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8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari

Posted by on June 13, 2018

The 8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari gives you Uganda’s Best

A Quality 8 Day Uganda Primate and Wildlife Budget – Moderately – Upmarket Priced Safari

This Eight Day Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari in the Pearl of Africa includes  Gorilla Trekking 8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari (tracking) in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa’s best place for Chimpanzees – Kibale Forest, Wildlife Game Drives in both Queen Elizabeth Park and Lake Mburo Park  all in 8 Days on this Moderately Priced Safari.

Arrival Lodging in Entebbe or Kampala, Airport Pickup by Kabiza Wilderness Safaris can be the added to the Safari and the same applies to Departure Lodging and airport drop-off if needed.

This 8 Day Pride of Uganda Safari gives you the best of Uganda’s Wildlife, Chimpanzees, and Mountain Gorillas plus quality mid-range lodges on the safari.

This is a private Safari, just for you.  Your Tour Guide will make sure that this is a Hakuna Matata – Worry-Free Safari where your focus is on the Primates, Wildlife, Scenery and not the logistics of it. 

Day 1 – Kibale Forest – Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary:

Depart your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe at 6 am and we head for Kibale Forest Park where you find the West 8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariAfrican Jungle meeting East-Africa in Uganda. The drive-time from Kampala to Kibale Forest is five hour plus drive from Entebbe, shorter if your hotel is in Kampala.

Check into the Lodge you have chosen in the Kibale Forest area.  Moderate, Upmarket lodging is found near the park.  45 minutes from the forest are several exclusive – luxury lodges.


3 pm guided Nature Walk Hike in Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary which is a most fascinating place where you have an expert guide with you to point out all there is in Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary – which is an amazing Jungle Swamp where most of the time you walk on planks above the swamp itself.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is the perfect place for Birders and you will see many species here including the Large Blue Turaco, Brown Parrots White-spotted Flufftail, Yellow-spotted Barbet, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Yellow-billed Barbet, Western Nicator, Grey-winged Robin-chat, White-tailed Ant-thrush, Brown-backed Scrub-robin, Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcher, Brown-throated Wattle-eye, Superb Sunbird, Brown-crowned Tchagra, Bocage’s Bush-Shrike, Black Bishop, White-breasted Negrofinch and Black-crowned Waxbill among others of the 200 Bird Species found here.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is also home to many primates including Chimpanzees who come here looking for food from Kibale Forest, the red colobus monkey, baboons, black & white colobus monkey, blue monkey grey-cheeked, mangabey, vervet monkey, red-tailed monkey and the L’Hoest monkey. Plus you might spot mammals such as the Sitatunga semi-aquatic Antelopes, mongooses, bush pigs, otters plus bushbucks, all of them can be found in Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary


Meal Plan:  Lunch – Dinner

Lodging:  Isunga Lodge

8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariIsunga Lodge-Kibale Forest:

A newer moderately priced lodge that gives its guests value plus for their money.  We have used this lodge with great success on our safaris and our Clients have responded more than positively.

There are 4 cottages with an en-suite bath in a very private setting.  The food is prepared in a thoughtful manner and the service is excellent.

There are higher cost moderately priced lodges in Uganda that do not match what you receive at Isunga Lodge. It is a lodge where we have never received a complaint from our clients after they stayed here.

This is a small lodge, though cottages are being added, space is limited especially during the peak season.

IDay 2 – Chimpanzee Habituation Experience:

8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariBreakfast at and then it is off to Kibale Forest Headquarters for the all-day experience beginning at the crack of dawn and ending in the late afternoon.  You are with researchers and trackers, you have a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger with you who will often spot things that you do not.

Things to wear and Bring for your all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience:  A light day-pack, 2 liters of water, a packed lunch, jeans, long-sleeved shirt for protection, a hat is good, hiking boots and a light rain-jacket.

