Friendly – Welcoming Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on December 6, 2019

Ugandans are some of Africa’s Friendliest People in all of Africa

Friendly – Welcoming Uganda-a Top African Friendly Country

 Friendly – Welcoming Uganda – Visitors to Uganda often have questions about Safety and Security. Ugandans have the same dreams and hope that we all do and share. A better future for their children, a safe and secure country, surrounded by welcoming, friendly families and friends, and there is always room for just you.

Uganda is often seen through the lens of its past. The haunting and lingering Ghosts of Idi Amin, whose actions were far from friendly, welcoming, and hospitable. Under his leadership, The Indian Community who had lived in Uganda for generations were expelled. He killed 300,000 fellow Ugandans, persecuted the Christian and the Abayudaya Jewish Community. That is often Uganda in the minds of people around the World.

Uganda is often perceived as an unfriendly, intolerant country. The anti-gay bill, the dragged out process in parliament that went on forever, put another dent into Uganda’s image around the world. 

When Visitors do arrive in Uganda, they are amazed by Ugandans, amazed how wrong they were about the country since the opposite of what they thought awaits them in Uganda.

Welcome to Friendly Uganda:

Friendly – Welcoming Uganda the Pearl of Africa is one of the friendliest counties.  Uganda is not only Safe, Secure, and Stable, but Friendly. In a recent survey of African Nations, Uganda placed in the top 10 countries as being to of Africa’s friendliest and welcoming nations in Africa.

Visitors to both Uganda are often concerned are about their safety and well-being. Not knowing how welcoming and friendly and hospital Ugandans are. And that the country and when it comes to visitors and Tourists are often safer, more secure, and more welcomed than the country where visitors come from.

A Welcoming Friendliness extended to visitors is something deeply ingrained culturally in Uganda. There is almost something sacred about it. No wonder Uganda is the Number One nation in the world when it comes to welcoming refugees from neighboring troubled countries. Countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Sudan.  Over a million refugees have been welcomed to Uganda.

 African Hospitality Ugandan Style:

In Africa, in Uganda, when you welcome someone into your home, It is you who takes on the responsibility for their safety, their well-being. It is all done in the spirit of Friendliness.   Welcome and Friendliness are the pillars of African Hospitality and an integral part of the culture.  When you visit Uganda, you are not alone but with Friends.

A genuine concern shows traditional Ugandan Hospitality for the well-being of the guest, visitor, traveler, or stranger.  It is based on the belief that all fellow human beings outside their communities of origin need safety, provision, and companionship. The practices of Ugandan hospitality is based on the relationship, the visitor, traveler, tourist is made to feel at home. They are protected, cared for, and honored as members of an extended family.

Uganda – Welcoming – Friendly -Hospitable-Safe-Secure

Uganda is welcoming, friendly, hospitable, and probably safer than many countries that visitors to Uganda come from.

The safest place for a visitor to Uganda to be is on a Safari in the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is the only Mountain Gorilla Destination that has no Guerrillas, just Gorillas.

Often Visitors come to Uganda with preconceived ideas of what Uganda is like. Most often, they are wrong.

Ugandan is one of the friendliest countries in Africa. It is also the English Speaking Country in Africa which is an added plus for many.

Uganda’s Parks and other Tourist Destination have extra levels of security that have been put into place for domestic and international tourists. Your Well-Being is on everyone’s mind.

 Hakuna Matata – No Worries – We’ve Got You Covered

Friendly – Welcoming Uganda – We are a Ugandan Tour Operator. We live and work in Uganda. The Pearl of Africa is our home. Uganda’s Traditional Welcoming and Friendly attitude is part of the company’s culture. It is part of the African Etiquette that is practiced here. Those that are welcomed are like family, close friends. An African Welcome is not just a verbal greeting. It is welcome that takes on the responsibility for your well-being. That is what we do for our clients when on Safari.

The concept of African hospitality begins with acceptance. While with us, while under roof on Safari, your well-being, safety, security is our focus.

For over a decade, we have taken visitors to Hakuna Matata No-Worries Safaris in the Pearl of Africa. We’ve got you covered is one of our Mottos.  It is ingrained in Ugandan Hospitality that is practiced throughout the country.

We look forward to greeting and welcoming you as you come to Uganda.