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The Best Way of Booking Gorilla Permits in Uganda

From a Gorilla Tour Operator: The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA

TheThe Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA – Gorilla Permit availability in Uganda during Peak Seasons is tight.  Permits have become a precious and much sought after commodity in Uganda by Tourists from the Globe.  Uganda is the logical country for Gorilla Trekking in 2020. You are not the first or only one to realize that an increasing number of African Travelers looking for Gorilla Trekking Permits. Often the advice on Travel Forums such as TripAdvisor, even Tour Operator Websites are outdated or contains what could call misinformation or incorrect Bunk. (the past but not the present) 

Websites are frequently not updated, search results on Google present you with that page – look at the date – if there it will help.

What was the reality in January of 2017 may not be so in January of 2019 – Things have changed a lot since then.  The only country for Affordable Safe Trekking Gorilla Permits in Uganda. Do not be baited by such headlines as “Cheap Uganda Gorilla Permits for 2020.” That is an insult to one’s intelligence since there is nothing “Cheap” about a Gorilla Permit in Uganda in 2019, they are $600, yes $900 lower than in Rwanda.  Gorilla Trekking, due to the permit cost, has become the most expensive Tourism Activity in Africa.  That is the reality and promoting them as cheap borders on a “Con or Scam.’

The other Gorilla Permit Con is that a Gorilla Permit in Rwanda is more valuable since Gorilla Trekking inThe Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA Rwanda is a Better Experience than in Uganda, that Rwanda is more conservation and community-minded than Uganda.  That too is a con, or one could say a spin.  One can easily refute that argument with facts.  We point to the Great Gorilla Trekker Migration from Rwanda to Uganda, beginning May 2017 and continuing full-swing until the present. 

Uganda does not offer the lowest-priced Mountain Gorilla Permits, that honor goes to Virunga National Park in DR Congo. In Virunga National Park, you might encounter not just Gorillas but Guerrillas.  

Gorilla Permits – a Gorilla Trekking Safari – consider it a gift to yourself – leading to an incredible Encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Forest the Mountain Gorillas. 

No one has ever regretted the price of the Gorilla permit after being with the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.

Gorilla Permit Availability – we often find them in the most unusual ways from other Tour Operators and purchase them when permits are not available trough Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Gorilla Permits increase $100 to $700 Effective July 1, 2020

If your Gorilla Safari is scheduled after July 1, 2020, you will pay the $700 Permit Price 

Uganda Gorilla Permit Price increases from $600 to $700 effective July 1, 2020. The $100 increase will go The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDAto conservation efforts and to community infrastructure projects that benefit the communities surrounding the Gorilla Parks.

As of July 1, 2020, 80% of Permits will be allocated to registered Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO). 20% will go to the general public and freelance operators. An e-system will be in place for Tour Operator with online payment options, including the use of Mobile Money, which is a convenient way for payments in Uganda.

This nominal price increase should not be a hindrance to most gorilla trekkers. The price of an entire three day Gorilla increased less than 10% for a moderately priced safari.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has shown a lot of restraint in not raising the permit price earlier. The $100 increase came about because of an increase in conservation costs and measures.

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA in 2019 and 2020

Inside Information and Practical Advice from an Authorized Gorilla Tour Operator

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDAWhat is a Gorilla Permit in Uganda and what does it mean to me:

A Gorilla Permit is a legal document issued by the Uganda Wildlife, allowing you to be with a Gorilla Family.  UWA issues gorilla Permits and is marketed through primarily the Association of Uganda Tour Operators to the public.

There are presently 180 Gorilla Permits available each day. The minimum age of a participant is 15. The Permit is issued not for a particular Gorilla Group, but a sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest such as Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo.  The Nyakagezi Group in Mgahinga Gorilla Park is different since it is the only group there. Permits are issued for a fixed date. The date can be changed under some circumstances for a fee  The Permit includes Park Entrance Fee for the day of Permit.

Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits are $1,500.  The Experience takes place in the Rushaga area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and only four permits are available each day for a group.  Porter Fees, Tips, are not included in the price.

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDAPermit Availability during Peak Seasons

Hearing – There are no Permits for the date you gave us-How you can avoid that:

The Number one Gorilla Permit Mistake made by African Travelers is that Gorilla Trekking is an afterthought, an add-on to their Time in Africa.

