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Which are the Easiest Gorilla Families to Trek in Uganda?

Posted by on June 18, 2019

Are there Easy Gorilla Families to Trek in Uganda?

Which are the Easiest Gorilla Families to Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest?

 I want one of the Easiest Gorilla Families to Trek is a request that we often receive from those that are concerned about their level fitness and Gorilla Trekking, that especially after reading the rash of misinformation one finds written by armchair experts who at times have not even trekked Gorillas themselves but base their opinions on other wrongful ideas.

This is the Reality:  No one, Uganda Wildlife Authority, its rangers, tracker, even less so a Gorilla Tour Operator can guarantee you an easy Gorilla Trekking Day. Gorillas move each day – one day they were in an easier to access place, the next day they are up on a steep ridge.  Their home territory is usually a six-kilometer wide area that they roam in. All advice as to what are the most comfortable Gorilla Families to Trek is based on history, on experience, but Gorillas are not in a staged environment like a zoo, they are in the Wilderness, on their home turf in Mgahinga Gorilla Park or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  Ultimately they are in control.

Easiest Gorilla Families to Trek Easiest Gorilla Families to Trek? -Permits are unlike in the past are issued by area in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  You are assigned a Gorilla Family based on age, fitness level, your preferences. Some want a tough Trek on their Gorilla Encounter. Typically things work out just fine, and Trekkers get what they ask for.

It is essential to recognize that there is no guarantee.  Gorillas move each day they do not follow trails. They do not need to, they are Gorillas.  The daily movement of gorillas is based on the search for food, territorial fights with other gorilla groups.

We use history, the past as indicators of an easy or tough group to trek, however, a gorilla family that was closer to the trailhead yesterday might have moved quite a distance today. We recently had a client say this his wife was exhausted at the end of the day for the long Trek.  We had Clients the day prior with the same group, and it was perfect for them, we had clients with the same group the day after and they loved it. Each day is different with a Gorilla Family and those who trek them, which makes the point again that no one can guarantee an easy or even hard Gorilla Trek, we go by history.

Gorilla Trekking is often Perception versus the Reality:  You, having never trekked Gorillas know little about Gorilla Trekking.  You have perceptions, ideas based on Nature Films where Richard Attenborough encounters the Mountain Gorillas, or you were inspired by the movie “Gorillas in the Mist.”  Reality is that your encounter is yours when you trek Gorillas you are an observer.  On the more extended Gorilla Habituation Experience, you are a participant in the Habituation Process.

Easiest Gorilla Families to Trek?  Everyone involved in your Gorilla Trek will do their all to make it one of your experiences of a lifetime.  Use a porter, walking stick, that small investment makes your trek easier, more comfortable, and allows you to focus on the Trek and the Gorilla Encounter and not on what to do with your daypack. Wear the right Clothing and have the right Gear.  Gorilla Trekking Wear is about your protection, keeping you comfortable on the most critical day in your life.

Age is not a deterrent to Gorilla Trekking. We have had many clients who were well into their 70’s.  Disabilities can be overcome by using a Sedan Chair and porters.

For most  – easy or too tough gorilla trekking on the actual Trek becomes a non-issue, the experience takes over, the Encounter is far better than expected, and as you nurse your soreness with Uganda Waragi with Krest Bitter Lemon or have Nile Special Beer, the stories of the day begin to flow, the word fabulous is often injected in the conservation, little if any lamenting how tough the trek was.  That is our experience as a Gorilla Tour Operator. We know Uganda, we know all about Mountain they are our passion, and we live here and work here and yes Trek Gorillas ourselves to know what you might experience.


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