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Affordable Budongo Eco-Lodge in the Heart of Budongo Forest

Posted by on July 24, 2020

Budongo Eco-Lodge – surrounded by the majestic Budongo Forest

 Budongo Eco-Lodge in the Heart of Budongo Forest – your base for Chimpanzee Tracking

Budongo Eco-Lodge

 Budongo Eco-Lodge in the Heart of Budongo Forest. The Lodge is in the Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site in the vast Budongo Central Forest Reserve. The forest is within the boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park.

The Lodge is a perfect base for those who would like to track chimpanzees or do the long Chimpanzee Habituation Experience during the off-season months. 

Near and around Budongo Forest Eco Lodge can hit one of the many trails that wind through the Mahogany Forest, the largest in East Africa.

The Lodge provides a comfortable lodging, serves sumptuous meals, and the staff is very attentive to the needs of the guests.

Budongo Eco Lodge consists of comfortable eco-cabins with private veranda, four spacious dorm rooms, a visitor’s center, and a restaurant. Besides, the Lodge offers many different activities in the direct surroundings, including chimp tracking, chimpanzee habituation, forest walks, and bird watching.

The combination of this ecotourism facility with superb safari accommodation and a wide choice of forest activities provides a beautiful mix of relaxation and adventure, set against the unique backdrop of the untouched African nature.

Budongo Eco Lodge is the perfect place to relax and be surrounded by the peaceful tranquility of the forest, reinforcing the feeling of being at “one with nature.” Enjoy and absorb everything that this unique location has to offer.

Budongo Eco-Lodge is the perfect springboard into the various activities at Budongo Forest Reserve, such as Chimpanzee Tracking, or take part in an all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience during the off-season (Minimum Age for both is 15).  Budongo Eco-Lodge is also a great place, if not one of the best places in Uganda that you can venture out from for a half-day or full-day of birding with expert guides.  Budongo Forest Eco-Lodge is the place where you can start some great forest walks and nature Walks, and when you come back, enjoy a good meal and a cold drink for refreshment rest in your cottage and enjoy the forest setting that is all around you.

The cottages are self-contained with en-suite bath. The dorms use a shared bath facility, and the beauty of either is not only the setting. The comfort of the room, the quietness around you only broken by the sounds of nature. The level of service and the quality meals this just right lodge.

The only thing missing are some trails where you can go off on a mountain bike through the mahogany and ironwood forest, which would make it even a better place.

Budongo Eco-Lodge in the Heart of Budongo Forest is a beautiful place to stay right within the forest. At the same time, you are chimpanzee tracking or do the all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience while staying at the Eco-Lodge. Besides, the food is pretty good here. At times you will even spot Brownies.

Budongo Eco-Lodge in the Heart of Budongo Forest – If you like to add this Lodge to your safari itinerary with us – please let us know, and we will incorporate it into your safari.

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