Hitting the Trails – Best Hiking Trails in Uganda

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Great Hiking Trails and Nature Walks in Uganda.

 Hitting the Trails – Best Experiential Hiking Trails in Uganda- including Volcano Climbs

Hitting the Trails – The Best Experiential Hiking Trails in Uganda. A collection of some of the best Hiking  Trails found in Uganda. 

Hike up the Virunga Volcanoes, the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the savanna with its wildlife, Rainforests in both Uganda and Rwanda, Jungle Hikes, and one of the most unusual hikes up the Morungole Mountains in the remote Karamoja region to Visit the Ik People. 

Any of the Hiking Trails can be included in your Safari in the heart of Africa. Places unlike any others where you have ever hiked, climbed or taken a Nature Walk.

It is time to hit the Trails – to see Uganda off of the beaten tourist track, discovering the undiscovered – we would love to give you more information about Hiking in Africa, and in Uganda and Rwanda in particular.

 Hitting the Trails – Best Experiential Hiking Trails in Uganda

Hiking Trails – Nature Walks – Climbs – in Uganda

 The Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Trail:

The Baker Trail is not yet fully in place due to the turbulence within South Sudan.  In Uganda you can hit portions of the trail such as in and outside of Murchison Falls Park.

Further north around Gulu including Fort Patiko and in the south in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve along Lake Albert.

You can hike down the Western Rift Escarpment in the Kabwoya Wildlife reserve and then even further down to the lake itself which is a steep and challenging hike.

We arrange hikes along the Baker Trail presently – hopefully in the near future, the trail will be fully functional.

National Geographic called it one of the 20 Hiking Trails in the world, sadly as we approach 2019, outside of a few signs, you will need a knowledgeable about the Trail tour operator to hike portion of it in Uganda.

 Mount Morungole Climb – a visit to the Ik People:

The hiking trail up Mount Morungole where you visit the Ik people is a one of a kind hike in East Africa.  It takes place in the remote region of Karamoja and just outside one of the best parks in Africa, Kidepo Valley Park where there are also many hiking trails within Canada.

This is an 8 hour hike to the remote Ik People Villages.  There are about 11,000 people that live there. There are no roads up the mountain, only the trail that you will be on.

In our opinion, it is one of the best hikes in Uganda and you will not meet any other visitors to the region on the trail, it is that remote.  Few hiking enthusiasts come here, those that do, are simply amazed.

The hike up Mount Morungole is one of the most unique hikes in Uganda – and once again it is off of the beaten path.

 Hiking Trails – Nature Walks in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is not only a great destination for gorilla trekking, it is a fantastic place for hiking. There are hikes in the park itself, through the park that you will find it a place of discovery like no other.

Do not let the word Impenetrable shy you away, there are many trails that are found in and near the park.

The most popular Trail is the hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and beyond to Lake Mutanda and Kisoro.

This park is perfect for the outdoor adventurist – the hikes found here are most rewarding – birders will find it a very unique experience with many endemic species that area found the in the ancient Bwindi Forest.  One can easily spend 4 to 5 days in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, gorilla trekking and hiking.

 Hitting the trails with the Batwa Pygmy Tribe:

The Batwa People were the original people of the forest in the southwest of Uganda.  They lived in harmony with their environment leaving a small ecological footprint behind them.  They were hunters and gatherers – depended on the forest for their existence.

During the 1990s parks were created and the Batwa people were evicted from places such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park.  They were a people without land, losing their cultural values.

Today, their culture, ways and traditions are being kept alive through  interactive cultural Hikes in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Buhoma area – Buniga Forest and in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. Hikes are from two hours plus to 5 hours or longer.  You are enriched by learning their ancient ways of hunting, gathering and surviving in the rainforest.

 Mgahinga Gorilla Park Hiking Trails and Volcano Climbs:

Mgahinga Gorilla Park is a small park, but when it comes to hikes and climbs it offers a lot for hikers and climbers.

You can climb three of the Volcanoes – each one takes a full day ranging from 6 to 9 hours depending on your stamina.

There are also other hikes such as the border trail and the Gorge Trail that take 3 to 5 hours but are definitely easier than the volcano climbs.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park may be small in size but one can hit some great hiking trails here plus climb the volcanoes that are within the park.

This park is a Hiker’s Paradise.

 Queen Elizabeth Park Hiking Trails:

Queen Elizabeth Park has some great hiking trails right inside of the park.

There is the Kyambura Gorge exploration as you trek Chimpanzees and that is not to be missed.

Maramagambo Forest with its hiking trails, the Mweya Peninsula where you can go onto the Banded Mongoose Research hike and in the south there is the Ishasha River hiking trail which is a two hour hike along the River.

