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Experiential 14-Day Adventure Family Safari with Teens

Posted by on January 14, 2017

14-Days on an Experiential Adventurous Family Safari with Teens

Experiential Adrenaline Pumping 14 day Adventure Family Safari with Teens

Experiential 14-Day Adventure Family Safari with Teens14-Day Adventure Family Safari with Teens. 14 days of no boredom, only the best of experiential adventurous Uganda for your family that will keep your teenagers excited and wanting to return to Uganda for another Adventure Family Safari.

This is an adventure safari that many Adults would call a trip of a lifetime, wait until you hear the response from your Teens as they discover adventurous Uganda.

Please Note: It is suggested that your Teens be at least 15 years of age to partake in the activities listed in the Safari such as Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking – for level 5 rafting it is 16, level 3 – 13 years.However we can adjust the Itinerary to the age of your children.

Lodging – in some cases lodges have been picked because they are experiential and are best for your family on a Safari.  We like to include lodges with pools but that is not possible in every case.

Day 1 – Arrival – Banana Village Resort– Entebbe:

14 day Adventure Family Safari with Teens begins as you arrive at Entebbe Airport where our capable – Family Friendly banana-vilage-pageDriver-Guide meets you after you reach the arrival lounge – it takes about 45 minutes to clear the Immigration, Ebola Check, Baggage and Customs.

Take a 20 minute drive to the Banana Village Eco – Resort, the perfect place to greet your family in Africa.  6 Acre Garden, away from roads in a rural setting, a forest behind it, 1 kilometer from Lake Victoria.  Monkeys, birds, most of all a friendly staff to welcome you.

Stay in the Forest Cottages with bath, enjoy the vast garden, swimming pool, meals that are prepared to your liking, both traditional and International Dishes.

The lodge gives you a touch of Africa, great place to adjust from your journey.

Dinner if you arrive during the afternoon – and of course the sunset that you might catch a glimpse of. Dusk is just past 7 pm in Uganda.

Daylight is 13 hours a day. Sunrise and Sunset may vary by ten minutes throughout the year.

Lodging:  Upmarket – 2Friends Beach Hotel  – Budget – Moderate: Banana Village Eco-Resort Moderate – Cassia Lodge- BuzigaMeal Plan:  Bed and Breakfast

Day 2 – Mabira Rainforest – Jinja:

14 day Adventure Family Safari with Teens14 day Adventure Family Safari with Teens begins. Breakfast and we drive toward Mabira Rainforest(8 am) – which is home to East Africa’s only Forest Canopy Zip-Line Skywalk – a two-hundred meter zip-line over the forest, a most popular activity with the younger crowd especially.

The Zip-Line was constructed by a Peace Corps Volunteer from Washington State in the US. Most of the equipment was imported from the US. The Ugandan Staff has been well-trained in the sky-walk zip-line and it has been a safe but thrilling activity. Parents can watch from below while their teens enjoy or parents take part in the activity.

There are other activities that can be done in Mabira Forest, which is the only rainforest in central Uganda, such as hiking, nature walks, mountain biking, mangabey monkey tracking.

After the Zip-line or other activity we continue to Jinja where we meet one of Africa’s natural wonders, the River Nile where the Lodge for tonight is “the Haven” overlooking the River Nile.  There is a family cottage there but it depends on availability. The lodge is an eco-friendly lodge with swimming pool, solar lights, unique water system, great food and service and most of all it is Family Friendly and moderate in price.

haven-jinjaFood here has a German touch to is since the owner is German, that includes the breakfast with delightful cold cuts, cheese and breads. This is a great lodge for your family, that introduces them to Africa including the longest River in the world, the historic River Nile.


In the afternoon you can either go on a Horseback riding or Quad ATV 4 wheel drive outing.  Please let us know which activity you would like if any.  The other choice is to settle in – relax, enjoy the pool, take walks around the lodge and River Nile.


 Lodging:  Moderate – The Haven – Jinja

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 4 -White Water Rafting:

Early Breakfast and today it is another fun, adrenaline pumping adventure for your whole family, rafting from mild to wild. The rafting companies along the Nile have an excellent safety record and years of experience in Uganda.

When you are rafting, there even rescue Kayaks all around with people to help you should you take a dip into the Nile.

Before you begin, there is a safety orientation for you so that you know what to expect and how to handle things. Lunch is served on an island on the Nile.

You can raft either all day, or half-day – the choice is yours.

Rafting as a family is a most memorable that will be part of a family discussion for months to come.

After Rafting we return to the Haven for an evening of rest, sunset over the Nile and Dinner.

Accommodation-Moderate: The Haven – River Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 5 – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Paraa Safari Lodge:

Budongo Forest Chimpanzee Trekking Day Trip SafariBreakfast at the Haven River Lodge and we head toward Murchison Falls Park (7:00 am) where our first stop Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is a  5 hour drive through the green Ugandan countryside with interesting things for your family to see such as our roadside vendors that will storm any slowing vehicle to sell them chicken, goat, beef on a stick…a brochette Ugandan Style.