When you spend all day in Kibale Forest you will catch a glimpse of its bio-diversity with 13 species of primates alone, that includes almost 1,500 chimpanzees, other primates found here include the black-and-white colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, olive baboon, bush baby and potto.s.  Pangolins are also here but rarely seen.

Add to that the over 70 mammal species that are found in the park such as forest elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, bush pigs, duikers, even leopards, golden cats, to just to name a  few, some of which you may see during your time here. Also there more than 375 species of birds found in the park and 250 species of butterflies.


Lodging:  Isunga Loge

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 3 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Breakfast at your and we are taking a two-hour-plus drive to Queen Elizabeth Park where our 8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safarigoal to check into the lodge you have chosen for you.

Arriving in Queen Elizabeth we take the 27 kilometers  Katwe Explosion Crater drive.

It is the highest point in Queen Elizabeth Park with splendid views of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the Western Rift Escarpment with the vast Savanna below, Lake George and Lake Edwards connected by Kazinga Channel – there are about 12 explosion craters, made famous by a picture in National Geographic.

The explosion craters do not attract elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, and birds.  Some of the craters are lakes, while are others are covered by savanna grass or forests.

Afterward, we check into Enaganzi Game Lodge.

Late afternoon game dri8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safarive across the candelabra euphoria tree studded savanna, the vehicle has a pop-up roof so that you can stand and take better pictures if you use a bean bag you can steady the camera.  The vehicle has a pop-up roof that you can stand and take great pictures

You have a Ugandan Wildlife Authority Ranger plus our experienced tour guide who will point out lions, leopards, warthogs, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, buffaloes elephant herds, buffaloes, various species of antelopes, savanna birds, hyenas, monitor lizards, and more.

Each game drive is like unwrapping a gift, this is a gift of nature that you will delight in.

We drive back to Enganzi Game Lodge for you to enjoy your evening.


Lodging: Enganzi Ga

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariEnganzi Game Lodge:

This is a mid-range lodge that we have used for over five years for our clients on a moderately priced SAfari.  The rooms are permanent tents that are quite large with full bathrooms.  They are perfect for families needing extra beds and those needing a triple room.

Enganzi Game Lodge sits on the edge of the Western Rift Escarpment.  Below you are the endless Savannah.  The views from your tented cottage are great and you can sit outside with a cup of coffee taking in your surroundings on Safari.

Meals are prepared tastefully and reflect a fusion of African and Continental Cuisine.

The service has been consistently friendly to our clients and we have had minimal complaints of minor nature that were immediately dealt with by the lodge.

Day 4 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Breakfast before or after the game drive  – you can begin your first game drive at the crack of dawn which is about 6:30 am here – that is also the time you can pick up a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger to go with us. Mornings are also a time where you see more of the predators return from their night of prowling and there is nothing like a Savanna Sunrise.


3 pm: A Boat Safari on Kazinga Channel with the highest concentration of hippos in Africa.  At one time there were too many hippos and their grazing denuded the surrounding grasslands.  Before independence, they would be culled by the wildlife authorities.

There are also crocodiles (crocodiles had been absent for a few thousand years but started to show up in the 1950’s and have increased in numbers), countless of birds on the shore and overhead and in the water of the channel.  This is a pleasant boat ride where you can get some great pictures of elephants, antelopes, predators in late afternoon and buffaloes on shore.

Options – Not included in Price:  Lion Tracking Research Experience  – Banded Mongoose Research


Lodging: Enganzi Game Lodge

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 5 – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariBreakfast and we are off for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and on the way, we stop in the Ishasha region – this is the home of the famous Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha.  Here at Ishasha, we head straight for the game drive with  Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger on board the vehicle to point out various animals, birds and of course the tree climbing lions of Ishasha. The drive time to Ishasha is 2 1/2 hours in length through the park,

The game drive is about 2 1/2 to three hours in length and in this, the unvisited part of Queen Elizabeth Park – Ishasha there are lots to see such as the lions, leopards, large herds of elephants, buffaloes, antelopes which include the beautiful Topi antelopes.

