Best Place to see the Banded Mongoose in Uganda

Posted by on October 9, 2016

Where can I see and observe The Banded Mongoose in Uganda?

Best Place to see the Banded Mongoose in Uganda in Queen Elizabeth Park – Mweya Peninsula.

Spending a morning or afternoon on the Mweya Peninsula with Banded Mongoose Researchers is certainly an activity that is off of the beaten tourist track and unusual for most, but those who take part in this Banded Mongoose Research never regret it and on top of it all you will see other wildlife and the scenery that takes in the Kazinga Channel is an amazing sight.

Best Place to see the Banded Mongoose in Uganda that you find on the Mweya Peninsula has a large head and at the same time small ears.  The banded mongoose is a tough and agile creature and has a long tail, almost as long as the whole body. The banded mongoose have long claws with which they can dig and even defend themselves.

They are about the size of a small cat and live in extended family groups of around twenty adults plus their offspring. Each group or family sleeps together each night in a communal underground den, changing between den sites every 3-5 days. They emerge at sunrise and forage together in the morning and afternoon before returning to the den at sunset.

For many visitors, the Banded Mongoose Research Project visit becomes one of the highlights of their time in Queen Elizabeth national Park.

The Mongoose certainly have personality and character and are most playful as they banter about in and out of their lairs.

Most are not familiar with the mongoose but become so after spending a few hours on the Mweya Peninsula at the Banded Mongoose Research project.

Spending time with the Best Place to see the Banded Mongoose in Uganda is not on most -safari itineraries, however those who make the 3 hour Trek – love it. All you need to do is to let us know that you like to spend a morning or afternoon with them and we will work it in to your safari itinerary…enjoy Uganda…

Best Place to see the Banded Mongoose in Uganda – if you like to include visiting the Banded Mongoose Research Project as part of your safari – please let us know.


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