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Hitting the Hiking Trails in and near Queen Elizabeth Park – Uganda

Posted by on November 19, 2019

Hitting the Trails – Hiking Trails in and near Queen Elizabeth Park

Hitting the Hiking Trails – Best Experiential Hiking Trails Queen Elizabeth Park

Hitting the Hiking Trails – The Best Experiential Hiking Trails in and near Queen Elizabeth Park. Here are the best Hiking Paths in and near Queen Elizabeth Park. 

Hit the Hiking Trails in the Kyambura Gorge with its underground forest, a place that seems to be from another world. Hike through the vast Maramagambo Forest, where you discover pristine crater lakes, creeks, caves, primates, and birds. 

There is the hike on the Mweya Peninsula to the Banded Mongoose Research Project, just to name a few, as you will find out below.

It is time to hit the Trail and to see Uganda, QueenElizabeth Park out of the vehicle, up close and on foot.

Hitting the Hiking Trails – Best Experiential Hiking Trails in and near Queen Elizabeth Park

Kyambura Gorge Hiking:

Hiking down and in what BBC called the lost Kyambura Gorge is an authentic, experiential adventure. We suggest that you take the three hours plus chimpanzee Trek.

On it, you hike down through the underground forest in what BBC called the Lost Valley. Others call it the Valley of the Apes since there is a fair number of chimpanzees and other primates found in the gorge.

Even if you do not spot the chimpanzee, the hike is well worth it and quite rewarding. You will be compensated by the fantastic scenery, birds, butterflies, and various mammals that you come across. It is one of the best-hiking destinations in Queen Elizabeth Park. It is also the favorite location with Hiking enthusiasts who relish the experience of exploring an underground forest in that giant gash in the earth on the savannah.

 Hiking in Maramagambo Forest:

Hiking in Maramagambo Forest is one of the highlights of Queen Elizabeth Park. Here you can take various trails that take you into and through the forest. It is a birder’s paradise and an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

The forest is dotted with beautiful crater lakes. There are creeks, thick ironwood forests, caves, including the famous bat cave. There you can see through a safe viewing booth the thousands of bats that are there and the bat gorging pythons that have their lunch all around them.

You can take the all-day Maramagambo Forest Loop where you bring lunch with you from the lodge you are staying at in the park.

We can arrange hikes for you in the forest that give you the best of the forest.

Mongoose Tracking Hike on the Mweya Peninsula:

One of the little known about activities in Queen Elizabeth Park is Mongoose Research Tracking on the Mweya Peninsula.

This is a 3-hour activity that is done with a guide who accompanies you as you set off in Mweya for the Mongoose Research Area. , where you can observe the Banded Mongoose and learn about their habits and ways.

This is an engaging activity, and you will see other wildlife, birds along the hike as you venture along Kazinga Channel on the Mweya Peninsula.

This is a guided walk on the Mweya Peninsula that extends into the natural Kazinga Channel

We can include the experiential Mongoose Research Activity in your Queen Elizabeth Park Itinerary.

Hiking in Kalinzu Forest:

The Kalinzu Forest can easily be tacked on to an itinerary that takes in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This is one of the National Forests of Uganda and is not managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Here you can track Chimpanzees beginning at age 12 and not 15.

The chimpanzees here have been habituated by Japanese Researchers for many years. They are quite easily found while out on a Chimpanzee Trek with guides.

You can go on Nature Walks and Hikes seeing various primates, birds, and other animals. This forest has endless Trails that run through it

Kalinzu Forest is the 2nd Best Place for Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda after Kibale Forest. It is a 45-minute drive from the Mweya area of Queen Elizabeth Park.

2nd Best Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda at a lower price

Hiking in the Kasyoha – Kitomi Forest Reserve:

The Kasyoha – Kitomi Forest is near Queen Elizabeth Park, south of the Kazinga Channel and Lake George. A Forest is a place of discovery – primates, birds, hiking trails, crater lakes, all off of the beaten tourist path, another one of those hidden gems found in the Pearl of Africa.

While visiting the forest, stay at Nyanzibiri Eco-Community Camp. The Camp is located on two crater lakes, has a museum, and you can visit a cave that is nearby

This is another hiking trail off of the beaten path in Uganda taking in waterfalls, crater lakes, primates, and birds, forest elephants may be seen at times.

The added plus is that you are hiking without the crowds

Mpanga Gorge Cycad Trail:

The Cycad Trail in the Mpanga River Gorge near Queen Elizabeth Park is nothing new. They have been here for millions of years and date back before the “Age of Cycads and Dinosaurs. In the Mpanga River Gorge, locals have chopped them down to make room for farming and grazing of animals.

A few Tourists ventured to see the ancient Cycad Plants after reading about them in the “Uganda Bradt Guide-Book. This is certainly off the beaten Tourist Path.

The trail requires a moderate or better level of Fitness. It is being developed into a Tourist Attraction. It is best to do the hike now since it as all-natural.  Let us know if you like to include the trail in your safari with us. We think it a great adventure.

Hiking Tips and Advice:

Hiking in Queen Elizabeth Park takes some preparation, wearing the right clothing, boots, shoes more. Preparing for a hike or nature walk will make it a lot more rewarding for you. We can also help you if you have any questions. We would also love to help you in creating an itinerary. One that not only includes gorilla tracking but other activities such as hitting the trails in the Pearl of Africa.

Hiking in Uganda is different from what you may be used to – many hikes are in the various rainforests – the altitude is higher. In many cases, it will not be hot due to the elevation.

We do not do camping hiking safari for security Reasons but use mid-range and upmarket lodges along the trails.

 Hitting the hiking trails in Queen Elizabeth Park



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