Friendly – Welcoming Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on June 25, 2018

Ugandans are some of Africa’s Friendliest People

Friendly – Welcoming Uganda-a Top African Friendly Country

Friendly – Welcoming Uganda – Visitors to Uganda often have questions about Safety and Security Ugandans and Rwandans have the same dreams and hope that we all do and share. A better future for their Children, a safe and secure country, surrounded by welcoming, friendly families and friends and there is always room, for just you.

Friendly – Welcoming Uganda the Pearl of Africa is one of the friendliest counties.  Uganda is not only Safe, Secure and Stable but Friendly. In a recent survey of African Nations, Uganda placed in the top 10 countries as being to of Africa’s friendliest and welcoming nations in Africa.

Visitors to both Uganda are often concerned are about their safety and well-being, not knowing how welcoming and friendly Ugandans are and that the country and when it comes to visitors and Tourist is in many cases safer, more secure and even more friendly than the country where visitors come from.

Friendliness extended to visitors is something deeply ingrained culturally in Uganda. There is almost something sacred about it, no wonder Uganda is the Number 1 nation in the world when it comes to welcoming refugees from neighboring troubled countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.  Over a million refugees are inside of Uganda.

In Africa, in Uganda, when you welcome someone into their homes, you take on the responsibility for their safety, their well-being all in the spirit of Friendliness.   Welcome and Friendliness are the pillars of African Hospitality and an integral part of the culture.  When you visit Uganda, you are not alone but with Friends.

 Friendly – Welcoming Uganda – Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, each week, welcomes Visitors and Clients from around the world. When you fly into Entebbe or Kigali International Airport, we are there to welcome you, we are there to extend you the hand of friendship

In Uganda, a welcoming, friendly attitude is part of the culture. It is part of the African Etiquette practiced here. Those that are welcomed, are like family, close friends. That same spirit applies to us as a Safari Company. One of the slogans we use is “we create memorable Safaris.”

From the time you land at Entebbe or Kigali International airport, we are there to greet you with a “Friendly Welcome.” Our Tour Guide Driver is not just programmed to act friendly, but he is friendly. That is the nature of who he is and who we are.

Kabiza Wilderness is in the business of being a Safari Tour Operator. Our first goal is to ‘”create and implement – a memorable Safari.” That is our goal, before profit and self-gain. We do not merely spout out a welcome, we make you feel welcomed and safe on Safari by displaying genuine friendliness.

Safaris, are safe and secure for our clients, and the main reason that is so, is because we live out the principles of Welcome and Friendliness.

We look forward to welcoming you when you arrive in the Pearl of Africa.