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The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves

Posted by on April 16, 2016

Visiting The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves near the town Kumi

Some of the Best Rock Paintings in Uganda dating back to the Iron Age

The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves Near the town of Kumi in the Kumi District- just by the little village of Nyero you will discover 3 Rock Cave Shelters where you can view some of the oldest rock paintings in Uganda dating back to the Iron Age.

If you have an interest in archeology then the The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves are a site to be visited especially if you are driving by to or from Kidepo Valley Park and we include the Nyero Rock Paintings Shelters Caves on some of our Safari Itineraries

Presently the Iteso People live in this region of Uganda but they are not the people group believed to have drawn the pictures that make up the Nyero Rock Paintings and there are no written records as to who did.  There are some tales of old that speak of some little, Batwa like people who wo came to the area before the Iteso People and lived in the area and who drew the pictures but they are long gone and there is no record of them.

Nevertheless, no matter who drew them, many come to admire the Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves round and show you each giving you some local stories that go with them which make this a most interesting stop and another cultural look back at early history Africa.

In 2010 the US donated some money to preserve the rock paintings and the site since they are in danger of eroding and literally fading from history.  The Ugandan has also spoken about developing the site more for visitors which would also be of benefit to the local community and the village of Nyero.

You can climb up on top of the shelter for great views of the surrounding area and will find monkeys – birds and at times even reptiles sunbathing.  Take care on rainy days since the rocks can become quite slippery.

The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves – is one of the sites to be seen in Eastern Uganda and afterwards on one of the boulders a perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Enjoy your time here and the rest of Eastern Uganda…

If you like to include The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves in your safari with us – please let us know.

The Nyero Ancient Rock Paintings Caves