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Try some tasty Jackfruit in Uganda

Posted by on July 11, 2020

Eat Jackfruit raw, cooked, dried, like Jam, Juice, and Alcohol

try some tasty Jackfruit in Uganda – you will be pleasantly surprised

Try some tasty Jackfruit in UgandaTry some delicious Jackfruit in Uganda. Jackfruit is found all over Uganda. You can spot a jackfruit tree near many homes here and to most Westerners and Indonesia. In Uganda, it may not be the National Fruit but is certainly much-liked by many Ugandans.

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is found all over Uganda. It is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world. The weight of the fruit can exceed 30kg. In Uganda, it is called “Fenne” and has gained in popularity in recent times. You will not find it as a whole fruit in most supermarkets with a produce section. You will, however, find Jackfruit pieces in most refrigerated sections of markets.

The Tasty Jackfruit is sold on streets and at the conventional open markets that you will see all over Uganda. Jackfruit on the streets and markets is sold whole and by the slice.

When you are visiting Uganda, you will see a jackfruit tree along your journey. Be sure to have a taste of this most unusual fruit.

Try some tasty Jackfruit in Uganda – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Jackfruit is not only is the fruit eaten, but the seeds can be boiled and then roasted. The seeds are roasted and served as snacks. 

One thing about the fruit – there is nothing compared to its taste, and you either love it or hate it. Eating the fruit becomes an art in itself. It somewhat sticky and a bit musky in flavor. Vegetarians and Vegans will use Jackfruit as a meat substitute.

In Uganda, Jackfruit is eaten, raw, and dried. It is used in icecreams. Also, Jams are made of the fruit, as is syrup. The juicier varieties are used in making juice, Beer, and even Wine. I am sure that someone is this Waragi or Gin loving country someone has distilled the juice of the fruit.

Not all are fans of Jackfruit – the Mughal Emperor Barbar is recorded as saying, “The Jackfruit is unbelievably ugly and bad tasting. It looks exactly like sheep intestines turned inside out like stuffed tripe. It has a cloyingly sweet taste. Inside it has seeds like hazelnuts that mostly resemble dates, but these seeds are round, not long. The flesh of these seeds, which is what is eaten, is softer than dates. It is sticky, and for that reason, some people grease their hands and mouths before eating it. The fruit is said to grow on the branches, the trunk, and the tree’s roots and looks like stuffed tripe hung all over the tree.

In Uganda and elsewhere, many disagree with the former Emperor. They enjoy their beloved Jackfruit, which is readily available in the Pearl of Africa. Low in price and provides a healthy treat for Ugandans, especially Children.

Most restaurants will not have it on their menu. However, you can also purchase some and ask a Ugandan to slice it for you and teach you how to eat it.

Try some tasty Jackfruit in Uganda– you will be glad that you did and concur with most Ugandan children who delight eating it.

Look for Jackfruit trees on your travels through Uganda and the size the fruit alone is impressive, to see fruit as large as Jackfruit on a tree will be a surprise to many.

Try some tasty Jackfruit in Uganda – we love to help you taste Jackfruit while on Safari with us.


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