5 Day Queen Elizabeth Park Luxury Safari with Best Lodges

Posted by on March 15, 2019

5 Day Queen Elizabeth Park Luxury Safari including Chimpanzees-Wildlife-Tree-Climbing Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park

A 5 Day Queen Elizabeth Park Upmarket Safari enjoying Queen Elizabeth National Park – Uganda

Queen Elizabeth combines Savannahs, Forests, Lakes, the Katwe Explosion Craters, the Western Rift,  Kyambura Gorge and its Chimpanzees, the Kazinga Channel, Maramagambo Forest, culture of surrounding villages all against the backdrop of the tallest Mountain Range in Africa –the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and unlike the first western Explorers such as Henry Morton Stanley you do not have to rough it but explore Queen Elizabeth Park in luxurious style and comfort during this 5-Day Queen Elizabeth Park Luxury Safari where you enjoy the medley of natural wonders of the Park in the Pearl of Africa – You will be amazed as to what awaits you here and whether you enjoy birding, wildlife, hiking -this park is for you.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best Savannah Parks when it comes to Wildlife, add on top the spectacular scenery shaped by the Western Rift Valley with the Rwenzori Mountains in Distance. 

 This 5-Day Safari can be made a Fly-in Safari.  You fly from Entebbe into Kihihi in the Ishasha Region of the park and at the end of the 5th day fly back to Entebbe from Kasese in the northern region of the park This eliminates a lot of time on the road driving to and from Queen Elizabeth Park. You Driver-Guide would be with you from Start to Finish to your time in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Day 1 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Your 5 Day Queen Elizabeth Park Luxury Safari begins. Depart your Hotel in Kampala or Entebbe at 6:30 am and head west toward Queen Elizabeth Park.

It is a six-hour drive however it is a most scenic drive through the Ugandan countryside with its idyllic African villages, farms, cattle pastures where you see the Ankole Cows with the largest horns you have ever seen on a cow.

Arrive at Kyambura Gorge Lodge, one of the best lodges in Queen Elizabeth Park overlooking the vast Kyambura Gorge, a giant slash in the Savannah, it has been called by BBC – “the lost Gorge’ with its underground forest.   The Lodge provides what you need, a place of refreshment after a long drive.

In the late afternoon, we take a drive to the highest area of Queen Elizabeth National Park – the Katwe Explosion Crater drive where you will see some of the most stunning scenery in all of Uganda as you take this 27-kilometer drive and the see the various explosion craters along the way. We will drive slowly and stop where you want to take some pictures and there are lots of opportunities for photos along the scenic Journey.

Not only is your competent driver-guide there to point out various things but a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger is along for the drive to give you background and insight about the craters, the elephants, the various crater lakes that you will see, some containing a lot of salt evident by the whiteness, others are pristine crater lakes while other craters are covered by savanna grass or forest.

You can also look down the Western Rift Escarpment and see the vast savannah below along with Lake George and Lake Edward, the Rwenzori Mountains and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The late afternoon will be best to take this drive since you can take better pictures as the equatorial sunlight begins to diminish.

There is not the abundance of wildlife found as below on the savanna, most often you will see various herds of elephants and of buffaloes here on the drive, not too often do predators come into this area of the park and neither do many visitors to the park take this most scenic and panoramic drive.

Meal Plan: Lunch – Dinner

Lodge:  Kyambura Lodge

 Kyambura Gorge Lodge:

Kyambura Game Lodge took an old coffee plantation and gave it new life in the form of a luxury Lodge bringing another level of service to the area by restoring a Karen Blixen style coffee plantation to new life using some of the remnants as decor in the lodge in most unique ways.

The Cottages have their own style and design, something that is simply  Volcanoes Lodge Style in Uganda and Rwanda.

View-wise you overlook the Kyambura Gorge, that gash in the Savannah with its underground forest, its River of the Blind and the Chimpanzees that are at home here.

The lodge has a nice salt-water swimming pool where you can take a break from the Equatorial Sun – have a great view and a cool drink.  The lodge is also near some villages that you can visit while staying at Kyambura Gorge Lodge.

As an added plus you can visit some of the projects in the Community supported by the lodge.

Day 2 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Choose breakfast or an early game which can begin at 6:30 am as dawn breaks over the Savannah at Queen  Elizabeth Park and the equatorial sun rises over the horizon bathing the candelabra euphoria trees in the early morning glow – it is a great time for good picture-taking of the predators who are returning from the night’s hunt, elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes such as the majestic Uganda Kobs, Bush Pigs, Warthogs, savannah birds and you have both the driver guide and the Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger to point out the various wildlife to you that you might otherwise miss.

A game drive is about three hours in length giving you plenty time to relax, to put down your safari impressions in your daily Safari Journal, even upload your blog impressions and staying in one of the Tents at Mweya Lodge gives you that added privacy and privacy in the African Bush.

Option: Instead of the morning Game Drive fo on a Lion Tracking Research with staff from the Uganda Carnivore Project started by Dr. Siefert who in Uganda is an institution in himself and knows Carnivores as few do.  This is done in a Tracking Vehicle and must be booked in Advance by us.

Afternoon boat ride on Kazinga Channel leaving the Mweya and heading for Lake Edward and along the safari, you will see hundreds of hippos – the highest concentration of hippos in Africa.

