Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda

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The Practical Guide to your African Honeymoon Safari in Uganda and Rwanda

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda.  We offer a genuine private Honeymoon Safari that is celebratory in nature, adds that romantic touch and yet you experience raw, untamed, wild Africa in all of its splendor in Uganda and Rwanda.

Planning Honeymoon safari is something we enjoy since we are simply romantics at heart and Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice - Uganda - Rwandalove to create a safari where you can celebrate your relationship in the Heart of Africa.

Honeymoon Safaris are one of our specialties and we bring along years of experience where we just do not take you on safari but we combine and harmonize the romantic aspect together with the African Safari Adventure.

Uganda and Rwanda are two of the most scenic countries in Africa, two of the friendliest, safe, secure and stable countries that will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your upcoming honeymoon.

Practical Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda

Creating-your-honeymoon-safari-UgandaPlanning your African Safari Honeymoon in Uganda-Rwanda:

The Recipe for Creating a Perfect Honeymoon in Uganda and Rwanda is finding just what activities you would like, the lodges, which you prefer, and that are romantic in nature and the fitting surrounding setting.’

It is like creating that special celebratory meal – we take the best ingredients for your honeymoon based on your wishes and desires and our vast experience and create just for you, that romantic and memorable Honeymoon safari in Uganda and in Rwanda.

Africa -is the perfect setting for your honeymoon and a Honeymoon in the Heart of Africa gives you the best of wildlife and Primates.

Things to and See in Uganda on your Honeymoon Safari:

Uganda is one of the most bio-diverse countries in Africa with the River Nile – one of Africa’s magical wonders, Murchison Falls – the most powerful waterfall in the world and the most remote park in all of East Africa.

You can track chimpanzees in various parks, take foothills in the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Climb three of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and you can track Mountain Gorillas twice, on either end of the forest and then continue to Lake Mutanda where you paddle in a dugout canoe across Lake Mutanda.  Uganda – diverse with its Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Primates, Wildlife, and friendly people.

Things to do and see for Honeymooners in Rwanda:

Rwanda is Mountain Gorillas and yet it is much more to do and see here in the Land of the eternal Spring such as hiking up the Dian Fossey graveside and the graves of her beloved Gorillas that poachers killed. You can track Golden Monkeys, climb Volcanoes and visit a cultural village.

There is the largest Afro-Montane Forest – Nyungwe Forest with its Chimpanzees, groups of Ruwenzori Colobus Monkeys as large as 400, must visit there is East Africa’s Forest Canopy Walk, a 130 kilometers of trails.

Akagera Park with its wildlife and your can relax and chill out along Lake Kivu. Rwanda is one of the cleanest countries in Africa, plastic sacks are banned and each month they clean up and repair s volunteers. The roads are smoother, the traffic lights work, all reasons Rwanda is one of the cleanest countries in Africa.

Romantic-Lodges-in-UgandaBest Honeymoon Lodges and Destinations in Uganda:

Romantic Lodges are one of the primary ingredients for your perfect honeymoon. Uganda has more and more lodges, hotels, tented camp, resorts that fit into a honeymoon itinerary that.

Budget and moderate lodges may be just right for a safari for someone who does not need that extra comfort, care and nurture, that is often needed on a Honeymoon Safari.

Uganda has great lodges, that cater to honeymooners Throughout the country.  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was even picked as one of the unusual Honeymoon destinations by Lonely Planet.

best-honeymoon-lodges-RwandaBest Honeymoon Lodges and Destinations in Rwanda:

Rwanda has some great honeymoon lodges that you will find simply fabulous, welcoming, relaxing, lodges that cater to honeymooners with extra touches that you will find above and beyond standard service.

There are now 5 National Park – the latest one is still being prepared for opening, but the other 4 parks all have lodges that are befitting honeymooners and are upmarket jewels beyond your imagination.

Whether you are Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Trekking, Wildlife Safaris and relaxing and chilling out along Lake Kivu, there is a lodge that is just right for your honeymoon.

rwanda-honeymoon-linkCombining Rwanda and Uganda on your Honeymoon:

Combine your Honeymoon in Uganda with Rwanda – and see the best of Africa on your honeymoon in Rwanda and in Uganda. Rwanda – the land of a thousand hill combined with Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – Authentic Africa at its very best.

By combining Uganda and Rwanda you also decrease the drive times while on your honeymoon safari and you can fly into Kigali or Entebbe and fly out of Rwanda or Uganda. Clients love visiting both countries since they get to enjoy two most beautiful countries in all of Africa – Uganda the Pearl of Africa and Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills Such combination safaris have become more popular with our clients since we began offering them.

A combined Rwanda – Uganda Honeymoon Safari simply makes practical sense.

kabiza-brown-tan-logo-250Kabiza Wilderness Safaris offering you Practical  Honeymoon Safari-Information-Tips-Advice – Uganda – Rwanda.

We will do our all to make you honeymoon in Africa a reality, a dream come true, a celebratory time of your relationship in the heart of Africa – your African Honeymoon Safari…

Honeymoon Safaris are one of the things we specialize in, from start to finish.  Our past Honeymoon clients have loved their time on Safari and it most cases it exceeded their expectations.

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