Boat on his African Journey and popularized the phrase “Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Benefits you gain by Flying into Rwanda and Tracking Gorillas in Uganda

  • 600 USD Gorilla Permits in Uganda – compared to 1500 USD in Rwanda-Save 900 USD on permits.
  • Drive Time to Mgahinga Gorilla Park  from Kigali is 3 hours – to Bwndi Impenetrable Forest 4-Hours

  • 4 Hours with a Gorilla Family on a Gorilla Habituation Experience -1500 USD Permits.  This is a Uganda Exclusive.
  • Track Gorillas in either Mgahinga Gorilla Park or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Add Wildlife Parks with game drives, hot air balloon rides,  nocturnal Game drives such as Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • Add the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon Hikes or Volcano Hiking or exploring the Forest with first people in the area – the Batwa Pygmies.
  • Add the Best Chimpanzee Trekking or the All-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in East Africa’s best Primate Park –  Kibale Forest.
  • Fly back home from Entebbe International Airport – if you have added on other parks to your safari itineraries such as Queen Elizabeth Park and Kibale Forest for Chimpanzee Trekking, Lake Mburo Park, Murchison Falls Park, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Fly into Rwanda – Trek Gorillas in Uganda  – Rushaga – Nkuringo Area – Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla Park:

The majority of Habituated Gorilla families in Uganda are located near the border with Rwanda in both Mgahinga Gorilla Park and southern Bwindi. It takes 8 to 10 hours to drive from Entebbe or Kampala and only 3 1/2 hours plus from Kigali – Rwanda.

This is something that most visitors to Rwanda and Uganda do not know.  Flying into Kigali and driving to the Rushaga area of Bwindi is the fastest way to get there by Road saving 6 hours over driving from Entebbe.

Over 60% of our clients are choosing this way of getting to Uganda – it just might be so because we specialize in it as part of our efforts in creating Hakuna Matata Worry-Free Safaris in the Heart of Africa.


Fly into Uganda – Trek Gorillas in Uganda Safaris

3 Day Gorilla Trekking Safari in either Mgahinga Gorilla Park or Rushaga Area of  Bwindi:

You can do this Safari in either Mgahinga Gorilla Park or in the Rushaga or Nkuringo area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  Either Safari will fulfill the dream of a lifetime for many.

In Mgahinga Gorilla Park you can add on Golden Monkey during Trekking to the safari.  Lodging ranges from Budget to Upmarket – Luxury.  In the Bwindi Area, there would also be the exclusive Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

If you fly into Kigali before noon, or shortly afterward we can proceed straight to your lodge in Uganda.  This is especially true for those flying in from Arusha or Nairobi.

3 Day Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari – Rushaga Area of Bwindi:

This is the one of kind Gorilla Activity only available in Uganda in Rushagaga.  4 Hours with a gorilla family along with researchers and trackers.

This is an all-day trek and includes being 4 hours with a gorilla family.  The Habituation Experience has become our most popular activity even though the permits are 1500 USD.

You fly into Kigali, cross the border into Uganda which is a pleasant and scenic drive through Rwanda’s hilly countryside, the tea plantations into the Gorilla Highlands of Uganda where you can choose to stay along scenic Lake Mutanda with the Virunga Volcanoes in the distance.

Make your Safari plans well advance due to limited spaces that are available.

4-Day Twice Gorilla Trekking Safari:

This is another one of those out of the ordinary Gorilla Safaris that we offer.  You start out in Kigali where we pick you up and can arrange lodging and a city tour for you and we drive you to Mgahinga Gorilla Park – that is where the first trek takes place.

The second trek is in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the Rushaga or Nkuringo Region of the park. Two great treks in two of Uganda’s Gorilla Parks.

Lodging can be arranged in between the two comforts ranging from Budget to Exclusive Luxury.  The Choice is yours.  At the end of the 4-day Safari, we take you back to Kigali for your flight out.

5-Day Gorilla – Golden Monkey Trekking, Volcano Climb – Batwa Trail

This 5-day Mgahinga Gorilla Park Safari includes Gorilla Trekking in the Virunga Volcanoes, Hiking on one of the Trails, Climbing a Volcano, Golden Monkey Trekking and a cultural Hike with the first people of the Forest, the Batwa People who will show you their ancient ways of living in the Forest in the Foothills of the Volcanoes.

The Safari starts and ends in Kigali, Rwanda which is a mere 3-hour drive in either direction.  It is a scenic Drive through the Mountains into Uganda that is filled with photo-ops.

Any part of this safari may be changed to your liking and that includes lodging.

4 Day Upmarket G4 day gorilla habituation safariorilla Habituation Safari – from Kigali – Rwanda:

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a short distance from Kigali Rwanda to the southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. A total of 3 hours drive time.

On this 4 day Safari from Kigali to the Rushaga area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest you land depart from the Kigali International Airport, stay overnight in Kigali and drive the next day to Uganda and Rushaga for your habituation experience Safari.

On the fourth day, you return to Kigali for your flight out. The safari will be adjusted to both your arrival and departure times. The 4th day can be adjusted in accordance with your departure time.  There can be a Forest Walk in Buniga Forest with the Batwa People, the first people of the Forest.

5-day-Rwanda-Uganda-Gorilla-Safari5 day Gorilla Trekking Safari in Rwanda and Uganda:

Trek Gorillas in the very Heart of Africa – Uganda, and Rwanda. Fly in and out of Kigali Rwanda for this 5-day safari and track a Gorilla family in both Volcanoes National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest you can go on an all-day Trek and be 4 hours with the Mountain Gorillas on a Habituation Experience.