There are about 1500 hippos found along the channel with almost 5000 in the park. Hundreds of various kinds of birds that color and sound to your boat ride, elephant herds that can number over 50 in the dry season, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Monitor Lizards, Crocodiles can all be seen here during your slow-moving boat ride along the channel – Crocodiles had been absent from the channel for a thousand years but once villages, paths were established along the Semliki River into which Lake Edward flows they returned in the 1950s to the park and have thrived here.  The boat safari is one of the highlights of your 5 Day Safari at Queen Elizabeth Park.

A private Boat Ride can be arranged for you where you have the undivided attention of the guide steering the boat allowing you to take the best pictures and a longer boat ride.

Meal Plan: BreakfastLunch – Dinner

Lodging: Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Day 3 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

 Breakfast and we head off for Kyambura Gorge – the Valley of the Apes or the Lost Valley as BBC once called it. It is like a giant gash in the middle of the savannah and drops down into a valley – an awesome sight to behold.

At the bottom of this Gorge, you will find the chimpanzees, along with other primates, birds and other mammals. This is a guided chimpanzee trek and it would be best to wear light hiking shoes, have a backpack with bottled water, wide-brimmed hat is good, jeans, long-sleeved shirt to not incur cuts by vines and or branches.

The Chimpanzee Trek is about three hours plus in length – they have to be tracked since the move daily and build new nests each day. They are habituated and therefore used to human beings being near them. it is a most adventurous and normally the chimpanzee treks are a success and visitors see other wildlife, primates, and birds making this a worthwhile time in the Valley of the Apes – Kyambura Gorge.

Late afternoon Game drive with Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger – each game drive is different and done in a different game track of the park in the Mweya area of the park. We are sensitive to your wishes and the vehicle moves slowly on the game track so that you do not miss anything – the ability to stand up and to take pictures as they roof is up comes in quite handy and lend support if you use a beanbag for your camera.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Lodging: Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Day 4 – Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth Park:

Breakfast and we leave Mweya Safari Lodge and head south to the unvisited part of Queen Elizabeth NationalPark called Ishasha, home of the Tree Climbing Lion and the premier camp in the area – Ishasha Wilderness Tented Camp – experience the African Wilderness in Uganda.

Get settled in your Tented Camp and get ready to enjoy the hunt for the Tree Climbing Lions who sleep the day away in the Fig Trees of Ishasha.

Lunch at Ishasha Wilderness Tented Camp along the Ntungwe River enjoying a great meal and seeing wildlife while you eat.

After Lunch, we go on our search of the tree climbing lions of Ishasha spend most of the day in the fig trees sleeping the day away. Ishasha is the best place in Africa to see tree-climbing lions. There are about 50 lions found in the area and it is not known whether the tree climbing of the lions is a cultural habit or whether it is to avoid insects by the lions.

It is, however, a most unusual experience to see the lions in the trees and they are not the only animals that you will see. Often you will see Leopards, usually alone in some trees with their latest kill beside them. There are about 1,500 elephants present in the area and you normally see large numbers. There are Topi and Uganda Kob Antelopes in great numbers, and along the lake, in the swampy area, you can spot the elusive shoebill stork, the most sought after bird in Africa.

This game drive means some fantastic photo opportunities for you – and you will wonder why Ishasha is the unvisited part of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Dinner at Ishasha Wilderness Tented Camp

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Lodging: Ishasha Wilderness Tented Camp

 Ishasha Wilderness Camp:

Ishasha Wilderness camp is an experience in the African Wild in the unvisited part of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda – the Ishasha region of the park

Simply a place in the African Bush along the Ntungwe River- up-market luxury staying in en-suite Tented Cottages

Have lunch with elephants and hippos, listen to the sounds of the African night.

There is splendid food and care offered in an upmarket style that with the new tents is simply great and you are near the best place in all of East-Africa for Tree Climbing Lions and yet most tourists bypass this fantastic part of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is just that – an experience in the African Wilderness

Day 5 – Return to Kampala:

Breakfast at Ishasha Wilderness Tented Camp and a Morning Game Drive to see the Tree Climbing Lions and other wildlife along our game drive with a Uganda Wildlife Ranger on board the vehicle. Once we enjoy the tree climbing lions and other wildlife found at Ishasha. It is a most amazing wilderness area not to be missed.

We head back to Kampala – Lunch along the way and a stop at the Equator

Reach Kampala during the early evening hours.

Flying Option:  You can choose to fly back to the Entebbe area.  There are now two Domestic Safari Air Carriers offering flights.  This we can arrange for you.

There are morning and afternoon flights available for you making it easy to connect with your outbound flight in Entebbe.

The safari can be adjusted to fit into your international Flight plans and you can see the Equator from above instead of below.

Included in this 5 Day Queen Elizabeth Park Luxury Safari:

  • Knowledgeable English Speaking Driver Guide
  • Toyota Land-Cruiser – Safari equipped
  • Lodging as described – with all food except tips, bar bills including sodas
  • Entrance fees and permits for all activities
  • Bottled water in the vehicle along with Snacks

If you are interested in this 5 Day Queen Elizabeth Park Luxury Safari Please Enquire Below