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Practical Tips – Advice for the Perfect African Family Safari

Posted by on December 2, 2016

Practical Tips – Advice for the Perfect African Family Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Enjoy Africa on a Safari as a Family – Wildlife – Primates – enriching Cultural Experiences – Read our Or Tips and Advice for a “Kid Friendly Safari”

Tips – Advice for the Perfect African Family Safari in Uganda or Rwanda.  We have gathered more information – Tips and Advice for a “Kid-Friendly” Family Safari than any other Tour Operator which you will find on this page and others that help you make wise choices for your Family Safari.

You will find here what we have learned over the years of creating memorable Family Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Family Safaris are one of our specialties – we give you more information than any other Tour Company in Uganda and Rwanda – Plus we have Family Safari Coordinator who works out all the details for a Hakuna Matata – Worry-Free Safari for you.

Tips - Advice for the Perfect African Family Safari More and more Families area going on a Safari in Africa, in its Pearl – Uganda. Family Safaris, not just for families with teens but for children of all ages.

Family Safaris are educational, informative, cross-cultural, a study trip of the wildlife, birds, plants and trees that not found in your home-country.

Children and Adults alike enjoy sharing an African Adventure Safari that creates lasting family memories and often are part of the character shaping process for children.

A family safari means adventure, staying in tents, lodges. going to sleep to the sounds of African Wild, taking a boat or horseback riding safari, or simply hiking through the African savanna, bush, or swamp.

Uganda and Rwanda are the perfect African Family Safari destinations with lots of activities for the family and not just for teens, we have had a lot of toddlers on safari and they loved it.

An African Safari – You do not have to wait until the kids are grown, moved out and married off – bring them now on a family safari adventure that creates lasting memories, creates new bonds with family members, is educational and just plain fun in Africa.

Practical Tips – Advice for the Perfect African Family Safari

Family Friendly Things to do In Uganda:Family-friendly-things-to-do

Things to do and see as a Family with Children while on Safari in Uganda Uganda’s is the Perfect Country for Kid-Friendly Family Safaris – there is something for everyone to do and see.

Activities depend on the ages of your children – and each family safari is tailored taking your wishes, the ages of your children to mind. Family Safaris are carefully designed for the best results and outcome.

(Please note Gorilla – chimpanzee Treks can not be done by children under 15-we will have special activities for them while you track gorillas and or chimpanzees).  In Kalinzu Forest Chimpanzee Trekking can be done at the age of 12.

family-friendly-parks-rwandaFamily Friendly Things to do in Rwanda:

Here are a few of the many things to do and see in Rwanda on a Family Safari with children in Africa.

Rwanda is more a single destination for gorilla trekkers and does not have the diversity that Uganda has, however there are many things that the family can do and see in Rwanda.

There is Akagera Savanna Park with its wildlife, Lake Kivu with its great beach activities in a landlocked nation, Kigali which will even impress children with its cleanliness.

Rwanda – a great family destination.

Best Family SFamily-Memoriesafaris in Uganda and Rwanda:

Safaris with Children in Uganda Kid Friendly Safaris that the whole family enjoys. The number of families that we take on safari has the increased each year.

Family Safaris used to be unusual thing but today they have become the most normal things and more and more families choose to go on Safari together and create Family memories that will be treasured for years to come.

We have taken families on safaris with children as young as two – we also do many family safaris where the children are teens and can do more strenuous activities such as hiking and if they are over 15 Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking

more-meaninful-family-safari Impacting Lives – Adding Meaning to your Lives:

A Safari with Meaning in Uganda Combining your Safari while impacting the lives of others such as children in an orphanage such as Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala.

Going on a family safari in itself is a most exciting and enriching adventure- adding that cultural touch and helping others makes it more meaningful.

Children from one culture meeting children from another and making a difference – bring some deflated soccer balls, some dolls, some children books – even the purchase of an inexpensive solar lamp will make a huge difference in the life of a Ugandan Child as their evenings are lit up and they can study with a solar lamp.

Allow your children to sit in a Ugandan classroom for a few hours, and even go home with one of the Children. Your children will be speechless at the end of the day.
Family Safaris can be life-changing…a more meaningful family safari in Uganda or Rwanda by Impacting Lives.

Family-MemoriesCreating Family Memories on Safari:

A Family Safari into the African Wild bonds a family together, creates long lasting shared Family Memories and your children encounter different cultures and ways.

A Family Safari is a Gift to your children creating lasting Memories and you.

Your family is entering the classroom of the world, different traditions and cultures, learning new and different ways that are mutually enriching to you and the Africans that you meet along the journey.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does only one thing – create memorable Safaris and that includes Family Safaris.

Practical Tips - Advice for the Perfect African Family SafariChildren’s Clothing – What to wear on a Family Safari:

Children like adults need to dress right for a Safari.  Going on Safari is not like going to the beach but the wild of Africa.

Clothing on Safari is worn for protection against bugs, protecting your children from nettles, thorns and brush.

The right clothing, hat, shoes or boots mean comfort for your children on Safari with you.

Africa is dusty, we have bugs, a safari is in the wild and one dresses for the occasion and in this case it is a family safari.


Discover Africa on a Multi -Generational Family Safari

The Pearl of Africa – Uganda – provides the perfect seFamily-intergenerationaltting for a Multi-Generational Family Safari. During last year we have done several – sometimes having to use two vehicles. We have done Multi-Generational safaris for families from the USA, Canada, UK and South Africa. Every one of them was a total success beyond expectations.

