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How to save Money on your Safari in Uganda

Posted by on May 6, 2021

Here are 5 – Practical Money-Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda

How to Save Money on your Safari in Uganda the Affordable East African Safari Destination

How to save Money on your Safari in UgandaHow to Save Money on your Safari Uganda. An African Safari is a once in a lifetime trip for many. Something they have dreamed about for years. You might have been inspired watching the movie “Out of Africa” or Gorillas in the Mist. 

Just today, you received an itinerary and price quote on a Safari in Tanzania that included Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda. 

You are Stunned by the price of the Safari. You might even be suffering from a case of sticker shock.

You had thought that a Safari in Africa would be lower in price than other parts of the world that you had visited. The answer is that there is no such thing as a cheap African Safari. However, there are ways that you can significantly reduce the cost.

Let us cheer you up with an alternative to the Safari quote that you received. An option that will save you, in some cases, thousands of Dollars on a Safari without compromising the Quality of the experience. Too good to be true? Just continue to read what we have written below about “How to Save Money on your Safari.” 

How to Save Money on your Safari in Uganda the Affordable East African Safari Destination

Here are 5 – Practical Money-Saving Tips for a Safari 

1. Choose one country for your Safari 

You save hundreds of dollars per person if you choose one African Country as your Safari Destination. Flying around Africa costs a lot of money. Additionally, traveling between countries shortens the actual safari experience since you will have travel days instead of days in a Wildlife Park.

You would be wise to focus on one country and not on two or three. You remove the extra travel cost of flying, visas and instead be on a continuous safari in one country. It is not something that a Travel Agency in London or Seattle will tell you, but it makes sense, isHow to save Money on your Safari in Uganda logical and cost-saving.

Africa is too big to cover on one Safari. You do not fly into South Africa for a few days and then continue on to Rwanda or Uganda for Gorilla trekking. It will not only cost you money but exhaust you. 

2. Choose Uganda as your Safari Destination:

Why choose Uganda for my Safari. Uganda is the only country in East Africa that is a complete safari destination. Here you not only find the traditional “Big Five” but the Big-7, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Mountain Gorillas, and Chimpanzees.

Daily Park Entrance and activities cost less in Uganda than in Tanzania. Gorilla Trekking is half what it would cost you in Rwanda.

Uganda is the most affordable Safari destination where you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. 

It is no wonder that more and more African Travelers are heading for the Pearl of Africa, East Africa’s Premier Primate destination.

No matter whether you are looking at a mid-range or luxury safari, you just might save enough money to pay for your airfare to Uganda.

3. Use a Ugandan Tour Operator:How to save Money on your Safari in Uganda

Use a reputable member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. Now, you directly with a ground tour operator in Uganda. There is no added cost from a go-between such as a travel agency of one kind or another. 

By dealing directly with a Ugandan Tour Operator, the cost of your Safari is reduced by 20 to 25%. That is a chunk of change and nothing to sneeze at.

4. – Go on Safari with Friends

When you go on a private safari with friends or other family members, the cost per person is reduced. At the same time, you can experience Africa together.

5. Go on Safari during the Off-Season:

it is during the off-season or rainy season that lodges reduce their rates. This is especially true with upmarket lodges.

We can assist you saving money on one of our Value+ Safaris in Uganda:

How to save Money on your Safari in Uganda

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