Just beyond the park, there are other hiking trails outside of the park like the Rwenzori Mountains Foothills, Kalinzu Forest and in Kasyoha-Kitomi Forest – where you have some great Crater Lake Trails.

One Hike we wish would be created is along the Explosion Crater Drive – a trail of Scenic Wonders would be wonderful.

 Kalinzu Forest Hiking;

There are some great hiking trails that you will discover here along the ridges and valleys of the Western Rift Escarpment here.  The scenic views including those of the Rwenzori Mountains make it even better.

You can track chimpanzees here, great for birding enthusiasts and there 4 hiking trails that you can go on with knowledgeable guides.

Kalinzu forest scenic guided walks along the ridges and valleys of the Western Rift Valley escarpment. From the forest trails, one can see Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Edward, the Kazinga Channel and even the Congo.

Learn of the local legends and mysteries from your guide while you enjoy another day of hitting the trails in Uganda.

 The Kasyoha – Kitomi Forest Trails:

The Kasyoha – Kitomi Forest is near Queen Elizabeth Park, south of the Kazinga Channel and Lake George.  The Forest is a place of discovery – primates, birds, hiking trails, crater lakes, all off of the beaten tourist path, another one of those hidden gems found in the Pearl of Africa.

While visiting the forest stay at Nyanzibiri Eco-Community Camp.  The Camp is located on two crater lakes, has a museum and you can visit a cave that is nearby

This is another hiking trail off of the beaten path in Uganda taking in waterfalls, crater lakes, primates and birds, forest elephants may be seen at times.

The added plus is that you hiking without the crowds.

 Kibale Forest Hiking Trails:

You can hit the hiking trails around Kibale Forest both within the forest when you trek chimpanzees but there is also the nocturnal forest walk – the 12 kilometer forest walk.

Outside but near to the forest there are are a myriad of hiking trails including the top of the world hike, the Amabere Cave and crater lake walk to name just a few.

One hiking trail not to miss is the Bigodi Wetlands Swamp Hike -imagine hiking through a jungle swamp with a guide.  It is a 3 hour hike that is not be missed.  The vegetation alone is worth the hike, but there are hundreds of birds, primates, small mammals, hundreds of butterflies that you will see along the trail, most of it is on boardwalk like structures that keep you above the swamp as you hike here.

 Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon Foothill Hikes:

Think of a transforming hike in Africa and Mount Kilimanjaro will likely pop into mind. But the lesser-known (some say Africa’s best-kept secret) Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda make up the highest mountain range on the African continent at over 16,000 feet.

The landscape also boasts extraordinary views of alpine valleys, diverse flora in the forests and valleys, high altitude ice glaciers, and even elephant sightings. Also referred to as Mountains of the Moon, this mountain range was long thought to be the source of the Nile.

Today, the eight- to ten-day route is challenging as it ascends on Mount Margherita, Africa’s third-highest mountain.  We specialize in the hiking trails such as the Mini-Hike which takes one day and you reach elevations of over 3000 meter – it is the northern pass route and the views are fantastic.  We also do day-hikes in the foothills out of the village of Ruboni which we incorporate into our hiking safaris through Uganda.

 Semliki Valley Hiking Trails:

There are numerous Hiking and Nature Trails that are guided, depending on your preferences as to want to do and see such as hippos, crocodiles, birds, monkeys for example.

The length of hikes and nature walks can be from a few hours to an all-day hike.  One of the things on any hike is to be dressed right such as boots, long sleeved shirt, light rain jacket, day-pack with lunch and bottled water for the activity. A hat is also a good idea.

Depending on which trail you take you will also see many species of birds, primates, at times even forest elephants, along the Semliki River there hippos and crocodiles.

One of the things you do not want miss at Semliki National Park are the two Hot Springs –there is the male hot-spring Bitende is about 12 meters in diameter, the female hot spring is called Nyasimbi and is a boiling geyser which spurts out bubbling water and steam about 2 meters into the air.  This is a 3 hour hike.

 Lake Mburo Hiking Trails:

What sets Lake Mburo Park apart from others is that Nature walks can be taken anywhere within the park with an armed Uganda Wildlife Authority Guide at your side.

On an early morning guided walk you often encounter hyenas who are returning to their dens after a night of being on the prowl – at the same time, you can often see hippos returning from grazing during the night and returning to Lake Mburo to keep cool during the day and protect their sensitive skin from the sun.

On a nature walk, you will often see Zebras, Giraffes, Eland, Topi, and other antelopes, buffaloes. birds, butterflies.

Take the Trail to the top of the hills and see Lake Mburo and beyond, from this vantage point you have a great view of 9 of the regional lakes found in the area.

Not to miss A hike in Rubango Forest and the Salt lick Hike.  We have to obtain permission before entering Rubango Forest for your hiking safari.

 Mabira Forest Hiking Trails:

You can go on Nature Walks without guides here, however for the best experience in the forest we recommend that you use the resident guides that can give you the best forest experience.

