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Kasenyi Safari Camp – Queen Elizabeth Park

Posted by on October 3, 2016

Kasenyi Safari Camp – an Experience in the Wilderness unlike any other lodge

Kasenyi Safari Camp – Upmarket – yet affordable for most

At Kasenyi Safari Lodge “you’re living with Lions” – It was Karen Blixen who wrote in her Book “Out of Africa”  – “You know your truly alive when you Kasenyi-Safari-Campare living among lions.” Kasenyi Safari Camp must have been the place she was referring too.  

It is there in Queen Elizabeth Park on the Kansenyi. Plains overlooking Lake Bunyampaka.  This intimate Camp of 4 exquisite Tented Cottages not only has human guests, who by the way are extremely satisfied with their experience at the camp according to TripAdvisor Reviews, but it has four-legged visitors day and night such as a whole pride of lions, grass munching hippos, lone leopards, buffaloes, elephants, antelopes, howling hyenas  and those loveable warthogs

If you are staying here in this one of a kind Camp in Queen Elizabeth you know you are truly alive because you living with Lions.

Even as the night sets over Queen Elizabeth Park, there is the stillness of the African night, the sky lit by the moon and what seems to be a million stars.  At the Safari Camp the stillness is broken by sound of roaring lions, the howl of a hyena, the trumpeting of an elephant Ksenyi Safari Campfrom near or far.

Kasenyi Safari Camp is more than a lodge, with a room and bed, three square meals, this is truly a wilderness experience  in the norther area of Queen Elizabeth National Park and worth every penny or shilling

The camp has an elevated thatched roof  Main Lodge where the meals are taken. The tents are on platforms with a thatched canopy roof. There are four tents all with en-suite bathrooms, spacious living areas & private decks.

Kasenyi Camp is a new lodge in the Queen Elizabeth Park northern area that in a short time has established itself as an already proven Lodge.

The result has been most satisfied clients who have enjoyed themselves tremendously.

For 2016, when we have given the choice as to where to stay to our clients, Kasenyi Camp being one of them, they overwhelmingly picked this lodge, why, they wanted the all-around experience of a quality lodge and abundant wildlife all around.

If you like stay here for your Safari – let us know and we will adjust your itinerary