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Top Things to Do and See around Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls

Posted by on September 16, 2016

Discovering the Things to do and see – Mount Elgon Park – Sipi Falls

Explore unexplored Eastern Uganda – Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls

Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls give you the best Things to do and See, combining scenic wonders, Adventure, Hiking, Biking Abseiling, Climbing Nature Walks, Birding, Caving, Waterfalls, Hot-Springs, Ancient Rock Paintings, plus Cultural Interactions.

The Sipi Falls – Mount Elgon aea is a great stand-alone safari destination, but it can also be combined with Jinja and as a starting point of the Northern off-the beaten track Kidepo Valley Park Circuit.

Don’t forget to pick up some great African Coffee grown here, sold far and wide by coffee houses like Starbucks and obtained locally at a great price.

Top Things to Do and See around Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls Mount Elgon National Park and the surrounding are the perfect getaway destination from a busy Kampala and encounter African Nature at its best at Mount Elgon National Park and Sipi Falls in Uganda. Just a few hours from Kampala you find this place of natural bliss with its waterfalls, forests including bamboo forest, caves, animals, all awaiting to be discovered by visitors such as yourself.

Mount Elgon National Park, home of what 24 million years ago was the tallest Mountain in Africa, today this inactive Volcano is the fourth tallest mountain in East Africa, the highest location being 4,321 meters above sea level.

Mount Elgon has the largest intact mountain caldera (collapsed crater) in the world. Mount Elgon is a simpler mountain to climb and you do not need to be a skilled mountaineer but an average hiker, Backpacker and on Mount Elgon you will guided by qualified guides and your load lightened by seasoned porter who support their families by assisting you on your climb of Mount Elgon which is a minimum of 4 days traversing the ancient volcano.Top Things to Do and See around Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls

The vegetation of Mount Elgon changes the higher that you go. On the lower slopes you will find dense forest and due to the rainfall in the area the trees are often covered lichen, vine like lians and epiphytes while the forest floor seems to be carpeted with ferns and flowering plants such as wild orchids. The Bamboo forest region is next at about 2,000 plus meter elevation, beyond that is the open woodland, further on up you have giant heather in meadows of grass and flowers, on and upward to the Afro-Montane zone with its giant lobelias an groundsel.

Mount Elgon and the surrounding area has activities that most visitors will enjoy and one needs to stress that Mount Elgon is more than a mountain to be conquered but to be enjoyed by most any visitor and since not every visitor is a climber there are lots of nature trails, caves, waterfalls, various vegetation zones, birds, wildlife to be enjoyed on guided walks without the need for any equipment but a light backpack, hiking boots, a wide-brimmed hat, Jeans, long-sleeved shirts and a light rain-jacket, bottled water and a packed lunch on all day nature walk or the newly commissioned mountain bike trails.

Though many visitors to Mount Elgon come to climb Mount Elgon – there are however many activities in and near Mount Elgon for those who want to simply explore and discover this great region in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

The Top Things to Do and See around Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls

mount-elgon-hikes-nature-walksHiking and Climbing Mount Elgon:

Climbing Mount Elgon can be accomplished in 4 days – most climbers are fit enough and it is a medium difficulty climb. You have porters and guides with you to guide you along and ease your load.

Tents are preferred and if you can purchase freeze-dried meals in your country you are much better off, since local dried food selection are not plentiful.

Other lower elevation trails are there for you to hike on for half or full-day, taking a packed lunch from your lodge.

Mount Elgon today is the fourth tallest mountain in East Africa and the best time of the year to climb it is during the dry seasons.

Mountain-Biking-UgandaMountain Biking Trails – both on Mount Elgon and around Sipi Falls:

Mountain Biking Trails opened up in Mount Elgon National Park and it and the nearby Sipi Falls area have become a most popular for those who love mountain biking.

Blaze down the trails on the the fourth tallest mountain in Africa, there is nothing that is comparable.

Add on top of that the trails nearby Sipi Falls and you will be most satisfied with a variety of trails that you can enjoy, especially during the dry seasons of the year.


