What are my Chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas?

Posted by on December 3, 2019

Will I see the Gorillas in the Wild in Uganda? What are my Chances?

A question often asked: What are my chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda – the answer is 99%

What are my chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas? Will I see the Gorillas? The answer is over 99%, yes.  In over a Decade of Gorilla Trekking Safari – we had one client who did not see the Gorillas on the first day but did so on the second.  There is no such thing as Accidental Gorilla Encounters. The hefty Gorilla Permit price pays for many things that you do not know about, that are not in the TripAdvisor comments by so-called Gorilla Experts. 

Will I see the Gorillas? Chance? – There is not much left to chance when it comes to Gorilla Trekking in Uganda. Things are set in such a way that 99%+ of Gorilla Trekkers have their encounter with a Gorilla Family.  

Gorilla Trekking is the number one producer of Tourism Dollars.  The Ugandan Government has done everything to protect the Mountain Gorillas. Not only because of conservation reasons that the Trekking Dollars pay. Gorilla Tourism means jobs for countless Ugandans, who have better than average salaried jobs as Rangers, Porters, Lodge Staff, and yes Tour Operators, Driver Guides, and more. 

If Gorilla Trekking were a Hit or Miss or Miss Gamble, it would translate into thousands of potential Gorilla Trekker taking Trekking off of their bucket list.

 What is the Secret to Seeing Gorillas on Your Trek in Uganda?

Will I see the Gorillas on my Trek? The answer is Pre-Trackers -Underneath the radar, unknown to most gorilla trekkers, behind the scenes, before the crack of dawn. While the mist still hangs over the Forest, before you arise on your Gorilla Trekking Day, the Pre-Trackers are hitting the trail to find the habituated Gorilla Families that are being tracked on that day. They are equipped with GPS Devices, have Satellite Phones, and head to yesterday’s Gorilla Group location. Gorillas do not usually move more than 2 to 3 kilometers per day.  The Pre-Trackers are well trained to find today’s path and place of the Gorilla Family you will be visiting later.

Once the Pre-Trackers have located you will be seeing later today they call in the coordinates to Park headquarters, let the Rangers know as to where to go. This all while you are still asleep or having a cup of Big Gorilla Coffee and Breakfast at your lodge.

You will credit the Rangers and Trackers on your successful Gorilla Trek. The trackers and Rangers deserve a lot of credit.  But in reality, there are the behind the scene heroes, the pre-trackers, the reason for success is the pre-trackers who get little credit for a job well done.

What are my chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas? As you can see, the Pre-Trackers remove most of the element of chance out of your Gorilla Trek.  The rangers that will lead you into the forest toward your Gorilla Family are not searching out the Gorilla Family; they are merely following instructions given by the unsung heroes of Gorilla Tourism, the Pre-trackers.

Your Chances of seeing the Mountain Gorillas go up in smoke if you are ill, have a cold, cough, intestinal ailment. With that, you remove yourself from the Trek.  Physical fitness may reduce your chances, but you can use a porter and walking stick to assist you.

Should all things fail – that could happen, then it is good to have a buffer day in your schedule so that you can trek the Gorillas the following day without having to buy another permit.  In case of lost luggage, you can still trek Gorillas if you follow our instructions.

You can see that the Risk Factors have significantly been reduced by behind the scene activities that take out the element of chance and why you will most likely see the Mountain Gorilla on your day of Trekking.