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Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel – Mbarara

Posted by on June 17, 2016

Discover the Cultures of Western Uganda at the Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel – Mbarara

Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel – Mbarara -Preserving the Natural & Cultural Heritage of  Western Uganda

Igongo Cultural Center and Museum – Country Hotel is a place of many things.  It was first a Cultural Center and Museum with a decent Restaurant and now it is a place where you can spend -the night in style and explore more of the Cultures of Western Uganda. Now a modern upmarket hotel has been added that is the best hotel in the Mbarara area.

The Igongo Cultural Center is the perfect place to visit coming or going from Western Uganda – discover the Culture – Ways – Traditions – History of Western Uganda as you have lunch, visit the museum and exhibits – spend the night in the country Hotel.

If you are traveling to or from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, Queen Elizabeth – Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel is the perfect stop-over on your route to your destination in Western Uganda or back to Kampala and have lunch in a setting that is more than a mere restaurant, but a cultural experience bringing alive the ways of Southern and Western Uganda.

A lovely garden awaits you with its flowers and plants reflecting the local countryside, there is a museum, a crafts shop and the restaurant where you can have lunch and break your journey.  Traditional dishes such as millet bread, matooke with ghee – local drinks made from millet and sorghum – served by aq most welcoming and friendly staff.

The ingredients come from local gardens and are organically grown which is a win-win situation for you giving a of taste the freshest ingredients and from the local farmer who makes an income by selling to Igongo Cultural Center.  Be sure to enjoy a local steak (if you are not a vegetarian or Vegan) -the meat of the Ankole cattle is very low in fat and has less cholesterol than any other beef. This makes the meat a healthier source of protein Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel - Mbararaand in spite of that the meat is not tough – but quite tasty.

Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel – Mbarara meets all of your needs while traveling west to the Parks or returning to Kampala.  The Igongo Country Hotel tops every other Hotel in the Mbarara area, you have a multitude of choices including cottages, suites, executive rooms and standard rooms, all tastefully furnished with bathroom and comfortable Beds.

There are two restaurants in the Hotel to choose from and you will not go hungry here.  The Igongo Country Hotel brings a refreshing change to the Mbarara Area that visitors will enjoy.

Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel – Mbarara is certainly a restful spot to enjoy a lunch after a long journey on the road – after lunch take a guided tour of the Museum (the largest privately owned Museum in Uganda) and learn the history of the people of the area.  Should you have more time you can take a Village tour and see plants and trees with medicinal value.  During your visit – you might just be able to enjoy a local traditional dance group which would make your time here even more special.  There are also some locally created crafts that you can peruse and purchase here – Igongo Cultural Center is more than a nice place to have a meal – but a Ugandan cultural experience…and now a hotel where you can spend the Night.

If you like to include Igongo Cultural Center and Country Hotel – Mbarara in your safari with us – please let us know.