Such planning often results in no Gorilla Trekking or Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits.

Africa is a vast continent, and it is not the smartest to go on a Wildlife Safari in South Africa and add-on Gorilla Trekking. Stick to East Africa, even better stick to an extended Safari in Uganda, and you will be glad that you

The way to avoid hearing that Permits are sold out is simple.  For the African Safari, it means reverse planning, not beginning with the Serengeti or Masai Mara that can be done anytime but starting with the Gorilla Trekking portion of your time in Africa.

Avoid hearing the permits that are sold out on the dates you gave us.  Other Gorilla Trekking Mistakes to Avoid.

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA – Here is the sure-fire way for you:

You can “Do-it-yourself.” You can apply directly to the Uganda Wildlife Authority by email or telephone.  Most become frustrated (many are unable to get through with calls or email-there is no online system in place nor will be as in Rwanda) with that method, and only a small portion of the permits are allocated for direct Sale.

The best way – the simple secret revealed to successfully obtaining your Permit is to use a Ugandan Tour Operator that is a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators.  There are 1,000 plus Tour Operators operating in Uganda, many of them being Briefcase companies. A fraction of those is officially recognized partners in the Marketing and Sales of Gorilla Permits.

The Surefire way – book a safari with Gorilla Trekking in it.  That will result in the tour operator working with and for you and no extra charges obtaining permits.

Everyone will promise you permits, but only with AUTO members, you have the best chance of obtaining permits for you.

Gorilla permit booking – It is our suggestion to book a gorilla safari six months before the date that you want to trek.  We suggest nine months earlier during the peak seasons of June – July – August – December – January – February,

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDABook your Gorilla Safari during the Off-Season Months of the Year:

The Best months of the year for Gorilla Permit are the months April, May, mid-October through early December.  They are what is considered the off-season, it means that there are also fewer tourists, Uganda gets a bit quiet, and yet Gorilla Trekking takes place daily, 365 days of the year come rain or shine.

The months are also the rainy season months, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a rainforest, and it can rain any day of the year.  No one has complained because it rained.  Trekkers put on ponchos or rain jackets and venture into the forest to trek Gorillas.

Typically Gorilla Permits are readily available, and even the gorilla habituation experience can be gotten during those months.

If you want to trek Mountain Gorillas in 2021, the permit availability forecast is bleak from July through September.  Permit availability is there during the Off-Season Months.

Off-Season Permits are something to be considered.

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDA Avoid Costly Permit Mistakes & Being Conned:

You are in your home country – this is Uganda. At times unscrupulous people have tried to extract money from visitors like with Gorilla Permits.  Some may even attempt to sell you a discounted permit that does not exist.

If you post a question on TripAdvisor or similar Forum, you might be contacted by someone whose only purpose is to extract money from you and who has no intention of getting you a permit.

Use a legitimate Tour Operator.  Do not send money to a personal account, only to a business account.  Do not send money via Western Union or similar means. Make sure that they have a Business Bank Account where you can send money via Bank to Bank Transfer or have a Credit Card payment system in place.

Permits are 600 USD presently and 700 USD after July 1, 2020 – Book a complete Safari with Gorilla Trekking with an AUTO Tour operator.  Avoid Briefcase companies without a history or only a Facebook Presence.

Read the Fine Print – some Tour operators will offer Gorilla Safari prices that seem ridiculously low and will not include permit price- add $600 to the cost to get the actual price.

The Secret to Getting GORILLA PERMITS IN UGANDAGetting your Gorilla Permit with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris:

The easiest way is to deal with  Kabiza Wilderness Safaris belonging to the Association of Uganda Tour Operator (AUTO).  Book a safari with us that includes Gorilla Trekking

Once you agree on a Safari, you send us a passport scan for the Gorilla permit.  We purchase the permits and send you a down payment invoice, which includes the Permit.

Payments can be made via Bank to Bank wire transfers or using Pesapal, where we send you an online payment link.  For security reasons, we have no payment page on our site.

We take the hassle out of the process and offer you permits and all – a Hakuna Matata – Worry-Free Safari. We are the Gorilla Matchmakers, and we arrange the date with the Gorillas for you, the Experience is up to the Gorillas you meet on your time.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – Your one-stop Gorilla Safari Provider including Permits