When – Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa?

Posted by on August 22, 2016

When – Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa? Online from Uganda Immigration

When – Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa? Costing 50 USD per person.

Uganda’s Tourist Visas have been reduced in price from 100 USD to 50 USD effective July 22nd – When - Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa2016 at the urging of the Tourism Community both government and private

When – Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa today?  You can obtain the 50 usd Ugandan Tourist Visa online from the privacy of your home wherever in the world with an online Application.

If Uganda is your first East African Destination and you want an East African Tourist Visa you can apply for it online with Ugandan Immigration.

The Uganda E-Immigration Visa system is  online live and it normally takes 48 hours for approval and you receiving an Email with Bar Code that will be scanned upon arrival in Uganda and the Visa inserted into your Passport.

Important Notice – Visa on Arrival scheduled  to end in Uganda as of July 31 – 2016 – Has been discontinued temporarily – Date of Expiration unknown:important-notice-visa

This is in order not to inconvenience travelers that are unaware of Tourism Visa Changes and not to repeat the fiasco that took place when Kenya took the route that Uganda has taken. Responses to Visa Applications are quick – 48 hours and they were much longer in Kenya where President Uhuru Kenyatta stepped in and solved Kenya’s Visa Problems by returning to on-arrival Visas in Kenya.

Our suggestion – be save – apply on line and you will have a smooth entrance into Uganda. Tourism is important to Uganda – one of the major income earners for the country and it means much-needed jobs for Ugandans.  We are thankful that presently tourists have the option of Tourism Visas online or on arrival.

We encourage those in the Immigration Ministry = Keep the Tourism Visa Application Process simple. Who needs more visitors to Uganda?  Uganda – Keep it simple.  We applaud both the price reduction now in line with Rwanda and Kenya at 50

We applaud both the price reduction now in line with Rwanda and Kenya at 50 USD each – Rwanda just raised its Tourist Visa Price to 50 USD from 30 and the continuance of on arrival visas for tourists.

We will keep you updated on this Page

 Apply online for your Ugandan Tourist Visa

Convenience is something that travelers look for and that often seem to be taken away instead e-tourism-visa-ugandaof given such as in the case of long lines checking into American Airports and going through endless security checks.

In Uganda in recent time one may not get to the security check at the airport – they may not even get to the airport as thoughtful planners sealed off the main road to and from Entebbe Airport as Presidents from other countries causing them to miss flights.

In the midst of inconveniences comes the online E-Visa application system – is now live.  On Arrival Visas will be discontinued July 31 – 2016.

We wish the Uganda Immigration success in implementing this E-Visa online application system, may it function here unlike the experiment in Kenya that turned out bad for travelers, the tourism sector and for Kenya itself causing President Uhuru Kenyatta to step in and scrap it.

How does the Uganda 50 USD online Tourist E-Visa work?

  • Apply online for your East-African-Tourist-Visa
  • Apply for your East African Tourist Visa online if Uganda if is your first Country of Entry in East Africa. Visa will be good for Uganda – Rwanda and Kenya.
  • You will receive an email with a barcode upon successfully applying for your visa from Uganda Immigration. Put the Email into your passport when traveling into your passport for safe keeping.
  • Upon arriving in Entebbe International Airport hand the Immigration Official your passport and email with the barcode.  They will scan the barcode and paste the visa sticker into your passport. Welcome to Uganda.

The new E-Visa should speed up the process of your processing time at Entebbe airport since you will not need the normal interview.  We hope that the new application E-Visa system will work out for Visitors and Uganda Immigration and those of us in the Tourism Industry.

We will notify you on this page if the present on arrival Visa System is scrapped and replaced by the online E-Visa system.  The scrapping of the system would make it harder for those who do not have a computer – are not computer savvy, etc.

apply-VisaApply for your Ugandan 50 usd Tourism E-Visa:

Click on the link and you will be on the first page of your application process – went  live July 1 – 2016.

The application takes in several pages but should be finished in about 10 minutes.

Be sure to look for your Email from Uganda Immigration, check your junk mail folder if you do not see it. Please remember that the East African Visa can also be applied for here if Uganda is your first country of Entry – the cost is the same for either Ugandan or East African Tourist Visa – 50 USD per person.

We wish you success in filling out the forms – if you need help – please contact us if you are our client.

Yellow Fever Immunization Certificate

When – Where do I get my Uganda Tourist Visa? On Arrival  Tourist Visas continue

Visa on Arrival

If you are visiting the three countries participating in the East African Tourist Visa – Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, then the East African Tourism Visa is your best and lowest Priced Option.

You will be able to visit Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for 90 days for 100 usd total per person.

The Good News is that on Arrival “Tourist Visas” will be given out until Uganda Immigration changes to only online.