Arrive in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where we pick up a guide and track the Rhinos on Foot which is a most awesome experience since you only about 6 to 10 meters away from the Rhinos. Some of the Rhinos that you are seeing will soon be released into Murchison Falls National Park and the landscape of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is quite similar to Murchison Falls Park.

The Rhino Sanctuary Visit has become a highlight on the way to Murchison Falls National, something that your family will enjoy.

Lunch at the Amuka Lodge

After lunch we continue our journey to Murchison Falls National Park. There we cross theparaa-safari-lodge River Nile by Ferry and check into Paraa Lodge, the best location in the park. Easy access to game drives and the Boat Safari up the River Nile to the bottom of the falls.

Paraa Lodge is a nice upmarket lodge, great food and service – the breakfast is simply fabulous with a vast selection to choose from.

Lunches and Dinners are served on the veranda overlooking the River Nile.

You can choose rooms, suite, luxury tents and the Queen’s Cottage with two bedrooms and bath, living room and view of the River Nile.

we should arrive here in time for a sunset game drive where your family can see lions, elephant and giraffe herds, buffaloes, antelopes, warthogs, savannah birds and much more. The vehicle has a pop-up roof for better game viewing.

Dinner at Paraa Lodge

Accommodation-Upmarket: Paraa Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 6 – Murchison Falls National Park:

murchison-falls-parl-pageBreakfast at Paraa Lodge and off to our morning game drive. On each game drive a Uganda Wildlife Ranger joins you and between your driver-guide and the ranger on board you will not miss much of the wildlife that you will find at Murchison Falls National Park.

Each game drive is about 2 1/2 hours in length and on each game drive you may see wildlife that you did not see on the previous drive. The game tracks are about 20 minutes from Paraa Lodge and you can have breakfast earlier or after the game drive.

Once again you might see Lions, Leopards, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, warthogs, monitor lizards, hippos returning home after grazing all night, savannah birds and more.

Return to Paraa Lodge after the game drive where you can have your breakfast after the game drive, relax along the pool or simply read a good on your balcony or veranda.

Lunch on the veranda of Paraa Lodge.

After lunch it is the Boat Safari up the River Nile where you will see lots of wildlife such as hippomurchison-falls-boats in and out of the water, crocodiles basking in the sun, elephant herds coming to bathe and water along the Nile, antelopes, buffaloes and a multitude of water birds.

At the bottom of the most powerful waterfall in the world, disembark and hike up the site of Murchison Falls with guides.

That in itself is a unique experience since the ground trembles from the force of the falls, you also get refreshed by the mist from the waterfalls.

At the top of Murchison Falls you are met by your driver-guide and return to Paraa Lodge after crossing the Nile by ferry.

Dinner at Paraa Lodge

Accommodation-Upmarket: Paraa Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 7 – Kibale Forest – Primate Lodge:

An early breakfast and we cross the Nile with the first ferry at 7 am. Today is a long drive time to Kibale Forest and will take about 8 hours.

Lunch at the Kon Tiki Hotel in Hoima

There is often much to see on such drives in Uganda since our country is quite different from your country of origin. Our Driver-Guide will gladly answer any questions that you might have about Uganda, its culture, history and what life is like for Ugandans.

primatelodge.jpgArrive in the late afternoon at Primate Lodge in Kibale Forest. Primate Lodge is an upmarket lodge that is right inside of the Kibale Forest Lodge. Moderately priced cottages are also available with en-suite bath.

It has upmarket permanent tents with deck, bath, full furnished and your neighbors are the primates, birds and butterflies that are all around.

Food is often continental with an African Touch, and service-staff attempts to do their best for your comfort.

Dinner at Primate Lodge

After Dinner you are off with your family for an adventurous nocturnal forest-walk. This is done with guides and spotlights in Kibale Forest where you and your family will see the creatures of the night such as Bushbabies, Pottos and others.

Accommodation-Upmarket – Moderate: Primate Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 8 – Chimpanzee Tracking – Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuarychimpanzee-kibale

Breakfast and 8:00 chimpanzee Tracking after an orientation at park headquarters. Chimpanzee Tracking is normally about 3 hour plus in length.

Chimpanzee tracking success rate is close to 100%, we have never had a client who did not see chimpanzees while tracking in East Africa’s best area – Kibale Forest.

Wear – boots, long-trousers such as jeans, long-sleeved shirt, have a daypack with 1 liter of water, poncho or rain jacket, hat is good to wear, preferably the wide-brimmed variety.


During the afternoon your family is off to a genuine jungle swamp where you walk on boardwalk like structures in order to keep dry.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is home to birds including the large blue Turaco, there are a variety of primates found here including chimpanzees in the afternoon wBigodi Wetlands Sanctuary - A Jungle Swampho come here to forage for fruit.

The Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is one of the highlights here in the Kibale Forest Area along with Chimpanzee Tracking. There is simply something awesome about the combination of vegetation and palm trees, primates and birds that you will discover here.  This is a jungle setting and a place even Indiana Jones would love.  In the afternoon you often spot chimpanzees foraging for food.

