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African Family Safari with Teens – Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on February 8, 2020

Adventurous African Family Safari with Teens in Uganda

Get re-connected as a family by creating lasting African Safari Memories in Uganda

African Family Safari with TeensAn African Family Safari with Teens falls into a class of its own. Teenagers are not young children, and neither are they adults. 

They can do most activities on wildlife – primate safari in Uganda, especially if they are over 15 years old.

(Chimpanzee Trekking can be done when children are as young as 12 years old – ).

Unlike other Safari countries in Africa, there is no minimum age for game drives, even sensible hikes if a Parent accompanies children.

Teens can do most of any other activities in the parks and other tourism places with their families. That includes hikes, nature walks, horseback safaris, game drives, boat launch safaris, biking, and fishing, and ATV Quad-Biking, which can be done in Jinja and on the Ssese Islands.

White Water Rafting on the Nile also minimum age restrictions of 16 years old; however, there are more African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of Africagentle water activities that allow teens of any age to take part in, including a family float. Bungee jumping has a similar minimum age restriction for the welfare of young teens and children.

Teens can participate in dugout canoe boat outings with life-vests, which is our recommendation since  Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa.  We recommend that at Lake Bunyonyi, you use a lodge such as Birdnest Resort since they have a pool that is safer than swimming in the Lake.

An Adventurous Family Safari with Teens is the trip of a lifetime for most. It is not just any trip, but a journey into the heart of Africa, to its Pearl, Uganda.

The Safari will be a  time of bonding, Creating long-lasting memories as a family on an African Safari Adventure Safari with Teens.

A Family Adventure with Teens on a Hakuna Matata-No-Worry Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris. We have over a decade of experience with Family Safaris that include Teens.

African Family Safari with Teens – Information – Tips:

Helpful Information – Tips and Advice to make your Family Safari with Teens more enjoyable

Plan the Safari together with your Teens:African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Involving your Teenagers in the planning of your Family Safari in Uganda heightens their sense of anticipation and excitement.

Go over the various activities such as Gorilla Tracking, Chimpanzee Tracking, White Water Rafting, Horseback Riding Safaris, ATV Quad Biking in the Wild, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Hiking, Biking, dugout canoeing, but also relaxing on a sandy beach, or even fishing.

(Include minimum age requirements in your plans)

Involving the family in the Safari Planning process is part of the journey, the trip. The safari that you are about to take in the Pearl of Africa.

Enjoy the Planning Stage.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaThings to do and see in Uganda:

There are many things to do and see in Uganda that include activities that teens love to do.

Uganda is a bio-diverse country, a country filled with scenic beauty, 26% of the country is made up of lakes and rivers and activities that go along with them.

Uganda is the most ethnically diverse country in the world and also the youngest nations, with over 60% of the population below 16 years old.

From dancing and drumming lessons to learning how the ancient hunting and gathering ways of the first people of the forest – the Batwa Pygmies.

Your Teens will not get bored while on Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaHiking and Climbing Safaris in Uganda:

Uganda and Rwanda are two high countries where you can hike and climb.

You can hike through ancient rainforests, hike the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon or the 3000 meters plus Rwenzori Mountains Min-Hike.

Climb 4 Volcanoes in Uganda, 3 of them being one-day round-trip hikes and climbs.

The Hike through Bwindi Forest ends up paddling across scenic Lake Mutanda in a dugout canoe. Hikers will love Uganda. There are countless opportunities for you to hit the trails, and for the more fit, you can also climb the peaks of the volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. They are all one-day Climbs.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaGorilla – Chimpanzee Trekking and Teens:

Gorilla Tracking and Chimpanzee Rules in Rwanda and Uganda require that a tracking participant is 15 years old.  That is the minimum age when one can track Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

There is Kalinzu Forest near Queen Elizabeth Park, which is not part of the Uganda Wildlife Authority Administration, where Pre-Teens Age 12 and up can track Chimpanzees.

Alternative activities for teens at Bwindi Impenetrable are a 5 hour Batwa Experience in the forest where they see how the Batwa Pygmies used to live. There is a guided bike ride through the forest, Village Walk of about three hours in length, and more.

In other Regions of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, there are other comparable alternative activities for Children.   If parents are Chimpanzee Trekking – Teens can visit Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary – a jungle swamp where they might even see Chimpanzees, other primates, birds, and mammals while walking through this jungle swamp on board-walks with guide and driver-guide.

Family with Teens Friendly Lodges: African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of Africa

We use lodges that are Family Friendly – children qualify for discounts at many lodges up to about 11 to 12 years old depending on the individual lodges.  Some have family cottages, where easily a family of four has their cottage with even a sitting room.

Many of the lodges that we use have a swimming pool. Some lodges are located on lakes such as Lake Mutanda, Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda, and Lake Kivu in Rwanda area Bilharzia Free, have no Crocodiles or Hippos.

Some have health clubs, and spas that Teens may enjoy – Food – most of our family Lodges will cater to the younger crowd when they can – Dietary needs will also be met if the lodge is notified at the time of booking by us.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaStaying in Touch with Home and Friends: 

Yes, your teens can go on Facebook while in the African Bush – upload a picture and announce to their friends, “I am in Africa on Safari.”

