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Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park

Posted by on November 21, 2019

See Lake Mburo Park Wildlife from the Back of a Horse

One of a kind Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park

Horseback Wildlife Safari - Lake Mburo ParkTake a one of a kind Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park Experience the African Wild from the back of a horse. This is one of the most amazing experiences in Uganda, only done in Lake Mburo National Park. 

The Horseback Safari is an activity that the exclusive Mihingo Lodge offers to its Guests. Excellent Horses and Spanish Saddles are used. The Horseback riding Safari is a guided activity. The guides are professionals that know both horses and the wildlife found in Lake Mburo Park.

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo and beyond has become a popular activity in the Park.

In Uganda, you can experience the African Wild from Horseback on Safari in Lake Mburo National Park. You can take a two to Five-hour horseback ride across the African Savannah.Horseback Wildlife Safari - Lake Mburo Park

Ride your horse in Lake Mburo,s with rolling hills, its valleys, and along the various lakes in and around Lake Mburo Park.

 A horseback riding safari brings another dimension to your Safari. You are not confined to a vehicle but on the rolling Savannah of Lake Mburo National Park. It is an incredible up-close encounter with mamma Africa in the wilderness. It is as one of our clients has told us “beyond Compare.”

There is a bit of nostalgia when you experience the Horseback riding Safari. Some are reminded of safaris from times long past. Though hopefully not back to the time where Teddy Roosevelt rode and shot his ways across East Africa, including Uganda.

You do not have to be an experienced rider. Novice Riders are most welcome. After some instructions, novices to a Horseback Wildlife Safari - Lake Mburo Parkhorseback safari will experience a wildlife park in a new way.

Seeing Lake Mburo’s Wildlife from the back of a horse. That has proven to be the most incredible experience. Spotting Giraffes, Giant Elands, also Topi, Impala, Duikers, Bushbucks, Waterbucks, Burchell Zebras on Horseback. Seeing the Park’s vegetation, its scenic beauty, Birds, Vegetation will take Safari Life to another level. Your time on horseback safari at Lake Mburo Park will one of the highlights of your time in Uganda.

The Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park is a safe and sane experience and activity. The horseback riding safaris have been incident-free.

Please let us know if you like to do this – Horseback Riding Safaris are only available while staying at Mihingo Safari Lodge.

Horseback Wildlife Safari - Lake Mburo Park