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Best Gorilla Trekking Safari Add-ons and Options

Posted by on March 31, 2021

The Perfect Add-ons to your Gorilla Trekking Safari

Uganda After the Gorilla Trek – Best Gorilla Trekking Safari Add-ons and Options

Gorilla Trekking Safari Add-onsHere are the Best Gorilla Trekking Safari Add-ons, making your Gorilla Tracking Experience a more complete safari. It only makes sense, and here is the logic behind it.

You are in Uganda already. It is home to the Big-7 animals. Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, Elephants, and Buffaloes. Add to that  Chimpanzees; Gorillas are already planned for. 

Winston Churchill visited the Country in 1907 and was amazed by what he found. So much so that he popularized Pearl of Africa. His journey through Uganda did not include what you will be seeing, the Mountain Gorillas. Yet, he still loved what he discovered in Uganda, as you will be.

You can add a few days seeing Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, Wildlife, including the famed Tree-Climbings. For the more adventurous at heart, there are Volcano Climbs, Rwenzori Mountain Climbing, White-Water Rafting on the Nile, and more.

In a Post-COVID-19 pandemic world, it makes common sense to make Uganda your African Safari Destination. Unlike Kenya that is now experiencing the third wave of the pandemic. Tanzania, which has been in a COVD-19 denial, Uganda has been spared the pandemic’s full impact. COVID-19 Tourism protocols are in place designed to protect you and Ugandans. The added beneficiaries are the primates such as Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

A seven to twelve-day private, mid-range, or luxury Safari will give you the best of Uganda at an affordable price. Add a day or two to relax and chill-out, and you have a complete African Holiday in the Pearl of Africa.

Here are the Best Gorilla Trekking Safari Add-ons and Options

Add-On Chimpanzee Trekking

Uganda is not only the premier gorilla destination. It is also the Premier Chimpanzee Destination in East Africa, with over 5,000 of them. Officially the sighting of chimpanzee rate is 90%. Our experience has been that 100% of our clients have seen chimpanzees on a trek in the forest.

The added plus here is the night forest walk where you see the creatures of the night, including primates such as pottos, bush babies, and dwarf galagos.

Besides Kibale Forest, you can track Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest near Queen Elizabeth Park. Down the Kyambura Gorge inside Queen Elizabeth Park, you experience what the BBC called an underground forest.

It does not stop there. Add Budongo Forest near Murchison Falls National Park and the Semliki Valley, where the Ituri Forest Jungle spills over the Semliki River into Uganda. There you get the feel of Central Africa in Uganda.

Add-on Golden Monkey Trekking

Embark on a Golden Monkey Trek in the bamboo forests of the Virunga Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. Golden Monkeys are a rare and endangered primate species only found in the Virunga Volcanoes range in Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo. 

Uganda is home to most of these delightful and playful primates that are a thrill to observe.

Trekking them takes about three or four hours. Your trek begins at 2,100 meters above sea level, and you hike up to the bamboo forest range. Once there, you are literally surrounded by them. They seem to be everywhere at once, and they are. Something that most find very enjoyable.

Golden Monkey can easily be added if you are trekking gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla Par or in the southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park is a somewhat off-the-beaten tourist path location. Yet, it is a park with many activities, including Golden Monkey trekking.

Add-On Wildlife Game Drives – Boat Safaris-Nature Walks

There are five Savannah Parks that you can visit in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Semliki National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and the remote Kidepo Valley National Park rated the third-best park in Africa by CNN-Travel.

Game Drives, Boat Safaris on Kazinga Channel, or up the River Nile highlights during your time in Uganda. Insightful Nature walks, night game drives, Hot Air Balloon Rides with a traditional bush-breakfast can be parts of your longer safari in Uganda.

The parks you visit and the activities there depend on the number of days you give us for your safari.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is closest to the Buhoma Gorilla tracking area in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Add-On Hitting the Trails and Climbing the Peaks

Outdoor enthusiasts will find Uganda to be ideal for climbing the volcanoes and the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon. Beyond that, they can hit the trails all over the country inside and outside of parks.

The opportunities for hikers and climbers are almost limitless. The temperate climate of Uganda is a plus for hikers and climbers. Only climbing the peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains requires special mountaineering equipment.

Those that want a feel of the Rwenzori Mountains but do not climb the peaks can take one of the many foothill hikes in the shadows of Africa’s tallest mountain range.

Day climbs can be done in Mgahinga Gorilla Park, climbing Mount Muhavura, Mount Sabinyo, or Mount Gahinga.

Add-On White-Water Adventures on the Nile

Those looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure will find satisfaction in Jinja on the Nile. Here awaits the best white-water adventures in Africa and not just on any river but on the ancient River Nile.

Here you find White-Water Rafting and Kayaking from mild to wild. It is a tourism attraction that has built a town. The Nile at Jinja attracts adventure seekers from around the world. Let us not leave out day or night bungee jumping for those with a daredevil mind.

There is a sunset cruise on the peaceful portion of the Nile that most love for those wanting something gentler. Besides all that, there is horseback riding or Quad-Biking, and a family float down the river.

Not to be missed while in Jinja is the source of the Nile park where you can take a boat ride to the exact point where the River Nile flows out of the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria.

Add-On a Time to Relax and Chill-Out

After a strenuous Gorilla Trek, a volcano climb, a long hike, or as your Safari comes to an end, you look forward to some time to relax and chill-out. Uganda has just the right places for you. Phenomenal scenic spots such as Lake Mutanda or Lake Mutanda. 

There is the legendary River Nile, where you can stay on a secluded island, with the river rushing around you. 

One cannot leave out the hidden, tropical Ssese Islands with their sandy beaches on Lake Victoria. The largest Lake in Africa as vast as a small Ocean.

There are the ancient Crater Lakes of Western Uganda with their crystal-clear waters. Most of them are croc and hippo-free. We will let you know and also advise you whether a lake or river is Bilharzia infested. 

If you are interested in the Gorilla Trekking Safari Add-Ons, please contact us.


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