The River Nile Murchison Falls – most Powerful Waterfall in the World

Posted by on June 9, 2019

 Murchison Falls – The Power of the Nile Unleashed down the Western Rift Escarpment

Murchison Falls – most Powerful Waterfall in the World – Murchison Falls Park in Uganda

 Murchison Falls –  most Powerful Waterfall in the World – Here in Murchison Falls Park you see the Power of the Nile Unleashed as the River pours down the Western Rift Valley Escarpment. 

Hear, See, Feel the power of Nature before your eyes as the River Nile, one of the Wonders of Africa is squeezed into the devil’s Cauldron dropping down 44 meters to the escarpment and then continues its journey to the Mediterranean Sea. This a must see for any visitor to Uganda and Murchison Falls Park.

There are two falls here, Murchison Falls and Uhuru Falls (shown in the picture above).  Most visit the south side of Murchison Falls either arriving by vehicle or disembarking from a boat below and taking the guided Falls hike up to the top.  It is one of the most photographed places in Uganda and another reason why the park is so popular with visitors to Uganda.

Murchison Falls – most Powerful Waterfall in the World is one of the scenes that you encounter along the Western Rift Valley in Uganda that spans many of the Tourist and off the beaten path sites in the Pearl of Africa. Places that you can see on Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

 Murchison Falls – most Powerful Waterfall in the World – The Power of the Nile Unleashed down the Western Rift Valley.  Murchison Falls is the most powerful waterfall in the world is more than the size of a waterfall it is the power of a nature unleashed, the ground trembling with the power of the historic River Nile rushing down toward the Mediterranean Sea – it is more than picture taking, it is more than mere statistics it is raw power of nature unleashed as you have never seen, heard or felt before, it merely is Murchison Falls – the most powerful waterfall in the world before you – the waters seem to be actually rising up and not just falling – and it is not only any River but the River Nile.

The Nile is 50 meters wide above the waterfalls and pours and rushes through a 7 meter gorge called the Devil’s Cauldron, downward over 44 meter creating this awesome spectacular of Nature called Murchison Falls, others refer to it as Kabarega Falls or Kabalega Falls, and you will see maps with that name which comes from Chwa II Kabarega, also Kabalega, (18 June 1853-6 April 1923) was the Omukama of Bunyoro from 1870 to 1899 and a thorn in side of the British Colonial Powers and to Samuel Baker who named Murchison Falls.  No matter what, it is not the name, but this pearl in the Pearl of Africa in Uganda commonly referred to as Murchison Falls.

Best ways to Experience the Falls:

Boat Launch Safari up the Nile:  Here you take a 2 hour boat safari up the River Nile with a lot of elephants, buffaloes,  antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, monitor lizards and the bottom of the falls you disembark and take a guided hike up the sides of the falls which takes about 45 minutes – this is a guided hike.  At the top of you can see the Nile as it is 50 meters wide and then pours through the Devil’s Cauldron.  Look out and down, and you see the Nile flowing peacefully toward Lake Albert.

Northside Visit to the Falls:  There is a trail where you can see Uhuru Falls and Murchison Falls.  You do not have the view that you have on the south side of the River.

Top of the Falls Vehicle Visit: 

Here you drive to the falls coming in from the top, you can visit several viewpoints. You also see the remnants of a bridge that was swept away in a storm.  Winston Churchill took the hike to the bottom of the falls in 1907 on his African Journey.

Murchison Falls – The Power of the Nile Unleashed down the Western Rift Valley is not to be missed along the Scenic Western Rift Valley Trail in Uganda.

 Other Famous and not so famous that experienced or even had a mishap at Murchison Falls Park was Ernest Hemingway who crash landed here after his plane became entangled in old electrical wires at the top of the falls.

Humphrey Bogart and Kathrine Hepburn spend some time in the area making “The African Queen” Film, she could not wait to get back home to her earthly comforts, Humphrey Bogard did get to taste our local Waragi along with John Huston.

Sir Samuel Baker along with his wife Florence became stranded when a HIppo overturned their hippo and had to be rescued by the rest of their expeditionary Force which they did.  They were the first Westerners to discover Falls and Nile here in this part of Uganda.

In 2018 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian came here and saw the River Nile at Murchison Falls – they loved it, and Kim especially made her feelings known on Social Media.

Murchison Falls – the most Powerful Waterfall in the World – Surprisingly many visitors to Murchison Falls Park often do not realize that they are taking a Boat Safari on the Nile – that this waterfall is the ancient River Nile that has its source in Uganda and flows through it.

Spend a While on the Nile in Murchison Falls Park. There are only two places in Uganda where Visitors can readily enjoy and spend some time on the River Nile.  Jinja and Murchison Falls Park  There are many things to do and see Murchison Falls Park that has the River Nile is running through it.

We suggest to all of our Clients to spend some time along the Nile in Murchison Falls Park.

It is one of the best Wildlife Savannah Parks in Uganda. Its Natural Wonders include the most powerful waterfall in the World – Murchison Falls. 

We would love to include time on the Nile in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

Say no to proposed Dam at Murchison Falls:

No one thought that it would ever happen, but in June 2019 information came out that a South African Power had recommended and sought permission to build a dam a Murchison Falls.

This is an incredible Stupid Idea and must be stopped by people with common sense like President Museveni.  A dam at Murchison Falls is not good for him during an election season.  The last time a national wonder was being tampered with, Mabira Forest, all hell broke loose, and the proposal to turn Mabira Forest into a sugar cane field was not acted upon.

We think and hope that same will happen with Murchison Falls Park.  No one with a sound mind can propose such a plan, or carry it out.

It is simply ridiculous. It is not a new idea; it has been around for a long time but went away when Milton Obote was removed from the office of the presidency of Uganda.

If you are interested in a safari that takes in Murchison Falls – most Powerful Waterfall in the World – Please let us know.