It takes a bit more work in creating such a multi-generational Safari but it is well worth it. Everyone shares in the experience at their level and ability – mealtimes together – bonfires in the bush, boat safari. drive-times shared together, a bush breakfast for just the extended family – there is simply nothing like it.

Lasting Memories for children, parents and grandparents.

Family-Uganda-putting-fun-into-family-safariPutting the Fun into your African Safari with Children:

Making an African Family Safari exciting for the Children y adding a lot of fun into your safari takes a bit of planning but can be done while you are in the pearl of Africa.

Family Safaris are one of the things we enjoy creating and planning for you and your family.  Kid Friendly Safaris is one of our specialties and we get personal enjoyment out of taking you and children into the African Wild of Uganda and guiding them into a world that they might have only seen on a nature special on TV and now they are in the heart of Africa seeing sights and sounds they have never seen or heard before.

Experiencing a world that is foreign but exciting and adventurous, something that cannot be replicated anywhere else, a zoo can the animals, but this is the wild of Africa and no zoo can compare to what your children will experience on a Family Safari in Africa.

Involve your children in planning the Family Safari in Africa.

Kid Friendly – Lodges we use for ofamily-friendly-lodges-Ugandaur Family Safaris:

Not every Lodge – is a Family “Kid Friendly” Lodge suited for your Family on Safari Lodges that our Clients on Family Safari have found best for the Children in Uganda.

We use the Top “Kid Friendly” Lodges in Uganda where Families can relax and enjoy.  There are lodges, and then there are lodges where the family with children is welcomed.

Kid-Friendly Lodges – picking the right ones for you is the key to a successful Safari. Upmarket lodges tend to be the best choices for families – they most often have discounts for children where budget and moderate lodges tend not to do so.  They also in many cases have larger rooms where a family of four can stay or they have connecting rooms that allow parents to check on the children and tend to them.

Family Friendly Lodges – often will have a pool – a kid friendly menu – take special requests and can handle dietary requests.

Safari-Food-for-ChildrenKid Friendly Menu’s and Food – Family Safari:

What about Food on a Family Safari?  It takes more planning, interaction with Lodges and Hotels.  We will make sure that your children have plenty of our local fruit for one thing such as Bananas, Pineapple, Papaya, Mangoes, Watermelon.

We will get children preferences from you and implement your requests including special dietary needs that your children may have.

We have done many child friendly safaris for families and that includes having food that your children will enjoy and delight in.

Upmarket Lodges are best in preparing food that are nutritious and that your children will like and enjoy.  We will even sneak in fun-foods such as a pizza here or there for your children.

FamilFamily-cultural-encountersy Safaris – Cultural Encounters:

A Family Safari with Children means enriching cultural encounters that will never be forgotten by your children

An African Family Safari is more than Wildlife, Adventure, Excitement – it can be a time of cultural interaction that will enhance your time in Uganda. When one thinks of an African Safari – images of wildlife, exotic settings, scenery, but there are those special cultural encounters with meaning for all, especially the children.

We can incorporate Village Visits where your children will learn traditional ways and culture, visit a local school or orphanage, listen to a story teller, see how things are made and more.  They can spend a day with the Batwa Pygmies and learn the ancient ways of hunting and gathering from the First People of the Forest – there are many cultural options in Uganda for your Family and in some cases it depends on your children’s age.

 Kids – GoriGorillas-Chimps-Family-Safarisllas and Chimpanzees – Children Family Safaris:

Gorilla – Chimpanzee Tracking and Children on Safari in Uganda Can Children go on a Gorilla or Chimpanzee Trek Uganda was described by Winston Churchill as a Garden of Eden and like the Garden of Eden there is some forbidden fruit here – no gorilla or chimpanzee tracking for children under the age of 15.

However one must also note that Winston Churchill named Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” without ever seeing Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

We often do many alternative activities with children while parents are gorilla or chimpanzee tracking such as village visits with our Driver-Guide.

With younger children we will arrange for a Nanny to tend to your child or children while you are gorilla or chimpanzee tracking.

 Kid Friendly-Driver-Guide:Driver-Guide-link

A family Safari needs a Kid Friendly Driver-Guide who has special ways in dealing with children and with the parents and introduces the whole family to Africa – to Uganda.

We have some of those special Driver-Guides who have a proven record of being the best family safari driver-guides in the business.

Our Driver Guides will not only drive but teach your family about wildlife, birds, culture and even teach them how to eat a Mango Ugandan style, cut up some of our Jackfruit and serve it to you, pick a pineapple fresh from the field, make sure that there are snacks, bottled water in the vehicle and minimize the drive-times between parks by make wise choices.

He will ensue that all seat-belts are in working order, that the child-car-seats are securely fastened and not drive Ugandan style but in safe and responsible manner.especially families with children making Africa come alive whether it be wildlife or cultural experiences.

Kid Friendly Family Safaris – Our Commitment:

An African Safari at anytime is a most memorable time, a Family Safari in Uganda is one of the most adventurous thing that you could do as a family – it is family enjoyment at its very best.

We simply provide more than any other Tour Company in Uganda or Rwanda including a Family Safari Coordinator.  We bring years of experience working with Families, dealing with toddlers up to Teens. We know how the fun into your family Safari with children.

We do not overlook anything, from seat-belts, car seats to booster Chairs in lodges. We pick the best Family Friendly Lodges, use the right vehicle suited for your family needs, have snacks like fruit along plus juice or water.  We know all about dietary needs, allergies your children or you may have and coordinate your food preferences with lodges and hotels.

Family Safari – Hakuna Matata Worry-free Style is our commitment to you.

If you have any questions about our Tips – Advice for the Perfect African Family Safari – please contact us