The walk normally begins at 3 pm and lasts about 3 hours. It is guided by local, very knowledgeable Guides. Proceeds benefit the local community.


Accommodation-Upmarket: Primate Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 9 – Queen Elizabeth Park – Kasenyi Safari Camp:

Breakfast and we head for Queen Elizabeth Park – this is a 2 hour plus drive. Before we Ksenyi Safari Campcheck into Mweya Safari Lodge we take the scenic Explosion Crater Drive which is the highest point in the park and you have fabulous views down the western rift escarpment. the Rwenzori Mountains and 12 explosion craters where you will see Elephants, buffaloes and other wildlife.

Kasenyi Safari Camp is an upmarket lodge with luxury tents – what makes the lodge unique is that guests here are not just human, but wildlife.  Lions, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, antelopes all come here.  You can sit on your deck and take it all in.  There is also a crater lake that you can see here.

A great lodge with high standards and a great reputation. The perfect lodge for families with teens. There is no swimming pool, but the wildlife visitors will be the focal point here.


Late afternoon game drive in the shadows of the Mountains of the Moon. Lions, leopards, elephants, antelopes, bush pigs, savannah birds


Nocturnal Game Drive where you see the predators on the hunt.  Spotlights are used and your family will enjoy sights and sounds rarely seen and heard.

Accommodation-Upmarket: Kasenyi Safari Camp

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 10 – Queen Elizabeth Park:

This morning it is an early morning rise in order to go one of the experiences your teens will not soon forget about. A Hot-Air Balloon Safari over the Mweya area of Queen Elizabeth Park. The cost presently is 380 usd a person and can be removed and an early game drive put into its place.

This is imply an amazing time as you greet the sunrise, see wildlife and scenes of explosion craters and much more. After the hot-air balloon safari it is time for a bush-breakfast near where you will land.

After the hot-air balloon ride we continue our morning game drive where you continue a lot of wildlife until we return to the Lodge.


Afternoon Boat ride on Kazinga Channel, this is a two hour plus activity with elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, predators in the late afternoon.


Accommodation-Upmarket: Kasenyi Safari Camp

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 11 – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Haven Lodge:

The Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha - Queen Elizabeth ParkBreakfast and we drive to the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth Park – 2 hour drive. Here we take a game drive in search of the tree-climbing lions, you often see leopards, buffaloes, elephants and more. This is the best spot in East Africa for tree-climbing lions.

Lunch at Savannah Resort and take the 1 1/2 hour drive to the Haven Lodge in the Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The Haven Lodge in Buhoma is a community program by the Buhoma Community.  There is a family cottage that sleeps 4.  There are only four cottages to choose from.


Accommodation-Upmarket: Haven Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 12 – Gorilla Tracking:

Early breakfast and be sure to take your packed lunch since gorilla tracking can easily be 5gorilla-trek-rwanda hours or longer. You will need a light daypack, 2 liters of water, a few snacks may come in handy. You also need long-trousers, long-sleeved shirt, gardening gloves are also good to protect you while you pull yourself up on branches.

Extra Cost- Not Included:  A porter will help you in carrying your daypack. Using a porter assists a local Ugandan family with their livelihood and support of family.

The gorilla trek begins with an orientation before you hit the trail. 99% plus gorilla treks are successful with visitors spending that one hour with the Mountain Gorillas.


Accommodation-Upmarket: Haven Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 13 – Lake Mburo Park – Mihingo Safari Lodge:

mihingo-lodge-at-lake-mburo.jpgBreakfast and we take the drive to Lake Mburo National Park (5 hours) where we check into Mihingo Safari Lodge is one of the most friendliest lodges in Uganda. Tented cottages with full bath await you, there is a swimming pool to enjoy and of course lunch is about to be served.

The cottages are quite private and are not near each other, views all around including from the luxurious bathrooms, this is certainly more than a mere tent and even tented cottage does not do it justice.

After Lunch – relax a bit and off to a horseback riding safari around 4 pm through the park with guides. zebras, buffalos, including the large Eland Antelope – a most exciting time inside of the park on horseback.


Nocturnal Game Drive – Leopards, hyenas, wildlife all along the drive with spotlights.

Accommodation-Upmarket: Mihingo SafariLodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch -Dinner

Day 14 – Entebbe – Departure:

14 day Adventure Family Safari with Teens comes to an end. Breakfast and and another exciting adventure awaits the family. A Mountain Biking Safari through the Park and seemabamba-swamp-shoebilling the wildlife and scenery from a Bike. Guides will go with you on your bike safari.

Return to Entebbe – 4 hour plus drive – Lunch at the Equator

Stop at the Equator for picture-taking

We stop at Mabamba Swamp for your last Adventure in Uganda – the search for the Shoebill Stork.  This is the best place in Uganda to see this ancient looking bird – something like out of the Dinosaur age.  Your family will be amazed.

Arrive in Entebbe in the late afternoon

Dinner Not included in price

Airport Drop Off and your Family Safari with Teens come to the end – but you do have the lasting memories.

If you are interested in the 14 day Adventure Family Safari with Teens -please contact us.