Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda -Africa ‘s Premier Primate Destination

Posted by on October 29, 2018

Safe and Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

Quality Luxury & Midrange Gorilla Safaris in Uganda at Affordable Prices

Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda the emphasis is on affordability.  Gorilla Safaris are expensive, the most  expensive Tourism Activity in Africa. Safe, Guerilla Free Affordable  Gorilla Safaris can presently only be found in Uganda.  Rwanda with its 1,500 USD permit is courting the Tourists with unlimited Resources wanting to be that exclusive Primate Destination aided by past endorsement of Travel Writers, favorable TV coverage, International Destination Agents and others. 

Across the border, Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda remains a reality.  Rwanda doubling its permit price did not bring about any changes in Gorilla Safari pricing, except that those who normally would have chosen to trek Gorillas in Rwanda were taking the short 3 to 4-hour drive to Uganda to trek Gorillas in the Pearl of Africa saving hundreds and in many cases thousands of Dollars.

Affordability is a matter of doing the math.  Two people on a Gorilla Safari in Uganda will save 1,800 USD on Permits alone.  That without taking the lower lodge prices in Uganda into account. 

We have found that a couple trekking Gorillas in Uganda rather than Rwanda will save over 2,000 USD on average.  Trekking Gorillas in Uganda is like receiving an instant coupon of at least 900 USD a person.

Affordable Gorilla Safaris in Uganda – The Reality is this – Your Money, Your Dollar stretches further in Uganda.  affordability is not just a slogan but a present Reality where the extra money will pay for your flight, add a few more days to your Safari in Uganda.

Cheap Gorilla Safaris – The answer is no – Affordable Gorilla Safaris stretching your Dollars remain a 2019 Reality.

But Rwanda means a better Gorilla Trekking Experience than Uganda?

For lack of better word – “Hogwash” may be the right word – The reality is that Uganda has done a lousy job  marketing itself as the best Gorilla destination in Africa whereas Rwanda has excelled in promoting  itself as being the Home of Mountain Gorillas, the purported 40 Million Dollar Arsenal  Premier football Team “Visit Rwanda” on the uniforms is one example.

International Tour Operators, Travel Writers, Self-Appointed Besserwissers, So called Travel Forum Experts have created and perpetuated the myths that Rwanda is home to the Mountain Gorillas, that the Gorilla encounter experience is better in Rwanda.  The truth is that Rwanda has a portion of the remaining Mountain Gorillas.  Uganda, not Rwanda has over half of remaining Mountain Gorillas.

Uganda has two, not one national Park for Gorilla Trekking, Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  The experience is the same in Mgahinga Gorilla Park as it is in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park where you trek Gorillas in the Volcanoes.

When it comes to Gorilla Safaris and Uganda the words of the comedian Rodney Dangerfield would be just right “I don’t get no respect!”  Since May of 2017 thanks to a sensible Uganda Wildlife Authority have resisted the call to raise Gorilla Permits to match Rwanda’s 1,500 USD permits was ignored and affordability won the day.

Without an Affordability campaign by the Uganda Tourism Board and Ministry of Tourism Uganda became the Gorilla Trekking Destination of Choice thanks to what in hindsight seems a marketing miscalculation by Rwanda, a misunderstanding that a love for mountain gorillas does not mean a love for a country.

The Affordability of Gorilla Trekking Safaris has led to what we call “The Great Trekker Migration to Uganda.”  Rwanda has chosen the luxury Nordstrom’s Department Store route- Uganda without any marketing assistance except Permit prices remaining at 600 USD has become the affordable T.J. Maxx of Gorilla Tourism where quality is not compromised. It is the Experience that matters and not the country you are trekking in.

Why Uganda is the Premier Affordable Gorilla Safari Destination:

  • Affordable 600 USD Gorilla Permit – 900 USD less than in Rwanda
  • More Gorillas – More Habituated Gorilla Families – More Permits
  • More Gorilla Safari Lodges at affordable Rates.
  • More Time with Gorillas – 4-Hour Gorilla Habituation Experience at the same price as one permit in Rwanda.
  • More Gorilla Add-Ons such as the best  Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa
  • Trek Gorillas n the Forest or on the Volcanoes and save

Does Having more in Uganda mean a lesser value when it comes to the Gorilla Encounter Experience. 

In the Forest, there are only 8 maximum participants on a Gorilla Trek, 4 if you are doing the Gorilla Habituation Experience. Private Treks can be arranged where it is just you and the Rangers.

 Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda that are Affordable:

We create and sell private midrange and luxury Gorilla Safaris that include everything from Permits full-board quality lodging. Experienced Driver-Guides who will arrange everything you need on Safari.  We keep the surprises to a minimum.

You further stretch your dollar by dealing with Ugandan Tour Operator directly.  There is no other layer of cost.  Our Safaris are only offered on the Internet, we do not use costly booking services, we do not spend money attending marketing fairs internationally – we have only one customer, one client, you.

This means a more affordable Safari for you.