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Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda

Posted by on May 5, 2018

Ugandan Coffee that is simply World Class Quality

On your Safari – Great Tasting Arabica Coffee is grown in Uganda

Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in UgandaGreat Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda – Visitors to Uganda will quickly know where to get a great cup of steamy Coffee – while most Ugandans still prefer Chai – Tea. Taste the rich Aroma of Mountain Grown Arabica Coffee grown in the Mountains of Uganda.  You will enjoy that 2nd Sunrise Flavor of Coffee Grown in the Pearl of Africa.

Your Gorilla Safari in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga becomes enriched with a fresh cup of |Big Gorilla Brand Dark-Roasted Coffee bursting with flavors that will delight you. 

Uganda, home to some of the Best Coffee Varieties in Africa and yet getting that cup Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda can be difficult at times since most of Ugandans still welcome the day with a Cup of Chai, one reason we at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris have come up with a Coffee Lover Survival Kit.

Coffee is grown all over Uganda both the Robusta Variety that originated in Uganda and growsGreat Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda naturally in the wild and the Arabica variety that thrives in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and in the shadow of the extinct Volcano – Mount Elgon.

Some of the best cups of Java that you will taste if you visit here comes from Uganda Ugandan locally grown and processed coffee and yet most Ugandans prefer their cup of tea in the mornings and in many restaurants when you order coffee, you get tepid hot water with some instant brand to add to your cup which is like dancing without music.

In the last 10 plus years, things have changed in Uganda and you can find a good a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino as good as anywhere in the world.

Even more and more Tea loving Ugandans are waking up to the aroma of Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda.  Tourists and Ex-Pats frequent the new establishments which rival any Starbucks in décor, the variety of items on the menu and the quality of what meals and coffee served.

Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in UgandaStarbucks offers a great Ugandan Coffee under their Reserve Label that is named Sipi Falls and was introduced in their Stores in 2015.  In Uganda there are two outstanding coffees sold in supermarkets, one is Bugisu Gold from Star Cafe’ and then there is the great, Big Gorilla Brand that you can find the local Game Store which is a division of the American Walmart Chain., the prices locally in Uganda are higher per gram than what you might be used to paying in Costco, but then it was grown and process in Uganda and will make a great gift for your family or friends

Great Tasting Arabica Coffee is grown in Uganda, yes, there are now many countless of coffee restaurants and outlets in Kampala, where 15 years ago there was less than a handful such as Cafe’ Pap, 1000 Cups of Coffee and Ban Cafe.  Java from Kenya has rolled in full steam, the Dutch B Bakery Chain has put up a few outlets, independently owned outlets have increased and restaurants have added Espresso Machines in great numbers.  You may not be able to find one Keurig single-serve Coffee Maker in Uganda, you may not find the pods that go along with them, but you will find if a good cup of Java in many places.Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda

Budget Hotels, Safari Lodges may still serve you the instant variety with tepid water and a powdered or real milk, however, even that is slowly changing.

Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda is a reality in the Pearl of Africa, the problem is that most Ugandans have not yet discovered the treasure grown in the Pearl of Africa, but Visitors to Uganda will quickly sniff out the best locations with the best Arabica Bean – Freshly brewed coffee beverages.

Buy some great Coffee grown in Uganda and take it Home with you to remember your time on Safari.

Special Tours for Coffee Lovers can be arranged for you in Uganda during your Safari with us.