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4 Day – Queen Elizabeth Park – Wildlife – Chimpanzee Hiking Safari

Posted by on October 4, 2016

4 Day Hiking Wildlife – Chimpanzee Trekking Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park

Hikers – this is for You – 4 Day – Queen Elizabeth Park – Wildlife – Chimpanzee Hiking Safari

4 Day - Queen Elizabeth Park - Wildlife - Chimpanzee Hiking SafariOn this 4 Day – Queen Elizabeth Park – Wildlife – Chimpanzee Hiking Safari you get out of the vehicle and see the park on foot.  Most visitors Queen Elizabeth Park see the park in the traditional way, out of the vehicle, here much of the park is seen on foot – Hiking in the Park.

4 Day – Queen Elizabeth Park – Wildlife – Chimpanzee Hiking Safari where you explore the famed Kyambura Gorge, the Ironwood Maramagambo Forest containing crater lakes, the bat cave (safe viewing) and the Kazinga Channel Peninsula were you find the lovable Band of brother – the Banded Mongoose.

Day 1  – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Your 4 Day – Queen Elizabeth Park – Wildlife – Chimpanzee Hiking Safari begins with an early morning start at queen-elizabeth-game-drive6:30 am from your lodging in Kampala or Entebbe and we drive to Queen Elizabeth Park in Western Uganda.

This is a 6-hour drive through the Ugandan countryside. Most actually enjoy the drive since they see a part of the world that they have never seen before.  Your driver guide will tell you about the different cultures and people along the way  – a most interesting time for you along your journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda

We check into the Lodge you have chosen below.


This afternoon it is the first of your Wildlife Game Drives for you to see the animals and birds of Queen Elizabeth National Park. When one says game drive, it is slow in order not to miss anything.

A Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger is on board who knows the animals, the birds, reptiles, plants and trees. From the lovable warthogs with their raised tails, to the giant African Elephant, then the king of the beasts, the majestic Lion, Leopards, Cape Buffaloes, Antelopes of various kind.


Lodging:  Bush Lodge -budget and moderate – Enganzi Game Lodge – moderate – Kasenyi Safari Camp – upmarket.  other lodging Choices

Meal Plan:  Lunch  – Dinner

Day 2 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Queen-Elizabeth-Game-Drive.jpgBreakfast – There is nothing like a breakfast while on Wildlife Safari and there is nothing like the smell of it as you awaken. It is off to a morning game drive catching some of the nocturnal animals such as lions as they return from the prowl.

As you drive along there is nothing like a herd of Elephants moving across the track ahead of you. A pair of lions in the distant savannah grass. Buffaloes grazing in the early morning hour. Birds flying overhead, maybe a rock python here or there. The game track rides last about 2 1/2 to 3 hours but you won’t even realize the time has gone by.


3 pm: Time for one of the highlights of your 4-day Queen Elizabeth National Park – the Boat Ride Safari on the famed Kazinga Channel where you will find many pods of hippos. Kazinga Channel has the highest concentration of hippos in Africa – and you will see hippos, hippos, and even more hippos.

Kazinga Channel is not only the place for hippos in Africa – it is the place for birders as you will see by the Kazinga-Channel-Boat-Ride.jpghundreds and hundreds of birds on the shore, in the water and in the air. Birders can easily identify over 40 species while on the boat safari on Kazinga Channel.

Hippos – Birds are plenty here but so are crocodiles, monitor lizards, elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes and during the late afternoon you might see a predator coming to water before going on the night’s hunt.

The Kazinga Channel boat – ride is simply a fabulous, slow boat safari with countless of opportunities for picture-taking – a most enjoyable two hours plus – enjoy it.


Lodging:  Bush Lodge -budget and moderate – Enganzi Game Lodge – moderate – Kasenyi Safari Camp – upmarket.  other lodging Choices

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch  – Dinner

Day 3 – Chimpanzee Trekking in Kyambura Gorge:

Chimpanzee Trekking in the Kyambura GorgeBreakfast and it is time to get your Hiking Gear as you descend into one of the most fantastic places in Uganda, the Kyambura Gorge.  From the top it seems like a gash in savanna, as you hike down into the gorge you are entering another world, so much so that BBC called it “the lost Valley” in a TV Special that they made about the Gorge.  It has also been called the “Valley of the Apes” by others.

You will need boots, a daypack with bottled water, snacks, insect repellent, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt and light rain jacket.

After the orientation you are off for Chimpanzee trek in Kyambura Gorge – this is about 3 to 4 hours in length – you are guided and escorted by Uganda Wildlife Authority Guides, Trackers, and Rangers – the size of your group is rather small so that is no disturbing the chimpanzees which are habituated meaning that they are used to the presence of humans.

The trails cross rivers and creeks, you see other primates, wildlife, and birds along the trek.

The level of Difficulty for this Hike is moderate


Mweya Peninsula – Banded Mongoose Research Hike:banded-mongoose-mweya-peninsula

Afternoon take a hike on the Mweya Peninsula that stretches into the Kazinga Channel – not many people venture here, however there is much missed such as mammals, water-birds, and the lovable banded mongoose that are found there.  This is an easy 3 hour plus hike with a lot of scenery that will make great photos.

You will be accompanied by a Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger who will take you on this hike to the Mongoose Research Station.

Banded Mongoose have comical habits as you will see on this hike, learn their ways and habits, at the same time enjoying your surroundings.

This is one of the unusual activities on this 4 day Hiking Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Lodging:  Lodging:  Bush Lodge -budget and moderate – Enganzi Game Lodge – moderate – Kasenyi Safari Camp – upmarket.  other lodging Choices

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch  – Dinner

Maramagambo-Forest-Queen-Elizabeth-Park.jpgDay4 – Maramagambo Forest Hike – return to Kampala:


Hike in the largest forest in Queen Elizabeth Park – a place that birders love, you can also see primates including Chimpanzees, small mammals and at the end of the trail – there is the large Bat Cave with its Pythons who feed on them.

You can watch the bats from a safe and secure enclosure that was built by the US Center for Disease Control – there are lights to illuminate for you to have a good view.

Take the Hike back and have lunch at the Lodge.

After Lunch it is off ford Kampala – 6 hours drive- time.

This Queen Elizabeth Park Wildlife Hiking Safari in four days gives you the best of the wildlife found in the Park

Add-on:  You can add on the Hot Air Balloon Ride Safari where you see the wildlife and scenery from above with a Bush Breakfast after the balloon ride.

Safari Price-includes: Transport including fuel and English Speaking driver – Water , all park fees, accommodations, game drives, boat launch trip, top of falls excursion and all food. It does not include Tips, alcoholic beverages and drinks, laundry, or any other purchases you might make.

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