The two best parks in East Africa for Gorilla Trekking, just a few hours from each other – the perfect Primate Combination a Twice Gorilla Trekking safari in two countries.  No long drive-times – fly in and out of Rwanda for both Gorilla Treks.

With the new prices for permits in Rwanda, some travelers are rethinking this safari and opting for twice trekking in Uganda.

5-day Luxury Gorilla – Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari (with a flight between Bwindi and Kibale Forests:

This Safari begins in Kigali- Rwanda – Trek the Mountain Gorilla on a Gorilla Habituation Experience All-day Trek and then fly to Kibale Forest where you spend all day with a Chimpanzee Group on a Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari.

You have the option of flying from Entebbe to Bwindi Forest, onward to Kibale Forest after the Gorilla Habituation Experience and then fly back to Uganda.

Due to flight availability, the order above cannot be reversed on this Safari staying in Luxury Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Kibale Forest.

This Safari is presently only offered by Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

6-day-mgahinga-gorilla-park-hiking-safari6 Day Mgahinga Gorilla Park Trekking – Hiking – Climbing Safari:

Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda is about 2 1/2 hours drive-time from Kigali. Three of the Virunga Volcanoes are found in this small Park, hiking, climbing, Gorilla – Golden Monkey Trekking, Hiking the Batwa Trail with the first people of the forest.

This park is off of the beaten path, you feel all along trekking, hiking, volcano climbing here in Uganda.  It is a small park with 3 Volcanoes that belong to the Virunga Volcano Chain that extends into 3 countries.

On this 6 day Mgahinga Gorilla Park Safari – trek the Mountain Gorillas, hike the through a Gorge, Climb a Volcano in a day-trip and spend interactive time with the Batwa Pygmies on the Batwa Trail. All within 2 1/2 hours of Kigali Rwanda.

hiking-thorugh-Bwindi-Impenetrable-Forest7 Day Twice Gorilla Trekking – Hiking Safari through Bwindi Forest:

This 7-day safari can begin and end in either Entebbe – Uganda or Kigali – Rwanda.  The Kigali Option cuts the drive-times from Entebbe or Kampala.

The Safari is filled with action – two gorilla treks – one on either end of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

A time in the forest with the Batwa Pygmies in the Buhoma area.  Hiking through Bwindi Forest with the second gorilla trek the following day.

Hike down to Lake Mutanda and paddle in a dugout canoe across the lake to Kisoro where the safari comes to an end.

This is an off the beaten track Safari since the hike is not taken by many.

7-Day Gorilla – Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Wildlife Safari:

This Safari begins in Kigali and ends in Entebbe – in between is both the Gorilla and Chimpanzee Wildlife experiences plus incredible scenery.

In 7 days you are doing two exclusive experiences, 4 hours with the Mountain Gorillas and all-day with a Chimpanzee Group.

There are no long drive times on this safari since we think of your comfort.  The Safari can be a Budget – mid-range upmarket or exclusive lodging safari.

The Safari shows why Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and why Uganda is Africa – concentrated in a small country.

This one of our more popular safaris – plan now…

9day-Rwanda-Uganda9 Day – 3 Gorilla Trek – Dugout Canoeing – Hiking Safari:

Fly into and out of Rwanda – Trek Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda – canoe across scenic Lake Mutanda – relax and chill out along Lake Bunyonyi

Hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in this moderately priced safari.  Lodging can be adjusted to your liking.

This 9 days – 3 Gorilla Trek adventure is a once in a lifetime experience for the African Safari-Goer like no other.

You need to be moderately fit for this safari and Gorilla Treks can be adjusted to your fitness level. The oldest couple we have had on this safari was 79.

The canoeing is done in an ancient styled dugout canoe.

gorilla-habituation-information-tips-adviceGorilla Habituation Experience Information – Tips – Advice:

A Gorilla Habituation Experience Trek which is all-day and gives you four hours with a gorilla family can only be done in Uganda.

The good news is that Rushaga where you can track Gorillas paying 600 USD for the permit, and gorilla habituation experience treks where the permits are 1500 USD for 4 hours with a gorilla family on an all-day trek with researchers and trackers in Uganda.

Our informational page about the Gorilla Habituation Experience gives you all that you need to know about the activity.

This is a new activity and we were one of the first companies to take clients on a Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari

Our Take on Fly into Kigali – Rwanda and Track Gorillas in Uganda:

Fly into Rwanda – Trek Gorillas in Uganda – it is the logical thing to do for those that want to save time and money.

Many others fly into Kigali, Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and add other activities in Uganda’s parks including the best Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa.  It is good to take a look at a map of Uganda’s Parks to give you a better idea of their location as you plan a safari.

Flying into Rwanda and trekking Gorillas in Uganda is the most practical thing to do.  We would love to help in planning and creating your Safari in the heart of Africa.

Bottom Line – Gorilla Permits are 600 USD in Uganda as you trek Gorillas in either Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla Park – Choice of quality mid-range and luxury lodging is available at surprisingly lower prices and that includes exclusive Lodges.  


Rwanda Visa:  As of January 1 – 2018 – Visas on arrival are available to all visitors.

East African Visa:  You can purchase this online with the first East African you will be visiting, Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda.

Uganda Visa:   On Arrival is the easiest way

Yellow Fever Certificate:  This is required – inoculation is good for life. No Yellow Fever is present in Uganda or Rwanda.

If you are interested – contact us  – Fly into Kigali – Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in Uganda – Let us know.