Birders will love this area spotting bird species here such as Hartlaub’s Turaco, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, Lemon Dove, Dusky-Turtle Dove, African Hill Babbler, Alpine Chat, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Thick-billed Honey guide, Grey Cuckoo-Shrike.

There are various trails that can be taken in foothills of Mount Elgon that are perfect for day or half day nature walks with Uganda Wildlife Authority Guides to point out the fauna and flora that you might miss otherwise.

You can also go birding along the Sipi Falls Trails and spot many species along the way

mount-elgon-rock-climbingRock Climbing:

You can do safe – guided Rock Climbing both inside of Mount Elgon National Park and in the Sipi Falls Area, even along the Falls themselves, which is quite exhilarating.

Please note: Rock Climbing in the Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls has been a safe activity.  This is  guided and supervised activity that is most enjoyable for the Adventure Enthusiast.

We can incorporate Rock Climbing into your safari visit to Murchison Falls and Sipi Falls. An adventure activity you will not soon forget and a highlight of your visit to Uganda.

Trout-fishing-Sipi-FallsTrout Fishing – Sipi Falls:

The Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon area is the only place in Uganda where you can fish for Mountain Trout.

Trout Fishing is done past Sipi Falls on the Sipi River, take a nice packed lunch, some drinks or water, you will guided into the place where you can fish for trout.

Trout Fishing on the Sipi River is done on a catch and release basis which is the same as catching releasing Nile Perch in Murchison Falls Park.

An early start is recommended for maximum success.

abaydaya-jews-of-UgandaThe Abayudaya Jews of Uganda:

In Uganda, eastern Uganda near Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls there is a small community of Abayudaya Jews.  The community is almost 100 years old.

The Abayudaya are Jews by choice and not by their lineage, some of them have gone through official conversion in the Jewish Conservative Tradition.

They have Schools that teach a Jewish and Ugandan curriculum.  They also have a modern hospital and state of Arc Dental Department.

They partner with Christians and Muslims in a fair-trade coffee venture that has proven to be very successful.

budadiri-community-WalkBudadiri Community Walk:

An interactive Cultural Community Walk like in the Bunduri Community no to far from Mount Elgon.

This community group, based in Budadiri, offers cultural dances, guided coffee tours and community nature walks. Visitors can discover the region’s cultural dances, food preparation, folklore and its famous delicacy malewa bamboo shoots.

There is also a tour of Mt Elgon’s famous Arabica coffee processing plants, which supports local farmers. Nature lovers can indulge in one of the three trails – the full-day Namugabwe Cave Trail, passing through BaMasaba community land and banana plantations to reach a historical cave filled with bones; the Dirigana Loop Trail to the Dirigsana Falls and Gabushana Cave past local markets and the “Walls of Death.”

Bagisu – Imbalu Circumcision:

No Bagisu Trive male can be married without being circumcised.  In the culture of the Bugisu People the Circumcision of Males is done publicly.  Visitors and Tourists are invited to this boisterous, colorful event. However a donation is recommended when pictures are taken.

It takes place in August and December, but December is more and more the favorite.

There are street processions where friends and family go with the circumcision candidate to the site where the ancient ritual take place – a place that gathers hundreds into thousands – females also come looking at the newly eligible bachelors.

Nyero-Rock-Painting-CavesThe Nyero Rock Paintings and Caves:

The Nyero Rock Painting Caves can be made into a day-trip – take a nice packed lunch along which you can enjoy near the caves with some great views.

These are ancient rock paintings and were not created by tribes that presently live in the area, but by ancient cave dwellers who were the first inhabitants of the area.

The Rock painting remain in relative good shape having survived thousands of the year.  There are several other rock painting sites within the general area.

The Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls area can be combined with a Jinja outing or be a stop-over on the way to Kidepo Valley National Park – Uganda means safaris beyond the crowds, Mount Elgon means even less of a crowd and simply you and nature – Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls with many Things to do and See. This is an Adventurers land of Discovery and exploration – once Africa’s tallest peak until it blew one-third of its top off to be the Mount Elgon as we know it today. Sipi Falls is also a place of exploration that you will enjoy.

If you like to include the things to do and see around Mount Elgon and Sipi Falls – please contact us.