Some of the Family Friendly Lodges have WiFi – the other solution is to buy a data Sim card at a Phone – Internet Provider like MTN.  If all of you have a tablet or smartphone, you can use a relatively inexpensive USB router, and everyone can be online.  You can also use Skype this way.

Phones – you need an unlocked phone – a local sim card people can call you here in Uganda with no charge to you.  In some very remote places, there may not be covered, but it is getting better all the time.  Most Internet providers will give 3G, a few 4G – however, the speeds may be less.

Here is the reality – the internet may not work in all lodges or parks because they are away from transmission towers. MTN has about the best Internet Coverage.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaVehicle For your Family Safari with Teens:

We use two types of safari vehicles for Family Safaris – 4 Wheel Drive Safari Vans with a pop-up roof, a lot of space including for your luggage and seats, and not benches.

The other vehicle that we use is Toyota Land-Cruisers, with a pop-up roof.  Either vehicle will have proper seat-belts (most Ugandans do not wear seat-belts), cooler for drinks such as bottled water, fruit on board as we drive between different parks.

Either vehicle will give your family the comfort that you need, considering out road conditions in certain places, something that is improving from year to year.

We do our best to limit drive-times between parks for your family’s comfort and well-being.  We will also have snacks, bottled water, and juice onboard for you for the drives to and in between parks.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaWhat to wear on a Safari in Uganda:

You are going to be in the tropics – though, in both Uganda and Rwanda, temperatures can be quite moderate.

Often clients on Safari wear the wrong Safari Clothing – dressing right – dressing to protect is essential.

Take a look at the Rangers – long trousers, long-sleeved shirts, hats, boots, they know what they are doing, and it would be good if you do the same.

Stay away from blues and dark shirts. They happen to attract Tsetse flies, though they do not carry the sleeping sickness in Uganda. Their bite can be painful. Protection against flies, ants, nettles, thorns, scratches from branches – dress right the occasion – a safari in Uganda.

Use lots of effective Insect Repellent.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaFamily Safari – Driver Guide:

For a Family Safari with Teens, we use one of the special driver-guides.  They are more than a driver – they are also a Teen-Friendly Tour Guide, speaks excellent English can introduce your Family to wondrous Africa.

Our Driver Guide will introduce you to African Culture and ways, he knows the roads and does not need a map, and he has a sense of humor.

Our Driver-Guide is assisted on game drives by a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger, and between driver-guide and ranger, there is not much wildlife, birds that you will miss.

He will also help at lodges if things are not the way you need them to be – he is one of the essential ingredients to a successful safari, and we have the right driver-guide for you and your family.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaFamily Safaris – Cultural Encounters in Uganda:

A Family Safari with Children means enriching cultural encounters that will never be forgotten by your children

An African Family Safari is more than Wildlife, Adventure, Excitement – it can be a time of cultural interaction that will enhance your time in Uganda. When one thinks of an African Safari – images of wildlife, exotic settings, scenery, but there are those unique cultural encounters with meaning for all, especially the children.

We can incorporate Village Visits, where your children will learn traditional ways and culture, visit a local school or orphanage, listen to a story-teller, see how things are made, and more.  They can spend a day with the Batwa Pygmies and learn the ancient ways of hunting and gathering from the First People of the Forest – there are many cultural options in Uganda for your Family, and in some cases, it depends on your children’s age.

Family Safaris can be life-changing…a more meaningful family safari in Uganda through Cross-Cultural Encounters.


African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaCreating Family Memories on Safari:

A Family Safari into the African Wild bonds a family together, create long-lasting shared Family Memories, and your children encounter different cultures and ways.

A Family Safari is a Gift to your children creating lasting Memories and you.

Your family is entering the classroom of the world, different traditions, and cultures, learning new and different ways that are mutually enriching to you and the Africans that you meet along the journey.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does only one thing – create memorable Safaris, and that includes Family Safaris.

Discover Africa on a Multi-Generational Family Safari in UgandaAfrican Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of Africa

The Pearl of Africa – Uganda – provides the perfect setting for a Multi-Generational Family Safari. Last year we did several – sometimes having to use two vehicles. We have done Multi-Generational safaris for families from the USA, Canada, UK, and South Africa. Every one of them was a total success beyond expectations.

It takes a bit more work in creating such a multi-generational Safari, but it is well worth it. Everyone shares in the experience at their level and ability – mealtimes together – bonfires in the bush, boat safari. Drive-times shared, a bush breakfast for just the extended family – there is simply nothing like it.

A multi-generational safari is best done in up-market since their concept of service exceeds budget accommodations, and they are most often very family-friendly.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of AfricaTake a look at our 14 Day Family Safari with Teens:  It is an ultimate Family with Teens Safari in Uganda, white water rafting, Quad Biking, Hiking, Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking, Nocturnal Game Drives, and Hikes, Hot Air Balloon Safari, and that is just the beginning.

Each Safari will be adjusted to your family, their needs, the activities that you want to participate in, and the parks that you want to include for your time in Uganda.

Family Safaris are one of our specialties with you in mind. We create Hakuna-Matata Worry-Free Safaris that will have lasting memories of your particular time in Africa.

Family Safaris with Teens, something that is our specialty and that we have done for over a decade.

Start your Planning your African Family Safari with Teens with us.

African Family Safari with Teens - Uganda the Pearl of Africa