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Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on September 27, 2019

The Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda – Virunga Volcanoes – & the Volcano Chain Eastern Uganda

Hiking and Climbing the Virunga Mountains that Cook and the Volcanoes in Eastern Uganda – including Mount Elgon

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda.  Uganda borders in the East, and the Southwest are made ofBest Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda Volcanoes. Wherever you go on the border with Kenya or in the Southwest, there is the presence of Volcanoes.  In the east, they are extinct including Mount Elgon which once the highest Mountain in Africa until it blew its top.  In the Southwest of Uganda, the Virunga Volcanoes are dormant or extinct.  

All of the Volcanoes are off of the beaten path, places unknown to Visitors to Uganda and yet they are some of the Best Mountains to Climb in East Africa.  The Volcanoes distinct, rugged beauty provides an almost mystical, adventurous backdrop for climbing and hiking enthusiasts.

In recent years, those searching for authentic, off of the beaten paths hiking enthusiasts have discovered them, and the word has gotten out. Uganda is home to the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, abundant wildlife, the tallest Mountain Range in Africa, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and the rugged Volcanoes who present a whole other picture of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

The Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda 

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaThe Virunga Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park – Southwest Uganda:

The Virunga Volcanoes in Southwest are for many easily accessed while on a Safari in Southwest Uganda.  They are also a mere 3 hours from Kigali.

3 Volcanoes can be climbed including the most popular one, Mount Sabinyo (Sabyinyo0 which is 9-hour round trip Hike-Climb. There are also Mount Muhavura (Muhabura) and Mount Gahinga which can be climbed without the crowds.  Some of the Trails require that you climb up on ladders.

Some visitors to Uganda choose to climb all three Volcanoes in Mgahinga Park.  The added plus of the park is that you cannot only climb volcanoes but trek gorillas, golden monkeys, the cultural experience of the Batwa Trail and do some of the hikes like the Gorge or Border Trail.

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaMount Elgon – Eastern Uganda:

Mount Elgon – the Volcano that was once Africa’s tallest Mountain until one-third of its top blew off a few million years ago.

Today Mount Elgon is part of the Eastern Uganda Adventure Region. You can climb Mount Elgon in four to six days. However, you can also do day-hikes on Mount Elgon, and blaze down the Hiking Trails on a Mountain Bike.

Mount Elgon straddles the border of Kenya and Uganda – however, the tallest peak is in Uganda and so is large caldera.

We can arrange any climbing and hiking activity for you in Mount Elgon – Contact us below.

A typical Climb is four days, day-hikes are an alternative that many choose.

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaMount Morungole:

Climb one of the highest extinct Volcanoes in northeastern Uganda and at the same time visit one of the most remote people group in East Africa – the Ik People who were the first people in the area and lived on top of this volcano that is only accessible by a path up.

This is an eight-hour climb – hike with the added plus of a cultural encounter.  The Volcano is located near Kidepo Valley Park and is certainly in the category of off-the-beaten-paths places in Uganda.

Another added plus is that you can visit one of the most remote parks in East Africa, Kidepo Valley Park that has been rated as one of the parks in all of Africa by CNN, and best Destination by the Wanderlust Movement.

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaMount Moroto:

Mount Moroto is located in remote Karamoja Region in Eastern Uganda.  It is best accessed from the Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls area as one makes the journey on Safari with us to Kidepo Valley Park.

The town of Moroto is the capital of Karamoja. It is a hub, above towers Mount Moroto that can be climbed on a day or overnight hike.

Once again, the rugged beauty of this extinct Volcano is breathtaking, as is the view from it.

Like other places in this remote Regioni, Mount Moroto is off-the-beaten Tourist Track.

The Climb and hike combine the natural surrounding and the local culture, making it extra special.

This can be a day-hike which is in part or overnight on the Mountain.

Hiking Safaris in Uganda: Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is one of the best countries for hiking in Africa. Jungles, Rainforests, savanna plains, mountains, and volcanoes can all be included in hiking safaris in the Pearl of Africa.

Hiking is an activity that has picked up in interest with visitors to Uganda.  More and more want to get out of the Safari vehicle and hit the trails found in Uganda.

We will help you to create that perfect hiking safari itinerary in Uganda, one that will spice up your time in Uganda with a bit of adventure and see things on foot and up close.

Just let us know what you would like to do and see, and we will create it.  Please Note:  For security reasons we do not do camping safaris.

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaHiking Climbing Safaris – Tips and Advice:

When you come to Uganda to hike and trek, to climb, you need some different equipment, then when coming for a typical wildlife safari.

Here you will find the tips and advice needed for a reasonable time of hiking in Uganda.  If there is something, not covered, please contact us.

You will know what to wear, the need for a daypack, what is the best insect repellent for you and more.

We have put together the Hiking Safari Tips and Advice to take out the guesswork and have you ready for your hikes in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

One of the best hiking and climbing countries in East Africa, mostly because of the diversity of the country.

Know all you can before going on Safari.

 If you like to add to your Safari – Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda – Please let us know and we will add it to your Safari Itinerary.

Best Volcano Hikes and Climbs in Uganda the Pearl of Africa