Lunch at Savannah Resort

Arrive at Buhoma where you check into the Haven Lodge.


Lodging: Haven Lodge

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariHaven Lodge-upper-Midrange $$$:

The Haven Lodge which is a community project along with Buhoma Community Rest Camp is the newest lodge in the Buhoma area.  It consists of three cottages, one of them being a family cottage that sleeps four.

This is a lower priced upmarket lodge in Buhoma that was built with the assistance of the US Government which often helps Tourism in various ways in Uganda.

All cottages come with bath, the trained staff knows about customer service and the food is a harmonious blend of Western – Asian and African dishes that will delight you.

All cottages and the main lodge have an excellent view of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

This is about the best moderate lodge that is in the Buhoma area.

Day 6 – Mountain Gorilla Trekking:  8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari

Have an early breakfast and be at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Headquarters for the Mountain Gorilla Tracking (Trekking) orientation and meeting with guides and separation into groups depending on which group you will be tracking.

Things needed for Gorilla Trek:  Light hiking boots, light rain-jacket, daypack, 2 liters of water, some like to have gardening gloves  to pull oneself up on vines and branches, long-trousers such as jeans, long-sleeved shirt to protect skin from getting scratched, hat – wide brimmed is best, sunglasses, insect repellent mostly against flies.

You can hire a porter to carry your things and thereby support a family, you can also buy a walking stick.  Do not forget your packed lunch.

The tracking (trekking) can involve some rigorous climbing and hiking but then you are face to face with these powerful yet gentle Mountain Gorillas, observing them just a few meters from you watching the group, mothers with a baby, the gorillas doing their daily routine and you are there.

Fortunately and due to much work they are thriving and surviving here at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and you are there seeing them up close and personal.



Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner



8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariDay 7 – Lake Mburo National Park:

It is early breakfast and we are off to Lake Mburo National Park.  The perfect place to break a long journey.

Check into the lodge of your choice at Lake Mburo National Park and there are plenty to choose from here, from budget to luxury.

Afternoon Boat Ride on Lake Mburo where you will see hippos, crocodiles, otters, water birds, mammals coming to water.  This is a 1 1/2 hour boat safari in a smaller motorized boat – life-vests are there for you


Lodging: Rwakobo Rock

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariRwakobo Rock Lodge

This is a great lodge for your last day on Safari. Rwakobo Rock Lodge is nestled on a scenic outcrop with breathtaking views. Animals such as zebra, warthog, impala, and bushbuck abound around the lodge and often congregate at the waterhole beneath the dining area. At night the sounds of bush come to life and allow your imagination to run wild.

There is a great swimming pool for you to enjoy while you are here and one should add, pool with a view.

The rooms are nicely arranged with and each has an en0suite bathroom.  The lodge offers activities in the park such as mountain biking where you can bike through the park with a guide.

Campfires are lit in the evening for you to enjoy the African night under the stars with a cold drink.

Service and Meal quality are excellent here.

Day 8- Entebbe:

8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife SafariBreakfast and a morning game drive across the rolling savanna with Giraffes, Zebras, large Eland Antelopes and also Topi Antelopes, Buffalo Herds, Leopards and other large cats.

After the game drive, we prepare for departure to Kampala – Entebbe.


We stop at the Equator


Reach Kampala or Entebbe during the late afternoon

This 8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari er is a compact tour of Uganda giving you the best the country has to offer…Enjoy the Emerald Pearl of Africa…

Included in Safari:  Lodging and Food, 4 Wheel Drive Safari Vehicle, Fuel, English Speaking Driver, Bottled Drinking Water on all Drives, Park Entrance fees and cultural site entrance fees, Permits as applicable, Guide for Tracking and Game Drives.

Not included in Safari price:  Air Travel to and from Uganda, Uganda Visa Costs, Laundry, Tips, Drinks, except those included in lodging meal price.

If you are interested in this Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari – contact us

8 Day Pride of Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari