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Your Personalized and Exclusive Private Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Posted by on December 1, 2018

Only in Uganda – a Private and Exclusive Visit with a Gorilla Family

Your Personalized and Exclusive Private Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Uganda

Go on your own Personalized and Exclusive Private Gorilla Trek where you spend 4 hours with a Private Gorilla TrekGorilla Family on a Gorilla Habituation Experience, the only other people will be park staff such as rangers and researchers.

The Permit Price is 6,000 USD and up to 4 of your friends and Family Members can take part in this personalized Luxury Gorilla Safari in the Southern Area of Bwindi Forest.  This is 9,000 USD lower than the 15,000 USD Private Trek in Rwanda where you are permitted one hour with the Gentle Giants of the Forest.

The other option is a Private Gorilla Trek where you are for one hour with a Gorilla Family.  Your Total Permit cost is 4,800 USD and the emphasis here is a private personal encounter with a gorilla family with just you and the rangers and porters.

Please Note:  Privat

This Personalized and Exclusive Private Gorilla Trek is offered as a Luxury Safari but we can make it moderately priced Safari using mid-range lodges instead of the luxury lodges suggested below. We suggest that you fly into Kigali, Rwanda where we pick you after putting you into one of the many luxury hotels now there before we bring you across the Border.  The Alternative is for us to take you from your hotel to Entebbe Airport for a flight to Kisoro.  There our Driver-Guide meets you and takes you to one of the lodges suggested below.

Day 1 –- Drive to Rushaga – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda:

We leave your hotel in Kigali or meet you at the airport for your Personalized and Exclusive Private Gorilla Trekking Safari in Rushaga. The drive time is about 4 hours depending on Border Crossing which is a cultural event in itself.

We arrive in the Southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and check into the upmarket or luxury safari of choice.  There is a difference in price when you consider staying at the exclusive Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge where the cost per night is well above a thousand dollars per night.  While Gorilla Safari Lodge is   9 less than half the price.  The choice is yours.

After Lunch – there optional guided Village Walk in nearby Nkuringo plus a hike up to a ridge with great views into the Congo.

At dinner time there is often dancing and music by the local people in the area.


Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Choose the Luxury Lodge for you – We have selected 2 for you – the Best being the Exclusive Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge.

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Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge – Exclusive Luxury:

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge is one of Uganda’s finest lodges for the discriminating African Traveler.   It is a place that is more than Comfort, but luxurious Comfort plus.

The Stone cottages are exquisitely furnished, there is one Family Cottage with two Bedrooms.  You have 24/7 Butler and Service available to you.  The food is part of the overall experience and the setting is superb with views of the Virunga Volcanoes and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as you sit on your patio enjoying a great cup of locally grown coffee or have a cool drink after trekking.
Cultural Entertainment is often offered for guests in the evening and the Lodge supports the local community.  In the Southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, this is the only Exclusive Luxury Option.

Gorilla Safari Lodge – Upmarket:

Gorilla Safari Lodge is a comfortable upmarket lodge near the Rushaga Trailhead for Gorilla Trekking and the Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Many of our clients like this lodge, its cottages with Fireplaces and a hot water bottle at bedtime.

This is a Ugandan owned lodge that has done a reasonable job serving the upmarket guests that come here.  There is a Family Cottage that sleeps 4.

The food is tastefully prepared by trained staff and vegetarians and vegans can easily be accommodated.

The primary advantage of this lodge is the fact that it is close to the trailhead where Gorilla Trekking starts in Rushaga.

This is the only upmarket lodge in the Rushaga area itself.

Mount Gahinga Lodge – Mgahinga Gorilla Park:

This is the ideal Luxury Lodge for a private Gorilla Trek in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.  It is not suited for the Gorilla Habituaton Experience in Bwindi Forest since the Drive time is too long.

The lodge since at the feet of the brooding Virunga Volcanoes, it is the only luxury lodge choice there.  The setting is quiet, the rooms are done with a touch of subdued elegance and the service is world-class.

The gorilla Trekking in the park replicates the Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda since it is done on the other side of some of the same Volcanoes that are in Rwanda.

The Lodge is a mere 3 hours from Kigali airport yet you save a bundle of money on a private trek that in Rwanda would cost you 15,000 USD.


Day 2 – Gorilla Habituation Experience – Rushaga:

Early Breakfast and take your packed lunch from the lodge, have a daypack,  3 liters of water, long trousers, gardening gloves for pulling yourself up on branches, long-sleeved shirt. waterproof boots, hat, rain jacket, use a walking stick and the services of a porter which included in your Safari

Tips – Advice for the Gorilla Habituation Experience

Meet the researchers, trackers and guides and head for the location of your gorilla family group being habituated and your four hours in their presence and learning their ways.

With the trek in and trek out – the 4-hour Gorilla Habituation Experience – this is an all-day trek, not only do you see the Gorillas with only 4 participants (at times fewer), but you learn about the Gorillas habits and ways from the Gorillas and the Researchers.

Return to the trailhead and it is back to the lodge.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Please Note:  There is no one else with you except Park Staff and the Gorillas.

Day 3- Return to Kigali:


Today depends on your departure flight time.  We can include a Cultural Time with the Batwa People, who were the first people of the Forest here, or Golden Monkey Trekking.

Contact us to take this one-of-a-kind-Personalized and Exclusive Private Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda whether you want the Gorilla Habituation Experience or the normal Gorilla Trek.

Exclusive Safari Offering from Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – Limited Spaces available


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