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Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids-Mihingo Safari Lodge

Posted by on December 1, 2016

Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids offered at Mihingo Safari Lodge

This is a great African Wildlife Experience for Children where they experience and learn

Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids – Children learn about Tracking Animals, Catch Butterflies, build Tree house, Safe Rock Climbing (coming soon), Birding for Children, Responsible Tourism and Conservation – Swimming and more at Mihingo Safari Lodge at Lake Mburo National Park.

Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for KidsFamilies with children, including younger children love going on Safari, we carefully pick lodges for their safari that are kid-friendly.  Mihingo Safari Lodge – Lake Mburo National Park has always proven to be just that and their doors have been wide open to families on Safari in Uganda, Now they have gone a step further by being the first Safari Lodge in Uganda that offers Child Friendly Activities in the African Wild in Uganda, we hope that other lodges will follow suit and that there will be a network of lodges where kids can come with their parents and experience the African Bush and all of its wonders by participating in Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for children.

This is a first for a Safari Lodge in Uganda and it is only befitting that a Premier Destination such as the “Kid Friendly Mihingo Safari Lodge” would blaze the trail by teaching children the ways of the African Bush and enhancing their time on a family Safari in Uganda by taking them into the Bush and teaching them and allowing them to experience things they would  not be able to do in their country of origin.

You can enjoy the pool, take in the stunning views from your tented cottage, write in your safari journal while you are children are off with  well-trained Mihingo Safari Lodge Staff-Members exploring Lake Mburo National Park with age-appropriate activities that will delight and educate your children.  At the end of their time on their Kid Friendly Bush Safari they even receive a “Wilderness Awareness Certificate.”  Upon their return they will bubble over with the stories about what they did and learned on their Child Friendly Exploration of the African Bush.

The amount of time that children on their African Bush exploration and education can vary depending on the time you allot and the age and endurance of your child or children – it can vary from an hour or two to all morning or all afternoon and even include an exciting meal in the African Bush.  The activities also vary depending on your children and include guided discovery nature walks, boat rides, rock climbing.

All children who take part in the interactive Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids courses receive a CD of photos of their time, a handmade sketchbook, and of course lots of memories of their time on a kid-friendly safari exploration of Lake Mburo National Park with Mihingo Safari Lodge, child friendly instructors…If you are coming to Uganda on a family Safari, be sure to let us know that you want to include Mihingo Safari Lodge and the Wildlife courses in the Bush that are offered and we will include in your Family Safari Itinerary…something your children will never forget of their time on Safari in Uganda and their stay at Mihingo Lodge.

These are exciting activities that Mihingo Lodge now offers for children in Uganda it is of course a first for a Safari Lodge, we only hope that other s may follow and make Uganda even more “Kid Friendly”….enjoy your family stay at Mihingo Safari Lodge where your children leave with unforgettable memories…

We are thankful for the new Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Children being offered by Mihingo Safari Lodge at Lake Mburo National Park Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids

 Wildlife and Bush Craft Courses for Kids -if this is something that interests you for children while on a Family Safari with us – Please Contact us.

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