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Mabira Rainforest Lodge – Peace -Tranquility in Mabira Forest

Posted by on November 6, 2016

The Mabira Rainforest Lodge in the Peaceful Mabira Rainforest

Nature Walks, Uganda Mangabey Monkey Tracking, Birding Walks, Biking, or simply Relax and Chill Out.

Mabira Rainforest LodgeEscape the hustle and bustle of Kampala and spend a couple  of days away from it all at  Rainforest Lodge in Central Uganda’s only Rainforest with lots of things to do and see while staying in this up-market Eco-Lodge which is  an oasis where one finds peace, tranquility just 45 minutes from busy Kampala.

Due to its location and distance from Kampala this is an ideal Lodge Airline Crews, Business People, those who come for a convention to Kampala or those on a Safari with us.  2 days in Mabira Forest will be most refreshing.

You have been in Kampala for a week of meetings, seminars, listened to countless of conference speakers, sat in a mabira-rainforest-lodge-page1hotel that would be anywhere in the world and you just feel like getting away a bit from it all and experience Africa.  You do not want to drive for hours over dusty and bumpy road, you want something nearby, a place where you can shake off the dust of much activity and find some renewal and tranquility – the answer is nearby Mabira Rainforest Lodge – an upmarket oasis of comfort and relaxation – surrounded by a rainforest where you walk, hike, bird, or just read a book.

Enjoy a 2-Day mini-safari to the peaceful Mabira Forest Lodge,  away from the hustle the busy city of Kampala to a quiet place in an ancient rainforest which was first inhabited by pygmies who were the original people of forests such as Mabira Forest where they lived in harmony with their surroundings gathering and hunting only what they needed leaving a small ecological footprint behind. So too, Mabira Rainforest Lodge has made a minimal impact on its environment, a creation that harmonizes nature with a modern eco-lodge, providing a place of rest and renewal for the weary.

mabira-rainforest-lodge-page2The Lodge is built on a hill overlooking the peaceful rainforest before it.  Everything about the lodge is made from natural materials all blending a beautiful harmony with its surrounding. You are welcomed to the lodge with a hospital Ugandan welcome and some from refreshments – your rooms are a delight, looking on the evergreen of the forest that surrounds the lodge.  The windows open in  a way that you feel you are one with the forest that surrounds you, the perfect setting with its comfortable bed, tasteful furnishings, along with plenty of hot water for a refreshing hike in the forest.

Lunch will be a delight to you, from the presentation to the taste of it and vegetarian will not go without, there are lovely choices from the set menu.  Lunch is normally soup, the main-course and a tasty dessert to follow.  After lunch sit on your balcony and drink in the beauty that surrounds you or take a guided walk through the forest with its beautiful plants, flower trees, the sounds and sights of birds while monkeys scurry about in the treetops.

For the adventurous of heart there is one adrenaline pumping activity in Mabira Forest and that is the one-of-a kind Skywalk Zip-Lining above the tree tops of Mabira Forest, seeing birds and monkeys from above.mabira-rainforest-5

Mabira Forest is so close to Kampala and yet so far away, as you walk through the forest the hustle and bustle of Kampala is left and you simply take in what is before you, the ancient forest with all of its beauty and wonders including streams, waterfalls, small mammals, birds, butterflies all part of the serenity that is Mabira Forest only enhancing your stay at Mabira Rainforest Lodge.

There is a pristine swimming pool where you can take a refreshing dip after a hike through the forest, or take in a bit of sun as

Enjoy a delightful dinner at the Lodge and afterwards sit by the campfire outside, listen to the cry of the hyrax in the night, accented by owls letting you know that they are around as keepers of the night. Speaking of food, the breakfast served here is a morning feast in itself that will brighten your day, give you a boost for a morning walk through the forest, or track the Uganda Mangabey Monkeys which are a rare species and Mabira Forest is one of the few places in Uganda where you can see them.

This small and intimate lodge that has a lot to offer from the forest walks to the swimming pool, but there is also a Sauna and you can have a restoring massage, the rooms are great, excellent food, great drinks to choose from, a short distance from Kampala and the setting of Mabira Forest itself.

The Lodge is a full board lodge which means that you have three full meals, if you are staying one night, enjoy another lunch at Mabira Rainforest Lodge on the second day before your driver-guide takes you back to Kampala, where on the way there you stop at Ssezibwa Falls which is a place of legends, cultural practices and beautiful scenery.

Past clients have simply loved their time here at the upmarket Rainforest Lodge and all we have ever heard were raves…enjoy a couple of days of tranquility in Mabira Rainforest.

If you like to include Mabira Rainforest Lodge in your safari with us – Please let us know.