Forest walks for any fitness level can be done here including children on a family safari with us, from a long and adventurous trek into the back country to a gentle meandering stroll through our well-maintained trails.

It’s difficult not to run into one of the 3 species of monkeys native to the forest.

You will also see many birds and butterflies along with giant, ancient trees.

We do not offer Mabira Forest as a stand alone day trip but as part of a Safari add-on  and we normally suggest an overnight stay at the Rainforest Lodge.

 Hiking and Climbing Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls:

Climbing Mount Elgon can be accomplished in 4 days – most climbers are fit enough and it is a medium difficulty climb. You have porters and guides with you to guide you along and ease your load.

Tents are preferred and if you can buy freeze-dried meals in your country you are much better off since local dried food selection are not plentiful.

Other lower elevation trails are there for you to hike on for half or full-day, taking a packed lunch from your lodge.

Sipi Falls give you from 1/2 day to full day hiking opportunities.

Beyond that is Mount Elgon with its numerous Hikes and paths that you can spend days.  The Sipi Falls area is off-of the Beaten Tourist Path.

 Kibiro Salt Garden and Fishing Village Hike:

This is another one of those off of the beaten track  hikes. This is a three-hour hike or longer seeing the salt gardens that have supplied salt for hundreds of years.

The fishing village is down the Western Rift escarpment with fabulous views along the hike.  The fishing village, for the most part, is isolated with no road access except during the dry season.

Everything from sodas to food supplies is carried down and the salt is brought up along with fish from Lake Albert.

The village is near Hoima and you can take it in while driving from Murchison Falls or the other way around.

This is an authentic experience  since the village, the salt gardens are there because of what has been done for hundreds of years, tourists just come to visit and see how life is in this remote village.

 Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve Hikes:

Guided Hikes and Nature Walks are a very popular activity on the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

At times the Nature Walks are quite scenic in nature since you most often have the Albertine Rift Escarpment as a backdrop.

There are no predators here in the Reserve making it a very safe, guided hike where you see many antelopes, warthogs,  various species of birds and other wildlife along your journey.

There are places you can hike into and do some digging for arrowheads.

Please let us know if you like to hike in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve while on safari with us.

A hike to Samuel and Florence Baker Point can be taken here.

Hiking in Murchison  Falls Park:

One can go on a variety of nature walks and hikes in Murchison Falls National Park and choose from a variety of areas to do so.

There is Rabongo Forest is a birders paradise and also an area where you can spot chimpanzee and other primates as you walk along with your guide.

Budongo Forest is one of the best areas to hike when it comes to Murchison Falls National Park and you can see a variety of wildlife, monkeys, and birds.  You can also go on guided walks in the Chobe area of the park.

The new Baker Trail will also go through the park as you can hike from South Sudan to Lake Albert and follow the trail of the Discoverers Samuel and Florence Baker. If you an avid hike take a look at our hiking advice and tips for Africa.

The most famous hike is to the top of the falls and you can also hike in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

 Hiking Tips and Advice:

Hiking and Nature Walk in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest takes some preparation, wearing the right clothing, boots, shoes more.

Preparing for a hike or nature walk will make it a lot more rewarding for you.  We can also help you if you have any questions and we would also love to help you in creating an itinerary that not only includes gorilla tracking, but other activities such as outlines above and a hike in or through the forest just might be right for you.

Hiking in Uganda is simply different from what you may be used to – many hikes are in various rainforest – the altitude is higher and in many cases it will not be hot, due to the elevation of the park.

 Best Hiking Safaris in Uganda:

You can spend several weeks hiking through Uganda alone and we do offer a two-week hiking safari through Uganda.

Here you will find some choice spots for the hiking enthusiast in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

This includes hikes in the Savannah Parks, Hikes in Tropical Rainforests, exploring the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountain of the Moon including a three-day hike into the Rwenzoris called the Mahoma Trail.

Take a look at mi-range and luxury hiking Safaris that we offer in Uganda, they are gaining in popularity as more and more want to get out of the Vehicle in the African Wild.

For security reasons, we do not offer camping safaris.

 Hitting Hiking and Walking Trails in Uganda are an exciting way to explore Uganda experientially -Getting out of the Safari Vehicle and explore the African Wilderness in all of its natural splendor.

We will work with you in every way possible to make your Hiking Safari in Uganda a success -we hope that our Walking – Hiking Safari Advice and Tips were of help to you. we can also arrange a Nature Walking Safari for you in one of the parks in both Uganda and in Rwanda.

It is time to start planning the time of your life experience on a hiking climbing, experiential Safari in the heart of Africa – Uganda. 

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in planning a hiking safari in Uganda that you will not soon forget.

Hitting the Trails – Plan your Hiking Safari